Michelle has inspired me from day 1 of me seeing her account on Instagram. Her videos are an entertaining and no-holds-barred honest account of what her business is going through.

Considering she started this during the lockdowns in Melbourne and to fill a need she personally found her journey is an interesting one.

I couldn’t help but interview her and bring all the goodness to you in terms of the actual ‘how to set up and run from scratch’ in today’s digital age and what secrets are behind the mindset of those who run their own business, especially in the first few years.

Here is the timestamp of the recording;


  • 2.15 Michelle Smith runs a business subscription box including books, stationery and online learning. She started this at the height of the pandemic while living in Melbourne.
  • 4.30. How Michelle came up with the idea when wanting to create a business.
  • 6.27 Researching the market when she was starting her business.
  • 8.04 The thoughts she had which lead from being self-employed to starting her own business. She was looking for something to build her own wealth and start her own thing.
  • 10.30 Challenges and mistakes she has made and how to overcome being an introvert when building relationships for the business.
  • 14.10 What she would do differently. She would have made sure to streamline her web page, marketing and making things simpler for her subscribers.
  • 16.10 The key influencers she has learnt from.
  • 19.20 Questions people need to ask themselves to grow their business and create a good mindset.
  • 22.20 Her partner’s role in the business (Luke). What makes their partnership work.
  • 26.00 Who she serves with Aussie Biz Chic. The common problems they are facing in business.
  • 30.00 Michelle worked in a corporate company before starting Aussie Biz Chic. She discusses the difference between corporate and her own small online digital company.
  • 34.00 Effective marketing tips. 40.00 Michelle breaks down the percentage of time she works on each part of her business.
  • 44. Final tips for your own business.

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