COACH PLS DON’T DO THIS – Seriously if you want me to make 7 clicks and fill out my details online before I can book a place in trial class,
call me lazy but it ain’t going to happen.
🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ If I don’t, it likely means MANY people can’t be bothered, right?
If you’ve time to answer the inquires from messenger in this case – may I suggest instead,
you tell people to message you on here (on the relevant platform)
and get them booked in ASAP.
Unless of course you have too many inquires to give two shits if they book in.
In which case thats a different story.
Otherwise I promise if you change to less technology for a trial, your book in & conversion rate, will be higher.
(Purely because you’ll get all the ‘lazy with admin’ people such as myself and half the population, who hate needing to create an account before we do a gym/class trial).
I used the mindbody online system for years in my pt biz, but never had the main focus sending people to a website to book a trial.
It’s just far too complicated for most lazy / impatient buggers like me..
Anyway. On with your day now.
Go convert and help them clients.
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