Online FitPro Seminar – CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 & Your Business

Free Online Seminar for Coaches - ***UPDATE - This will now be about the Corona Virus, your business and what we can do while we are all being impacted. Click here to register; ----- Plus we will cover some of the below topics as per the previously planned seminar. ----- 9 Fail Proof Methods [...]

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Why Personal Trainers should NOT sell online products that are ‘low end’ (less than $50)

Here is why NOT to create online products that are 'low end' (eg products/packages that cost the client less than $50/week) product offers $$ in your business... and what to do instead. You probably have lots of these short courses yourself, sitting unused in your inbox? The FREE PDF's the inexpensive short course's that haven't [...]

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Experienced Coach Finally Capitalises on Her Social Media  This experienced coach FINALLY capitalised on her experience in the industry.Meet Jo, an experienced coach and (retired) Professional Figure Champion of multiple titles over the past decade. She has coached clients, very successfully in both the face to face and online space.When we met Jo had huge fluctuations and drops in her income, due [...]

Making money online, what they don’t tell you

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video. I want to talk about launching lots of low-end products. When I say ‘low-end products’, I mean stuff that's under $100 for each purchase. How do you get lots of people to purchase that product, how do you figure out what the right thing is [...]

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Is more study or a degree needed?

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video. I'm making this piece of content for you for you to know that taking action in anything is usually better, and you'll get more out of it as far as result and personal growth and learning than you will if you're actually just studied ‘the [...]

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$8k/months to $31k/months

To quote the client; Even she said, she would question, 'does she really exist?... but she knows she does exist, as it is herself!' Then'Omg I got to $31k! For May!!'Click the video to watch as I discuss what she did, (how this amazing woman made the shift), and is reaping the rewards!Business not running as you [...]

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Do clients on Facebook Messenger ghost you?

You might resonate with this…I often I hear from trainers that they might get a random enquiry off Facebook, for example, or think of it as an email. It might be asking them for their prices, and then they might have a bit of a conversation back and forward with the person. Once they tell [...]

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