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She had to close her gym!

I just saw a Facebook post by a girl, who’s been through everyone else’s program. I’m serious - you think of a “fitness business” guru…she’s been through their stuff. But when it comes to results? Nothing. This girl has invested God-knows-how-much in courses, workshops, programs, and masterminds…with nothing to show for it. Now she's closing [...]

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$15,000 upfront in sales in under 10 days

She didn't want to open a gym, but hey the opportunity popped up and she was ready. (apart from having the cash in the bank, not enough equipment, no money for flooring etc you know the gig).... And the only issue there is that Banks HATE lending to Personal Trainers.. (as you may already know)... [...]

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‘Don’t Know How’, you say?

You know 'the buts', the reasons, the excuses, we've all used them at one time or anotha. Possibly even several times through the day, and especially when it comes to trying to grow your business or launch a new project. You know what I mean; - I'd like to do this, but the.... - I [...]

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Feeling uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s what you can do

Are you a Personal Trainer feeling tired, uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s how to fix that, with several easy to implement income generating ideas. Are you feeling bored, tired, uninspired and losing cash? But you can actually get clients great results, so it doesn’t feel like it adds up? If being [...]

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How To Speed Up Your Journey To Success

We all want to succeed in some way. Success looks different to everyone – for some it’s making a certain amount of money, others might want to make a specific impact on their world. But no matter what your version of success is, you want to achieve it as quickly as possible, and with less [...]

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