The climate for Victorian’s at the moment is making me more than angry, as I am sure it is for you?For personal trainers who have lost business;
Please email me or use the resources below, for free to help you ‘go-online’ successfully with your personal training or coaching business.
For other business owners, feel free to message me if you need help. I have friends who can and will likely help you, for free. The need for help goes far beyond what the gov is doing right now.
Taking online payments?
Use this link if you put content out and you want people to pay you but you don’t know how to set up electronic payments or you don’t have Direct debit,
or if it’s for another country.
(& just a hint on taking payments – If you are enrolling people for online courses, if they are enrolling start taking the first payment over the phone. DON’T send them an email and wait for them to decide. You will be guaranteed to lose people this way.)
Sign this to help gyms re-open sooner: click me
About the petition:
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that gyms are an essential service for mental health, physical health and wellbeing.
The petitioners, therefore, request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to create and implement a COVID-19 Safe Plan for Victorians to attend gyms in a safe and secure manner.
Video on marketing and creating high end packages and examples of what they can be. 50 min online class on you tube: watch it here
Trainers – going online what you need to know: watch the video here
▶︎ Gov rules and regulations
▶︎ Pricing yourself for online, why NOT to dramatically drop your prices
▶︎ What tech to use and how to ‘get over’ the overwhelm fast.
The group I mentioned for coaches with LOTS of free resources for launching online, all especially important right now: join the group here
Going back post Covid – planning the timetable etc; Long insightful video: watch it here
Business structure & marketing strategies to make a profit regardless of the climate. Short video: watch it here