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Experienced Coach Finally Capitalises on Her Social Media


This experienced coach FINALLY capitalised on her experience in the industry.

Meet Jo, an experienced coach and (retired) Professional Figure Champion of multiple titles over the past decade. She has coached clients, very successfully in both the face to face and online space.

When we met Jo had huge fluctuations and drops in her income, due […]

Why you should quit

– When you aren’t happy

– When the ‘thing’ you aren’t happy about is causing you more distress than fulfilment.

– When you really have tried and exhausted all other avenues. (That list is pretty big and requires more than a little gumption to get through it).

When you shouldn’t quit;

When there’s NO way out (like […]

How The Fear of Being Seen Stunts Your Business Growth

The fear of being seen…
Why you MUST do the uncomfortable to survive in business. Be that make videos or contact people…

(Taken from a live video on my personal page).

Want my exact ‘step by step guide on how to build YOUR 12 week online course from scratch? plus how to create larger packages and offers […]

Income dropping because of winter? Are your numbers down due to weather?

Winters can suck for this business!

So lets talk about making more money in winter..

Do you find your numbers (either 1:1 or groups) dropping off over the colder seasons?

It’s a pretty common complaint from Personal trainers, so here are my top tips to STOP this from becoming a problem for you. Immediately!

Sure there’s the common things […]

I have a podcast channel!

Are you a watcher or a listener? Some people prefer to sit and watch videos on youtube or facebook, and some prefer to listen while on the go. If you are the later then you be excited to learn you can now listen to me in the […]

What I’ve learnt from having a bad coach and being told to ‘just be a stripper’

What I’ve learnt from having a bad coach and being told to ‘just be a stripper’. Plus the first time I’ve hired a female coach and other musings about choosing a coach for body or business transformation.

So tell me what’s not working in your business, and how you’d ‘ideally’ like things to be?

Join my free Facebook […]

Making money online, what they don’t tell you

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.

I want to talk about launching lots of low-end products. When I say ‘low-end products’, I mean stuff that’s under $100 for each purchase. How do you get lots of people to purchase that product, how do you figure out what the right thing is […]

Is more study or a degree needed?

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.

I’m making this piece of content for you for you to know that taking action in anything is usually better, and you’ll get more out of it as far as result and personal growth and learning than you will if you’re actually just studied ‘the […]

$8k/months to $31k/months

To quote the client; Even she said, she would question, ‘does she really exist?… but she knows she does exist, as it is herself!’ Then
‘Omg I got to $31k! For May!!’
Click the video to watch as I discuss what she did, (how this amazing woman made the shift), and is reaping the […]

How to make it easier to MARKET yourself as a Woman in business

I made a video not long ago about noticing and observing women in general, in business and in the groups that I’m in such as the free group and the very large groups on Facebook. It’s with some of the girls that I coach and also because it’s been me in the past and I’ve […]

Why food and exercise pics DO NOT WORK to get clients

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.


I occasionally scroll social media like you guys do, and I’m constantly seeing pictures of exercise and food and exercise and food and exercise and food. This is for you if you post lots of pictures of exercise and food, and you’re wondering why you’re […]

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