Online FitPro Seminar – CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 & Your Business

Free Online Seminar for Coaches - ***UPDATE - This will now be about the Corona Virus, your business and what we can do while we are all being impacted. Click here to register; ----- Plus we will cover some of the below topics as per the previously planned seminar. ----- 9 Fail Proof Methods [...]

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$15,000 upfront in sales in under 10 days

She didn't want to open a gym, but hey the opportunity popped up and she was ready.(Well apart from having zero cash in the bank, not having enough equipment, and having no money for flooring etc, you know the gig)....So the only issue then is that;Banks HATE lending to Personal Trainers..(as you may already know)...So [...]

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Knowledge Bombs and Actionable Exclusive Info to Help you Get More Clients NOW!!

I really appreciate the fact that you are reading this, so I want to share with you some of my material (Some of which is usually reserved for my paying clients).I also appreciate that you are probably time poor so I'll keep this short and sweet and action-able too.. is that even a word?? Oh [...]

Networking – as ‘unsexy’ as it is.. Here’s Why and How to do it

Let's just say if you aren't networking with other professionals, then you'd better be really good at other facets of marketing for your business (like writing/blogging/seminars/marketing) to reach people. Why? Simply so they (your potential new clients) learn about you and understand that you can help them. There are several ways to grow your [...]

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