Is your business currently closed or struggling? Do you have a little time on your hands and you want to build your list of potential clients and help your current contacts?

Here are some tips for exactly that.

Let’s talk collaborations.

I mean something as simple as a weekly email and also utilising each other’s social media channels, (with other people who have your market).

The first step, is to think of and list, who else & what other businesses service your market?

(They may be in direct competition, but you can start with a list that is not in direct competition with you. Ask me if you need specific ideas.)

Out of these people & businesses
Step two decide what free information (video or written), you and possibly them create or share that contributes to your current clients?

Step three; ask them if they want in?

How this could be done as a group is, for example, one email gets sent out to your lists each week, with helpful info in it from more than just you… instead it has tips from all of you in there. It’s a win win win!

There might be just two contributors you and one other business. Yet even better is putting five of you together and each of you share a golden nugget of information.

Information that is actionable, helpful or that’s purely entertaining that’s directed at the people that you all help.

I don’t need to explain the obvious that this helps you all ‘build relationships’ with more potential buyers and therefore potentially reach more of your market by touching and helping more people, all done without any ad spend and you actually come recommended by the other businesses. (So make sure you do align and like the other people and businesses.)

Has this got your creative juices flowing?

There are so many ways you can create opportunities right now and more than survive. Without paid ads too I might add.

There’s a free group I’ve created on Facebook where a bunch of business people are willing to share their ideas and help each other, plus I’ll share more ideas like this in there.

Come join if you’d like here.
It’s called ‘Business Brains Trust’.

To go further into the details;

Decide on a regular day each week where you all submit one article or a short video (maybe it’s a piece of content that you’ve already made that’s on your social media),

But it’s relevant to lots of people and each Friday all of that content from five different businesses gets sent out in one email to each persons list.

It also gets posted on every single persons social media channels, use as many channels as you want, I suggest using a minimum of two channels.

Whalah – more credible authority building, relationship creating exposure for you.

Eventually you can turn things/content into paid products, but start with giving.

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Pic; Thanks To Ferne Millen Photography.