I make videos all the time and I upload them into my free group for PT’s on Facebook, the link for that is below. However on the odd occasion I also put them on You Tube. Here are some of the best ones, which I have put on You Tube to help you with your business… I’m keen to hear what you think so please leave a comment below or in the Facebook Group.

How to sell Part 1. (Part 2 of this video is in my free PT’s Facebook group, the link for that is visible when you see the video. That was an accident, my phone rang – hence I started the video again. You’ll love the face group though, if you aren’t already a part of it). Video below.

Here’s another one on Sales – Where my partner got TOTALLY SOLD! In a good way, by a Pro! (Thats a big deal because he HATE’s being sold too – or rather being told what to do…lol).

You should be using what I share with you in this video in your sales techniques 😉

This one below is my personal favourite. It’s on the differences and similarities between marketing and building a physical PT business vs. an online PT business.

Please feel free to click the button below and share these to those you think might benefit, or comment below if you have any questions. As usual I’m happy to help you if I can

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