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6 Week To Become Successfully Self- Employed, Online Course.
I’ve created this private container for you if you’d like me to kick your butt into getting results, simply and easily so you can finally launch the project of working for yourself.
We start June 27th 2022.
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Ways coaches and fitpro’s can grow their bottom line, plus other stories from 22 years as a coach

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Client Success Story Samantha – Fitpro Business Growth During C/vid

Hear Sam’s story of what she implemented and how she accidentally ‘got found’ and now endorses a huge company online (Spartan Races asked her to become an ambassador)

Scaling Your Online Course Without Losing Quality

Growing an online course without losing quality. This is how to go from 1:1 ‘chats’ to 1:Many.
WITHOUT losing quality. Many of us have been in those huge mentoring groups online, where you have 30 seconds to ask your question, right?
Well here’s how to still deliver exceptional quality to the clients in a group format, as you grow your business;

Online courses how to go from 1:1 to group coaching

More details about ‘going online’ and scaling from 1:1 to 1:many without losing quality. (You need to do this quicker than what you think)

Corona Virus COVID – 19 & Your Personal Training Business

Going back to business Post Covid-19?
Watch the video here on the blog, for all the tips I shared with my clients regarding what to do

Are you a coach STILL in lockdown? Here is a post just for you.

Know More

Due to the Corona Virus, as of March 24th 2020 what it means for personal trainers to run their businesses, all over the world, is changing dramatically. Now is the time to launch virtual training (online training). On this recording, you will hear from trainers who are quickly and successfully moving online with their businesses.

Plus I also talk to Jen Dugard creator of Body Beyond Baby and newly appointed board member of Fitness Australia about the online legalities, contracts and insurance issues facing trainers using this new model of coaching. Plus the important mindset of being able to keep your head on, take responsibility and MOVE FAST during times like these.

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Now more than ever your business can THRIVE. If you are a Coach it should and simply can be, BUSINESS AS USUAL.


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Below are the information slides from the call. The real goodness is in the video itself.

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Want to Work With me?

Sometimes I can help other trainers and it goes without saying, sometimes I cannot. If you'd like to speak to me with regards to this, see if there's a time available here. This is for the coach who has experience with getting clients results but they aren't able to do more time and aren't yet earning the income they desire or are simply worthy of.

There are 4 Core pillars I cover within the FitPro Influence Formula Course, these are; 1. Marketing and Message 2. Sales and Self Belief 3. Products and Packages 4. The Genius Zone

  1. Marketing and Message We will cover and re-create so you attract clients easily your marketing and your message. If clients don't currently message you and turn into clients, then this part of your business is not working for you. #truth. The way to communicate with people BEFORE they become clients so that they KNOW they want to work with you is marketing. When done well, the sales part becomes easy. It becomes more about them 'choosing you' and it also separates you, clearly, from the rest of the noise.
  2. Sales and Self Belief Sales can be done ethically. You get to learn how. Using my methods, mixed with your own skillset. Everything is underpinned by growing your level of belief in your new abilities, which must be done so you can literally UPGRADE your business and life at the same time.
  3. Packages and Products I'm not talking about pretty lacey things or throwing as many bonuses into packages to make people want to buy your stuff. I'm talking about business structure. One way to think about it is to ask yourself what prices do you currently charge for the things you do? (And no you do not need to just go 'high-end' with all of your products - that is a load of b.s.)Ideally one needs a range of 'services' priced between $ZERO and as much as you can comfortably stretch it to. Eg; $1000+ in one transaction ideally at the top end. Unfortunately, most coaches charge for groups and/or 1:1's and that's it. This is one example of a gap in the business. So if you don't currently have a range of things,  it's something to be worked on.
  4. The Genius Zone Then the rest is designed and executed purely from the coaches genius. What am I talking about? Below are some examples of some of my coaches 'genius's' allowed them to do, in most cases they had never thought about it becoming reality, before we worked together.

- Helping clients overcome food addictions and enrolling over 100 people in her online course - Becoming an online health & motivational resource for a Real Estate Company, amongst other corporations - Enjoying world travel and hosting events as a regular part of 'the job' - Getting in the media is a normal regular occurrence amongst the coaches. - Selling out her VIP online triathlon course - Having suffered PCOS, launching an online course & having medical Dr's contribute to the content and Q & A - Getting booked and flown interstate to do corporate speaking gigs - One became so smooth in her gym's processes and systems, she opened 2 other locations - An award winning bodybuilding coach finally turning her followers into money and actually creating a passive income of 5 figures/month - Becoming the main breadwinner of the family and paying for her 2 children's private school fees - Introvert, technical expert with the body and skilled 1:1 coach then opened a studio and now has 8 employees, without having created a single video on social media - A now renowned hiking expert, running exclusive, international retreats

Most of the examples I give you here, the coaches had zero idea that they had it in them to share the information, let alone become a voice in the industry and then being PAID for it. Ongoing.

Yes they all make money that goes without saying. But it's about enjoying what you do as well, right? As most coaches don't do this to 'count the money...'

This is what happens when you allow the genius to come out. It makes 'doing the work' EPICALLY enjoyable. It allows 'the money' to come faster and much more effortlessly. It means people ask you 'how did you do it?', can you teach me.

I'll tell you how they 'did it', they became more themselves.

There are 100's more examples I can give you...

It means these coaches pinch themselves daily that they get to do something they love and have transformed their businesses to one that's not only enjoyable but highly profitable.

If you have any questions message me on Or see if there is a time to book a free call with me here <<

Why am I doing this?

22 Years in the game, employees since I was 23 yrs old, lots of travel (and having to 'start again', even without the use of social media), and 1000's of other personal trainers helped has lead me to know a few things about this business and the need to build credibility and earn an income fast, both face to face and online. Click here to see more braggy 'about me' stuff'.

Note: I know that I cannot help everyone, and I do not try. I work with a select group of coaches who have what it takes and who are open to 'thinking outside the box' during the Fit Pro Influence Formula Course, and I not only have a very high success rate for those that I take on, but we get results, fast. However, if I cannot help you I will point you in the direction of some resources or other courses that may be able to help. Click here to see if there is time available to speak to me in your timezone.

90 Day Fit Pro Influence Formula Course

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Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career (Revised, Updated, and Expanded)

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Are you here looking for a good personal trainer? Below are some of the coaches I personally know. I can highly recommend using their services for anything concerning your health. (If you’d like to be featured here please send me an email on and we will speak)

Amy Mitchell personal trainer

Goddess Fitness – Roselle, Sydney NSW and online

Amy Mitchell offers flexible, fun and varied training programs as well as personalised nutrition plans to ensure you get the results you want and deserve

Jodi winter

Jodi Winter – Online and Warriewood NSW Australia

Jodi motivates, educates and inspires your staff to work harder and easily be more focused.
Through learning about (and being held accountable to implement) health performance tips, this Dual Olympian will have you wanting to reach for gold! 

Sara mchugh

Sarah McHugh – Braeside Victoria

Sports Specific Training – Football, Personal Training, Group Training, Training individuals affected by mental health issues. With a keen interest in mental health, Sarah also works as a Wellness, Fitness & Health Coach at a Substance Abuse facility.

Michelle agostini

Michelle Agostini – Balwyn North Victoria

Michelle is passionate about helping people be more proactive in their health and fitness and assisting them in gaining results.

Kerry – Cloud 9 Studios – Sandgate Brisbane QLD Australia

Being a ‘Women only’, boutique fitness studio, our aim is to create a non-intimidating and safe environment just for the ladies, with equipment and programs specifically designed for females.

body be well

Diana & Ross – Body Be Well – In The Heart of Malvern St.

Specialising in fitness for peri menopausal women.

podcast with jen

Podcast – All things fit pro business – Discussing;

Creating, launching and marketing programs online and face to face.
Outsourcing, High end vs low end products and what you need based on your current business.
Ethical selling techniques and mindset around money and abundance.
Social media posting and what works best to sell YOU and why the consumers results come first.