Become Self Employed - How To, Online Course with Kate Martin

Or if you aren’t ‘sure’ about what you will get, see the free Facebook group to help people become self-employed due to the mandates.

There is a heap of free material and likely all your questions answered, like ‘Can this help you?’
(Watch the first video in there and get traction like you would not believe).

I know Fbook sucks but it’s worth it for the content from this group…  Or check out the blog for other epic videos to help service-based (relationship-based) businesses grow.

It’s on! Want to work with me in a private group, for 6 weeks to launch yourself as successfully self-employed?

I’d love to help you…
This online course is here to help you create something from nothing.
Truth be told you can get immediate traction in the first week, if you’re brave.
In that void of not knowing, honestly, anything and everything becomes possible.
I’d love to help personalise and speed up, what can sometimes be a long ‘journey’, for you.
The fact is this time together can help you start and finally execute that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about
(or have been, in a way, forced to create).
And it could help you launch a potential new career.
This is able to be completed from anywhere, in just minutes per day.
How it will work;
The group will be run through both a telegram or Facebook group you choose where you access it.
Daily Q and A with me.
– Video and audio uploads and many resources
– Regular zoom catch ups to personalise the journey for you (recorded)
– Topics from accounting to marketing practices.
– Easily getting clients & sales on topics you enjoy delivering to people
– Low end and high end products and services. (This means you will learn how to do free things and how they can lead to very high paying gigs.)
– Plus much, much more especially regarding mindset, boundaries and income.
– Short audios, videos and some written homework for you to do in your own time.
– Many of my resources from 24 years in business for myself.
The focus is on you making income asap. (Not on building a website or making 100 social media posts. Although marketing is certainly a topic, but using social media certainly does not come first.)
The focus is on helping you launch your business services (not ‘creating an online store’) – that’s not my jam but I can refer you to some legends that help in that space, just ask.
We start the pre work now if you come join, the official start date is Monday 27th June.
It’s $59 AUD.
It’ll be simple but challenging.
No tech experience is needed.
If you have a phone, you can do this.
I’ll guide you out of your comfort zone & most importantly we will get results! ($$$, not followers)
Implementation will take a few minutes/day.

You just bring the desire. I’ll guide you with the steps.

To start;
Simply enter $59 AUD on this payment link here.
Paypal will then notify me with your email address and you will be contacted by me and emailed the group links so you can get started.
Or if you have any questions I can be contacted here.
Ps. Separate to this program is a free Facebook group – With lots of content in it to help you with this journey, use this link here.
PPS. If you can’t afford this program because you’ve lost your job and are at zero, yet you’d still love to do it please email me on here or socials.