Want to know how to get leads for your coaching business for free? The last few years and for the next few, you simply cannot go past short videos, for organic viral spread of your message.  (The opposite to organic marketing, is paid.. My suggestion is you learn this first then spend money on what is already working, IF you spend money at all on ads).

Watch my posts on my health coaching account over on TikTok here. This is one of the first videos to go viral.
This video uploaded as a reel to Facebook has now got over 300k views… This and many other tips I’ll share with you over in my Fbook group on Short video. That group is here.

Here’s one of my other tiktok accounts – this one is business tips for coaches, showing you some seo search tips on tiktok. This social media platform is incredible for generating leads and testing short videos which you absolutely have to use for all other platforms (facebook personal profile included – since Zuckerberg (the Facebook creator) is trying to k i l l 
tiktok! 😉

Did I already say it? Make sure you save your videos and repurpose them onto other platforms.

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