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Coach here’s what really matters to successfully raise your income..

Coach here’s what really matters to successfully raise your income…

Ever feel overwhelmed with ‘all’ that needs to be ‘done’? All the tech, all the marketing, all the ‘strategies’…
Leaving you feeling contracted, dry, now knowing enough and forgetting the reason you became a coach in the first place! (Because you love helping people).
In reality, success […]

‘I just can’t close people’ – Do you suck at sales

“I just can’t close people,” Said a girlfriend of mine today, as she has been selling people into her new coaching services, and she asked for my help.

She currently works in corporate and was asking me for tips on selling herself. By the way – she is epic at helping people get results, even though […]

Virtual training & HOW TO STAND OUT!

Online NOW!!?? How to stand out.
So you need to stand out online now more than ever right? Maybe you are already doing a gazillion videos, workouts and nutrition tips but what next?
Let me share with you what you need to do to tune into you, exaggerate your genius, market properly and capitalise on […]

Corona Virus & Your Coaching Business

Corona Virus and your personal training business. What can you do?
– A message for all coaches on what we can do to help as well as help ourselves.

Free Seminar for Fit Pro’s – Corona Virus and BUSINESS
How personal trainers and health coaches can help + How it can POSITIVELY impact your business

ONLINE*** March 24th, […]

One Niche is B.S. for Experienced Coaches

It’s B.S that you need one niche or target market to succeed!! Experienced coaches will often have multiple niches and target markets and skills to help MANY TYPES OF PEOPLE.
(Click the Facebook icon on the video above to watch the transcribed video on Fbook.)
So why do marketing ‘experts’ tell you to focus on one niche, […]

Talking About Functional Exercise, Doesn’t Work in Your Marketing!

Coach, here’s how NOT to get clients with your online marketing = Talking about ‘functional exercise’,🏌🏻‍♀️or 🏋️‍♂️’strength & conditioning’ or any method you use, in your marketing (on socials or ur website), DOES NOT get you clients, (you know this, ’cause if it worked, they’d be messaging you right?).
Click the Facebook […]

We all HATE ‘self-promotion’, but…

Self Promotion Sucks Right? No coach like to brag about themselves, especially the ones who are too busy being great coaches.
Internet Marketing is full of smoke screens…
We all HATE ‘self-promotion’, but… it’s a little necessary (some of it and it does not have to feel ‘yuck’, let me explain the easy ethical way to do […]

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