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Here’s a quick podcast on staff & contractors and training them to keep them.

This was something I made for an old client I'm still in touch with, who went from thinking she might quit this health, (Personal trainer and massage therapist) gig... To a few years later, wayyy after she’s finished working me, it now being 2020/2021, she now has 8 staff in her clinic! (Prior to [...]

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Dear fellow Australian PT: No signature course is needed! Here’s how to define your difference and diversify your services, without needing a signature course in Lockdown.

Plus I also discuss; How I accidentally launched corporate health, many times since 2004 and how you can too, especially while in Lxckdown. Why you need more than one service and course & How to launch multiple short courses and why it's critical to NOT have all your eggs in one basket. This video [...]

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How To Prioritise Your Time (when you work for yourself) – The Critical To-Do List

Time and Prioritising - Knowing what's critical and what isn't from the list of - what needs to be done.I highly recommend listening to the audio / Podcast version. Click below to;Listen on iTunesListen on SpotifyListen on AnchorThis list is different for everyone but as an online business coach (and mentor to personal trainers for [...]

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