Fitness Business Mentor and Consultant To Personal Trainers & Health Coaches

About Kate Martin

Fitness Business Mentor

Kate is a Mentor to coaches growing their income through using their genius zone (a fancy way to say she helps them make a bigger income but most importantly to buy time back, ethically while using their unique skills and their personality, in the minimum amount of time humanly possible).

Most of the time they are already successful with clients results yet they simply can’t ‘fit more sessions in’. So they need other versions of income streams (not the ‘passive income’ b.s. that you hear about. Instead, some structure and other programs and offers be they online or offline).

How she came to be doing this;

Kate became a personal trainer in 1998. After needing to fix her own back with rehabilitation.

She moved cities 10 times, therefore starting her businesses over again (Nutrition, massage & PT) and 8 out of those 10 times grew the business to over $10k/month. She’s spent close to $100k on her technical education about the body insatiably learning about the body in such qualifications as rehab, nutrition, massage therapy, strength and conditioning.

Due to moving so much (following partners for their work, or caring for sick family members), she got good at starting again, quickly.

She got good at creating a flourishing PT business within weeks (without the use of social media), often hiring contractors within weeks. Then starting multiple other projects, like opening a massage clinic or 3, or an online project when social media became a thing (after 2012 for her).

(She started mentoring other coaches in 2004. Until recently they used to sit outside a coffee shop each week for 12 weeks and chat there… It wasn’t until 2017 that she started educating coaches online.).

It was back in 2007 that her journey took a pivot. Not long after having her first and only child, her world came crashing down when she became a single mother. She was faced with being on benefits and had a very large ‘wholly f***’ moment. One of those ‘back against the wall’ defining moments.

Deciding from that day, she had no choice but to make this ‘business thing’ work, in even less time each week than she previously had. Lifestyle and freedom are the main drivers and income needs to be the tool. (So she could support both of them and NEVER rely on benefits.)

Not without frustration, hustle and quite a bit of pain.

She put every single penny and minute, into learning about doing this business the ‘proper’ way.

(Surely the first decade had been a fluke? – It turns out it wasn’t).

She searched out successful gym owners, the most expensive online marketing gurus and paid to pick the brains of many successful real – life – physical business owners. 

She learned a lot. She also learned that much of what she had already accomplished, had a formula. A formula that she LOVES teaching to experienced coaches, so they can get well known fast and build the business of their dreams. Much faster than she did, with very little to do with ‘online tech’.

Finding it often takes only a slight tweak in the actions of the business owner, mixed with the right mindset, some new packages and the outcome is real tangible bottom-line results.

She’s a firm believer you should expect results within hours or days of execution if it’s ‘the right thing’, not months or years…

And unlike many courses, she doesn’t teach or believe in ‘cold private messaging’ people or ‘hassling & following up leads’ 10 times. Not to get your business to multiple 6 figures/year.

What she mastered, as a single mother, she teaches. She’s now taught 100’s of coaches and business owners from around the world in her online course, in a one-of-a-kind very high touch format of coaching.
A unique method unlike any she herself has experienced nor the coaches she has helped.

“What I teach allowed me to have multiple home loans approved by the bank” (see below), no small feat as a single mother in Australia…

There’s nothing I like better than taking an unheard-of genius coach and helping them triple the enjoyment they get from the business and life and positively affecting their bottom line. All done without the need for ads. (Yes ads work, but it’s not where I suggest most coaches start. Instead, I suggest mastering The *Genius parts of your business. Your Offers & Your Marketing).

I became a Personal Trainer 22 years ago. I’m a knowledge junkie and I put myself through every health, fitness, strength & conditiong, rehab and nutrition qualification that I could find to help clients get better results. I qualified as a CHEK practitioner, I became a Poliquin Biosignature Fat Loss and Hormone Profiling Coach, I also practiced as a remedial masseuse and ran clinics for a long time.

Soon I was being engaged to do speaking gigs and before long I was contracted to set up and run multiple corporate health programs. Plus being in the media and have written an Amazon bestseller book on getting super healthy.

Since then I’ve built businesses in multiple health disciplines, from the ground up (zero to 100 + clients), Australia wide, with and without the use of social media & had contractors working with me since the age of 23. I’ve been running courses for other trainers since I was 24. (Almost 20 years ago)

Add to the list of experience, I’ve built businesses with contractors being fully booked performing 1:1 Personal Training and semi-private S & C groups, at capacity running up to 140 sessions/ people/ over the week, executed workshop series, retreats, charity events, corporate health programs, been in the media multiple times, written for newspapers, (remember those things), launched countless online programs, created both free and paid seminars and too many speaking gigs to count. Yes, I can help you do any of these things.

But most importantly, I have helped change the lives and incomes of many amazing personal trainers (here are some testimonials).

Am I Superwoman? Hell, no! I made plenty of mistakes – mistakes YOU won’t have to make. And it hasn’t been an easy road. I became a single mum ten years ago, and it was then I realised: If I wanted to be successful, I had to take responsibility and do what needed to be done. Obviously in even less hours than many other coaches had.

It wasn’t just about earning enough money but also about having time with my daughter. (Ahhh the pull of responsibilities). I wanted both – and I’m here to tell you, you CAN have it all!

(Think media opportunities, paid events, more profit & much more joy than your current situation allows you to have. Plus I know you don’t do this for the money (no good coach does), but it’s past time that as an experienced coach, you earned it, right?)

Just like you say to your clients; you have to ’want it’ bad which is frustrating as you don’t know the way. Business success can be simple, when done right, but it ain’t ’easy’.

To be honest, The path to success looks different for every coach. (Just like your clients and their bodies)… there are ‘methods’ but the one thing that’s different and sets you apart is ‘your genius zone’, aka your passion and skill sets.

To accentuate and earn from your skillset, you’ll need to do the work and dig deep to see results.

You’ll get way out of your comfort zone, you’ll learn to kick your own ass, have it kicked and get back up again, fast. You’ll learn what actions to take that really move the needle in your business, rather than feeling like you are taking two steps forward and two steps backwards. Or being super ‘busy’ without progression, and no, it has nothing to do with hustling until 2am. Show me a female that has time to do that?!

If you’re wanting to know what IS possible with your skillset and current situation, click here to see if there is space available to book a complimentary call. It would be my pleasure to kick your butt & help you get a different perspective on your business potential.

The home loan approvals you may have heard me mention previously.

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