• Any business coaching is about getting results right?

Any business coaching is about getting results right? (For your bottom line)…. I know us females don’t do this for the money.

However I promise there are fast* ways, using YOUR genius & the current world climate to simply focus on helping more people and to create the NEW version of your biz. (*Fast if you have already been in business a few years and you know how hard it is. Plus you know how to [...]

Live Your Dream: Marketing Magic to Increase Profits

This info here is valuable for any coach. Especially FitPro’s. The blog excerpt and video interview I did with the guys at WellnessLiving - ‘Marketing Magic’ and we cover all things from pricing and packaging yourself to how to launch online To book a call with Kate to see what your business potential may [...]

Coach here’s how to run a successful course without being the expert

Coach - launching without being the expert? (here’s how). Email me if you’d like to join me live in Geelong for the 2 hr workshop Nov 27th @ 11am. There we will GET your first few VIP coaching clients for your new niche or new program. This is for you if you HAVE expertise [...]

Jonathan Goodman from the Personal Trainer Development Centre (PTDC) – The Interview – What makes a good online trainer? (Plus other musings about his business learnings & ethics)

Listen on the podcast version on Apple iTunes Spotify In this interview with Jonathan Goodman the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center we discussed everything from the ethics of being a good coach, to how to spot a fake online coach, from decision fatigue and why he wears only one style of Tshirt to how [...]

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The concept of time for a dollar

The concept of time for a dollar; It’s an outdated industrial model the concept of a dollar per output of minute of time per individual. ‘They’d’ like you to keep this concept. Perhaps this is why you don’t fit in? Never have, probably won’t.. You can’t follow the rules (ain’t that obvious with who’s [...]

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