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Fitness Business Mentor and Coach

About Kate Martin

Fitness Business MentorAs a personal trainer for over 20 years, and a fitness business mentor and coach of other coaches in business for a decade, I believe that you can have it all. Success in your business, your body – in each and every element of your life. Transformation like this takes work. It takes real commitment. And it takes complete honesty. But the rewards? They will blow your mind.

So what’s my story? (By the way – this isn’t as important as the others I’ve helped with their results… More about them >here)
From the qualifications perspective, I’m a qualified Chek Practitioner; Poliquin Biosignature Fat Loss and Hormone Profiling Coach; Remedial Masseuse; and Nutritionist.

I’ve had a personal training business since I was 19.
I’ve had employees (contractors), since I was 23 years old (I’m now the other side of 40).
I’ve taught other personal trainers in small groups for well over a decade. (We used to meet face to face, long before social media and the internet was a ‘thing’.)
I’ve set up and multiple run corporate health programs that have lasted well over 12 months… to name a few things.
I’ve created and delivered multiple online and face to face health and fitness programs for the public over the past 2 decades. (See the blog for many of the lessons I have learnt on this front.)

I’m a regular public speaker and a published Amazon best selling Author in the health space (and right now my head is about to explode with all this puffing myself-u-ed-ness).

Here is the link to the book if you want a squiz. You will need to download the kindle app to your device first, to downlaod then read the book.

I’m passionate too – really passionate. Especially about your success in this industry.

The game changer for me (and my business and understanding the lack of time I had) was becoming a single mother and when I realized that success is a responsibility. If I wanted to be successful, I had to be responsible for it. (As there was NO way I was stepping back into a Centrelink office to get payments after my child’s father and I split. The place where the unemployed in my country go to get $$ ‘hand-out’s).

So I showed up. I did the work. I dug deep. I was honest. I got my ass kicked and I was pushed beyond my limits, way out of my comfort zone – and that is when magic really happened. (After learning techniques to manage quite a bit of stress, to be honest.) To read more about my story in the fitness business, the failures and the successes >> Click here

What about you?
How is your future looking?

If you want to keep going down that same path that you’re on, becuase you love it and are 100% happy with the trajectory you are on, that’s ok, go for it.

But if you are not 100% happy but you know you SHOULD be, as you have great clients and plenty of experience but the reality is, you really should be being paid better, hit me up.

Or if you’d like to discover what my business fitness mentoring and coaching is and what may be possible for you and your business potential >> click here to see if there is space available and book a complimentary call with me. In many cases if you have more than several years experience in this industry already, you are literally sitting on a gold mine and getting results with the right business systems will become simple. However, rest assured if we are not a ‘fit’, I will also let you know that and give you some great resources and direction to go on with.

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