I get it, change can be hard. But you either choose your change or you can go and work for someone else.

Here are some ideas on how to not only lead and keep your people during this time, but to also be able to see more opportunities than you may be seeing right now.

Regardless of your beliefs around what you mandate, or don’tlets do it with ethics, rather than division and continue to lead and help your clients (the most important thing). That’s what they want you for.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support or to simply ask a question during this time. I’m making myself available to everyone, even if you aren’t a client. We can do this Australia.

I couldnt wait until Apple loads it, so you might have to listen to it on ‘anchor’ using the link below if you are reading this post soon after I post it.

It’s 15min and worth it.

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