Free Online Seminar for Coaches –
***UPDATE – This will now be about the Corona Virus, your business and what we can do while we are all being impacted.
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Plus we will cover some of the below topics as per the previously planned seminar.


9 Fail Proof Methods to Grow Your Business (and Income) Organically. For Experienced PT’s and Coaches. March 24th, 11am-130pm. Melb/Sydney Time.

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I will also cover as much material as possible from the following list below – which was written before the Corona Outbreak;

This is for the coach (or Personal Trainer) who wants to eliminate the noise and confusion and learn how to grow (or scale) their coaching business.

We will cover;
▶︎ How to make a greater income when you are already ‘topped out’ as far as contact hours. What else does one offer? I’ll show you my top 4 strategies (that work for both introverts and extroverts).

▶︎ How to create massive credibility and become well known even faster and more effectively than spending more time ‘online’.

(Eg; I know videos work, I’ve been making them since 2012, but I want to show you a very little spoken about method that I usually only teach my VIP clients < truth, not marketing b.s.)

▶︎ Ways to automate your income that do not require you to;
– have a website or sales page where people click links
– or any heavy-duty tech/online know-how

▶︎ Plus I will cover how to capitalise on the extraordinary amount of people you have already helped, but for some reason, they can’t use your services anymore.

You know the story, they move away for work or life reasons… yet they don’t want to leave… they LOVE you! You helped them and they referred you more people, then they left 🙁 .

I will talk tactics on what other things you can simply and easily create to service these (past happy) clients… should they want to

➤ And no I’m not talking about joining a network marketing side hustle, but you can of course if that’s your gig. I’ve nothing against that.

What I will cover will all be relative to staying in your lane using YOUR expertise, knowledge and genius to help all your past clients as well as your bottom line. (Without you needing to spend more time away from home).

Plus I will make sure I cover EVERYTHING else you tell me you want to know on the day.

A little confident? Yes.
That’s what 20 years industry experience does.
(I know what it’s like to have zero time. Plus for a long time I’ve been a single mother and have also had 5 home loans approved, based on my PT income alone.)

This could seriously shortcut your career and business know-how by potentially 5 years. I have helped 1000’s of other coaches execute the material I will be sharing with you.

Questions? Message me I’m happy to answer.

I guarantee this 90 minutes will literally blow your mind!

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Organise your diary.
Make it happen.
See you there 😉

Details again;

DATE: Tuesday 24th March 2020
TIME: 11:30am – 1:30pm. Melb/Sydney Time.
LOCATION: ONLINE in this group

Click the event link on this page to reserve your place.
Then make sure you are in the group to watch, ask questions, or catch the reply.

– Kate Martin​

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