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Corona Virus & Your Coaching Business

Corona Virus and your personal training business. What can you do?
– A message for all coaches on what we can do to help as well as help ourselves.

Free Seminar for Fit Pro’s – Corona Virus and BUSINESS
How personal trainers and health coaches can help + How it can POSITIVELY impact your business

ONLINE*** March 24th, […]

One Niche is B.S. for Experienced Coaches

It’s B.S that you need one niche or target market to succeed!! Experienced coaches will often have multiple niches and target markets and skills to help MANY TYPES OF PEOPLE.
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So why do marketing ‘experts’ tell you to focus on one niche, […]

Talking About Functional Exercise, Doesn’t Work in Your Marketing!

Coach, here’s how NOT to get clients with your online marketing = Talking about ‘functional exercise’,🏌🏻‍♀️or 🏋️‍♂️’strength & conditioning’ or any method you use, in your marketing (on socials or ur website), DOES NOT get you clients, (you know this, ’cause if it worked, they’d be messaging you right?).
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We all HATE ‘self-promotion’, but…

Self Promotion Sucks Right? No coach like to brag about themselves, especially the ones who are too busy being great coaches.
Internet Marketing is full of smoke screens…
We all HATE ‘self-promotion’, but… it’s a little necessary (some of it and it does not have to feel ‘yuck’, let me explain the easy ethical way to do […]

Would you like to be able to work from anywhere?

I’m not talking about the pie in the sky laptop in the beach b.s.. lol. But in preparation to launch online the biggest waste of time is spending time and money on building things and then not launching!

(It took me years to figure that part out for myself and lots of wasted $$$). ..

Plus I […]

Shortcuts to Launching Online – What I wish I knew in 2012

What I wish I knew in 2012 about launching online. The new podcast is up. I discuss the similarities of face to face and online and the fastest ways to launch everything online and face ot face! (Without tech overwhelm).

Here’s what I wish I knew 8yrs ago about everything online, selling courses, membership sites and […]

The Death of Bootcamps

Female coaches, for your sanities sake…

If you run bootcamps or similar and you are a mother (and sometimes, more often than not, you are getting close to ‘losing your sh*t’…) between – carrying things from location to location

  • the constant juggle and multitasking between work and life
  • the sometimes desperate under-tugging needy feeling of ‘I NEED MORE […]

New Personal Trainer Makes $1000’s in First 2 Weeks

Meet Tomm, (video transcription below)…
Tomm moved industries to become a personal trainer. He studied A LOT about the industry, from business and marketing to techniques for lifting – all on top of his course, but he didn’t feel ‘ready’ to start.
Fast forward two months later after he first found Kate and they started working.
(Tomm reached […]

Why Personal Trainers should NOT sell online products that are ‘low end’ (less than $50)

Here is why NOT to create online products that are ‘low end’ (eg products/packages that cost the client less than $50/week) product offers $$ in your business… and what to do instead.

You probably have lots of these short courses yourself, sitting unused in your inbox?

The FREE PDF’s the inexpensive short course’s that haven’t helped you get the transformation yet?

Well, don’t feel bad. I do too! So do many people..

And did you know that most people don’t get past page 2 or email 2 of these programs? (In the video I share more statistics about this.)

If that’s the case and we are expecting our clients who do purchase to then buy the ‘next thing’,
then the ‘next thing’ (after clicking through all the pages, or reading our email series),

until they finally pay something that you are worth, which does help them with their questions and transformation in the first place (sometimes called an online funnel)..

But the numbers (the number of people), you need to get through these ‘online funnels’ is ridiculous, just to be able to get the person out the other side or onto the next product!

It’s only ridiculous because if you are over the age of 30 and experienced in your field of coaching. As then it’s much easier to sign clients up to your programs without building a funnel or sending the client to an opt-in page than you think.

(Because you actually care and you already have a large network of warm clients you have already helped over the years right?)

So then there’s the question, what should you do instead?

Let me explain that to you in this video below.

Want more real-life business tips like this, from someone who’s coached 100’s of other trainers. (Not through online membership site courses.)

And been in the industry for 20 years and had employees (contractors), since the age of 23.

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How To Prioritise Your Time (when you work for yourself) – The Critical To-Do List

Time and Prioritising – Knowing what’s critical and what isn’t from the list of – what needs to be done.

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This list is different for everyone but as an online business coach (and mentor to personal trainers for the past decade as well as running a physical personal training business since 1998).
I’ll tell you how I prioritise my time, and it’s not too dissimilar to how I recommend the health coaches (who I help) to structure their day. Literally, around their face to face sessions when they have very little ‘computer time’ to work on the business.

For example, what comes first? Following up inquiries? or making a post? or sending an email? If you have 15 minutes, what ‘should’ you do?
Here’s how I break down those critical items when you have little time, to ensure that you don’t totally drop the ball with regards to your business. Most importantly keeping your current clients happy and keeping a steady flow of leads coming in, should you need them, (in this post I am presuming you do).
Know that all of the following can be done separately over the day or week or over even the course of an hour, if you give each segment just 10-15 min.

Fitness Coaching and Mentor
1st – Mindset work

Eg, routines where you might listen to something upbeat, positive or thought-provoking, do journaling, goal writing or anything that reminds you of your missions and or provides you with that ‘juice’ that you need daily when you work for yourself. (Believe me, this is critical as no one is positive all the time, I have noticed that the ability to ‘let sh*t go’ is actually the difference between peoples success in business, or not.

Hence the mindset work. Meaning, learning how to let things go, fast. Simply so you don’t hang on to past mistakes and failures. Instead, you pick yourself up and get on with what needs to be done, not ignoring your feelings, but allowing them and allowing them to move through you and be processed fast – this is critical to get good at if you aren’t already. Throw whatever techniques at it that you need to do (eg, resenting something from years ago? – get it away! – get it processed, feel it, forgive it and move past it, if it triggers you, it’s still there.)


2nd – Marketing / Sales

Meaning – put out some content for the people who aren’t yet your clients. Teach them something helpful. I won’t go into the nuances of marketing and words to use (see this video here for more info on that if you are a health coach) – but becoming consistent in your approach will allow you to sell whatever you want, down the track. Plus it’s simply important to give value and be considerate of helping and contributing to the lives of other human beings, for your own mental health.

Included in this topic is customer care – meaning reaching out to say ‘hi’ to your fans, audience, clients and actually ‘care’ about them, but DO NOT sell anything. << I can’t believe I am putting this topic into the list at all as it comes naturally to most female coaches, but it does need to be on some people’s list’s because they don’t think of it automatically. Yet it’s crucial for a customer or service-based businesses.


3rd – Work on back end courses/content

This includes your website or any other internal material or Q and A that you need ot do for your current clients. It’s not a lot of time, so I suggest if you need ot ‘work on your website’, or go deep into anything like, build course content or in-depth material, then you actually set aside 1-2 hr blocks of time for that stuff, but DO NOT waste time on it daily and ‘miss’ the items which are more important (a.k.a marketing)


4th – Admin (eg, Emails.)

Replying to emails is NOT critical… well only the ‘OMG someone’s leg has been chopped off’ emails. You cannot possibly clear your inbox in this time, and that’s not something I suggest you even attempt to do daily. However, if you prefer to clear it then set aside time 2-3 times / week if you are the ‘clear your email’ type of person, to get this done. Do not attempt to do it daily, or you will have zero time to build your business. Instead, once per day go to your inbox for 10-15 minutes and answer what is critical.

5th – Learning

Learning the new thing (Eg, Taking time to do that extra bit of networking or research that you needed to do, possibly because you told someone you would, or you need the info to help a client etc.) Again this is something that if you need a larger chunk of time, then block it out in your diary. Otherwise, I suggest putting it last on your list of ‘what is most important’ as you do not need to do it every single day if business growth is your goal.

That’s it!

Have you found this list helpful? Most coaches I speak to are spending time on soooo many non-productive tasks!

Feel free to comment below or send me an email at and let me know your thoughts.


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And here is another longer more detailed lesson, if you have 30 minutes, which talks about how to easily alter what you offer in your business (think packages, online and events) to greatly increase your income as an experienced coach. Especially if you are currently only offering low-end priced services (eg, group or 1:1 training). The content I share in it has greatly impacted many personal trainers businesses.

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