Coaches it’s our job wouldn’t you agree? To lead the world out of the current shit storm…

Regardless of if we agree on the details, the world needs healing and it starts with our individual health, care for ourselves and each each other & the earth we live on.
Regardless of your beliefs political, religious or otherwise. Regardless of if you are a bodybuilder, a cross fitter, an NLP Coach or a yogi.

Division of people into groups is part of the problem, rather than the solution…
When communities work together they are stronger.

Humanity is just one big community right?

(Read ‘the Blue zones’ regarding communities around the world, who live the longest and die of natural causes.)

When people show compassion for others respect and take responsibility for themselves, each other, their health and the environment things work better, would you agree?

I’m committing to posting as much information as humanly possible to help bring awareness to the importance of the above topics.
If that upsets you, unfriend or unfollow me, I’m honestly not bothered. (Nor will I know if you do, so chillax).

I challenge you if you are a coach to step up, lead the world out of this shitstorm by sharing the resources that you know about.
Regardless of others opinions.

They matter not anyway.
Don’t scroll and you won’t get distracted, instead just get on with the job.
After all, what were you put here to do?

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