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“I’ve worked with Kate twice in the last 3 years, and each time I have, my business has moved forward.

Since working with Kate, I went from a mobile group fitness trainer, on my own, working ridiculous hours for little return, to renting my own space with 4 staff members to support me. This doesn’t include some of the admin work I finally stopped wasting time and mental energy on personally, and outsourced.

Before working with Kate I would not have believed that I could afford to stop doing it all myself.

I now spend more time with my family, and take time out and look forward to what the future holds in business and my personal life.

With many leaving the fitness industry recently due to the pandemic, Kate helped me to stick out what I feel passionate about, and work with clients in new ways, which has opened up more doors when many gave up.

Kate will always challenge the beliefs that hold you back and get you to think outside the box, without making you follow a “formula” or do things that don’t align with your values.

She will ask you the hard questions, and if you can self reflect and do the hard work on yourself, you will experience personal and professional growth.

As a fitness and nutrition coach myself, I highly rate getting coached by Kate to make me a better coach for my clients.

I consider myself a work in progress, but wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kate again in future.”

If you are a busy mum and a coach this will help; Samantha is an experienced coach and a busy mother who had tried MANY coaching methods, some rather unsuccessful when we met. She was busy between her outdoor group sessions, being a mother, a wife and her own training for Spartan racing, from a small town when we met. Hear how she transformed her face to face ‘many people in a class’ business to what it is today. With various online programs and winning multiple awards and creating amazing opportunities of working with Spartan Racing Co. (All done during the pandemic, while she became the main breadwinner in her family.)

Fast forward several months she has created;

  • Multiple streams of income, many now online.
  • Opportunities galore, coming through from some of the biggest names in the fitness industry.
  • “More Joy from the business and making much more $$$ than I was this time last year!”

All done while being a mother.

Meet Kat the counsellor. Hear how this relaxed mother of three built her business. “If you want to take your shoes off whack ’em off, because as soon as we get into my office, the shoes come off…”

Some of her biggest take – aways after us working together in my VIP 90 Day Program, were that to speed up her business success, she needed to be fully herself in her business. (Kat literally achieved things she thought were going to take 10 years to achieve).

She’s a busy mother of 3 children, homeschools and is also a wife and a skilled counsellor. She’d just started out in a business for herself when we met, yet she had 6 years of practical experience in her industry.

Hear about the twists and turns that life and business threw at her, while she ‘let it go, trusted and re-focused’, meanwhile up-levelling her income and business far beyond what she expected.

You will be totally inspired by Kat’s story she’s overcome multiple obstacles and the strength she’s built is just the beginning.

Update as of today – she’s booked out for multiple events for the year of 2021! The future looks exciting for Kat.

Hear Chelsea’s story of how she grew her income in her personal training studio ‘Mummy Movement’ in Sydney. She’s a young mother, partner and business owner who couldn’t get her income past a certain level when we met. The way we solved the income ceiling was not the way she thought it would happen.

Fast forward 6 months and she explains how she has a waitlist and has launched her own online program and personal brand. She’s grown as a person, seen through the pandemic with her business, now markets her services and the studio effortlessly. (Basically, she knows how to turn the tap on to create income at the same time as being an amazing human…)

In this interview, we discuss the numbers of where she was vs where she is now, the things she’s tried and the experiences learnt from. I know listening to this you will ‘get’ that you can be a great coach that cares about clients and make an extremely good income at the same time… just like Chelsea does.

Meet Jo Cordell-Cooper

Jo is a ‘Holistic Personal Trainer’ – A very qualified, highly skilled coach who takes an individual approach.
Hear how she transformed her marketing and created ‘other packages’ and now gets to live her ideal life! (Corny but true)..

After implementing many of my free ‘tips’ and getting great $$$ results, she jumped into the program.

She created from scratch and ‘sold out’ an overseas retreat, launched a few new niches, trains some very ‘well established personalities’ in her town and has been featured in local media.

(To name a few of the adventures she’s had in the past 90 days. All without an enormous amount of ‘hussle’ as she is also a mother).

All leading to a large increase in her revenue and a soon to be ‘waitlist’ for her services… (as she works by herself – without other contractors).

As far as her income, well it’s now gone wayyyyy past what she dreamed of.
Her income has gone from $5-$8k/months to $30k+ months

Hear from Amy, who runs an outdoor bootcamp and in her own words experienced an ‘ass kicking’ and ‘amazing support and care’, to help her grow her personal training Bootcamp business. Plus Kate helped her get well known in her local area, launch multiple products and finally enjoy her business.

This experienced coach FINALLY capitalised on her experience in the industry.

Meet Jo, an experienced coach and (retired) Professional Figure Champion of multiple titles over the past decade. She has coached clients, very successfully in both the face to face and online space.

When we met Jo had huge fluctuations and drops in her income, due to her coaching being very seasonal (even though she never had a problem gaining new clients because of her reputation).

Jo had sponsorships and a big social media following, but the income was not there to reflect her hard work (and the amount of care she gave each client).

Fast forward several months, she now not only has a steady and fast growing monthly income, she now has multiple income streams and is finally able to utilise her skill set to project her forward for the years to come.

Listen to what she did to change all of this in only a few short months.

Jo now not only has a regular income and more clients coming on board and a team of people to help her but she has a steadily growing monthly income, far past what she ever dreamed it could be!

If you’d like to finally capitalise on your experience as a coach, and are tired of being on an ‘apprenticeship wage’, feel free to book a call with Kate so you can tell me what’s not working in your personal training business.

Business and Fitness mentor
Personal Business Mentor
Fitness Business Training
Fitness Business Training

In this interview with Kate’s client Sarah, you’ll learn how she’s grown her business (without going online).
She works less face to face hours and now takes holidays with her loved ones without losing income.

If you would like to catapult your business to a better place and you are sick of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do or how to do it, book a call with Kate today.

Hear how Rachel went from being busy and comfortable to constantly growing (without ever being too busy)

and creating a HUGE passion project as well as increasing her income.

If you would like to catapult your business to a better place and you are sick of feeling stuck not knowing what to do or how to do it, book a call with Kate today.

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Meet Aimee, the Chiropractor and Personal Trainer. She had a busy business and wasn’t sure how to launch the PT side without using funnels and online sales – well, she did all of that and more. Her Chiro clinic also got busier – and she now has more time! How is that possible!? (Did I mention she has a few little people to look after too! What an amazing woman!)

Watch the video to see what she did…  If you are sick of not knowing which way to turn in business and would like to increase your income now without going online or doing more hours, make the time to talk with Kate.

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When we met Sophie she was in overwhelm and wanting to take her business from 1:1’s to groups and fast. She had no time to waste on ‘testing what worked’, as she mentioned.

She had come from a corporate background and had set quite a few things up in her business, yet didn’t know how to ‘get the numbers in’ so she could do group training.

Hear what she shares about her desire, where she was, what she was looking for, how she did it and what she has created today and looks forward to in the future.

If you are operating in overwhelm and know you have what it takes to increase your business but you cannot seem to get past the glass ceiling on your income, book to speak to Kate to see what critical things you could do to quickly change your business and your life.

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Mother of 3 small boys, Coach, Massage Therapist and Nutritionist Jillian tells her story of going from worrying about income to loving, enjoying relaxed time out with family on a regular basis.

If you are sick of putting up with ‘not knowing where your next client is coming from’, and you’d like to get your business and life to a place where you do not need to worry about that class ceiling on your income any more, book a call to see what might be possible for your business.

“I’ve taken every word of Kate’s on board. Working on my mindset and my business has been challenging to say the least but in doing so I have managed to increase my Pt sessions by much more than double in just 4 weeks. In the last 2 weeks alone, I have made $18,000 in sales. Upfront Payments! To say that I am happy with Kate Martin’s Female Fit Pro Influence Formula 90 day course is an understatement.”

Michelle Z – Perth

“My income has increased x 5! I picked Kate because she is direct, honest and will say it how it is. I really value that in a person. In a competitive industry you want to be ahead of your game and therefore be mentoring with the best. Someone who is credible, knowledgeable, has achieved success themselves and can pass on their blue print. The difference between Kate and and my last mentors, is that she actually cares. A lot. And has taught me what really matters and what’s important for me to move my business forwards, fast!”

Jess H – Melbourne

Meet Megan, a mother of 2 who runs outdoor group sessions. She’d been a trainer for just 12 months when we starting working together. In our first 3 weeks together Megan sold over $10,500 worth of programs.

“When I first started working with Kate I was earning $3-400/week. Within the first three weeks I sold over $10,500 in packages”.

Megan W – Victoria

Fiona has more than 4 x her income.

” I knew I needed a business mentor for a long time. I was ready to give up on my business and defeatedly started looking at 9-5 jobs.

Before working with Kate I lacked confidence, had no voice, had no idea about how to tell people what I did, or really have any structure around it. So hickeldy pickeldy. Clients walked all over me. I had no idea how much I was earning, no structures, no plans or packages. It was messy and I was messy.

Kate structure and approach to me was unique. Everyone’s needs are different. She helped me set and achieve weekly goals. Got me WELL out of my comfort zone, which is where I needed to be as a business woman and a confident person. Now I have a growing business network, I’ve moved locations, I run 2 premises, have staff and I know how to restart over if I were to move locations. I feel in charge of my business. If I go off the rails I know how to track it to get back on top of my game. I get shit done. Having a mentor and having the accountability weekly has been my best investment yet. I firmly believe everyone needs a business mentor ALL THE TIME. They understand where you’re at, they understand running a business, like so many friends and family don’t, they keep you in check and in charge. If you want a genuine kick up the bum she’s the person for you. ”

Fiona Maree Lamb

Fiona’s story 12 months on:

(eg. how did you conduct your business prior to working with Kate, How did you get clients, How did you feel about your future in the industry?)

A – I used to work 5 days a week and have barely any clients and stressing all the time about whether to put my business in the can and get a 9-5 job. I had zero structure or packages when seeing a client. I had no rebooking strategy, just thought if they liked what I did they would rebook. I didn’t do much work on the business because I didn’t know how. Even though I didn’t have many clients I didn’t have a great work/ life balance. Now when I work i’m working smart: 3 days is amazing and my work/life balance is perfect for my current situation. I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – all days are packed out.

A – haha. Let’s say from giving up on my business to now being fully booked and charging $175 per hour on my days. Plus 2-3 days my sub contractors work, plus products. Let’s just say I’m very happy financially and love going on 1-2 overseas trips a year.

A – Let’s just say my goal when I first met Kate and my goal since forever was to be earning over 100k at 30 years old. I’m 30 and I’m laughing at that number and super proud of myself. Next goal… let’s go for 250k

A – I got to speak with Kate 1 on 1 with to give me my weekly dose of kick-up-the-bum.

The main take-away’s were that there’s definitely no separation between ME and my business.

It’s not only a journey for the business but you learn about yourself and change who you are for the better.

There were extreme moments of tears and joy.

So being a life changing experience is definitely something I’ve taken away.

On more of a business note it’s being confident that I’d know how to start business from scratch again and get it up and running quite quickly. I’m so much more confident and now have fun at connecting and meeting new people and “boasting” about my amazing services. It’s exciting when there’s clarity. With clarity comes so does passion.

I remember dreading when I was about to chat to Kate and thinking “oh no, I haven’t done what she asked me to do, I’ll be in trouble.”

BUT always after our chats I felt like Wonder Woman and could totally take over the world.

We’re powerful people when we put our minds to it… or when Kate makes us do shit out of our comfort zone 😉

A – Definitely. I was broke when I met Kate and still managed to do it. You have to spend money to make money. Spend it with Kate is money well spent. One of the best business investments I’ve ever made.

A – Some of it was “omg I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” …other parts took me right out of my comfort zone, which I needed. The instructions are easy to follow. She lays it out and repeats it a few times to make sure you’ve got it, and she gives you more than you have time to do so you’re never left with nothing to do.

A – I contacted Kate a few times out of the blue when I was panicking and she replied and made everything ok. She’s there. She loves her customers. There’s so much value added.

A – I still love face to face work, but I’m looking at getting into teaching anatomy down the fascia pathway and opening up my own big premises after my wedding mid 2019.

Then I need to think about having the business running itself for when babies happen a few years down the track!

A – I’m practicing out of a clinic in Sydney fixing people with chronic pain using corrective exercises and myofascial therapy. I’m working 3-4 days a week face to face and 1 day working on the business: networking, marketing, chatting to fun people, creating… etc

I have 2 sub-contractors: all massage therapists and looking to getting a PT in ASAP. People are going absolutely nuts for the fascia work at the moment – I can be booked out 6 weeks in advance. Which I’m still thinking “HOLY MOLY” when comparing it to what I used to be like. Qualifications are Grad diploma in exercise physiology, CHEK Practitioner, Structural Integrator and Diploma remedial massage therapy.

A – Kate and I are opposites. I’m a shy introvert and love marketing with the written word. Kate goes down the public speaking, seminars and workshop pathways OMG KILL ME! haha. We butted heads a few times, sometimes just in my own head and not out loud to her.

But I haven’t been mentored from her for about a year now and we keep in touch regularly. I still ask her questions every now and then. We had a long chat together about a potential big business move.

If I visit Melbourne or she came to Sydney I’d definitely want to catch up. She’s amazing. Everyone should have at least one chat with her and you’ll be hooked.

A – Already have to plenty of people.

So I first got in touch with Kate as a new PT, brand new PT in the industry. I knew that I needed some kind of mentor, some kind of guidance, some kind of coaching, but I’d never had any coaching before, and I didn’t know what form that would take. So got in touch, I actually saw one of her YouTube videos and then we had an hour’s chat and I find a huge amount of value in that hour.

I left it a few months and then I reached out again. I was skeptical though. I knew that Kate could help me, but I didn’t know in what form that would take. I’d never had coaching before. And because of that I thought, “This is so expensive.” But it became clear after the first call … I mean, we had two calls in total, so it wasn’t a huge long coaching period. But the value that I’ve got from that is huge, and it translated into clients and it translated into adding value to my clients and also, of course, money straight away.

So the money that I spent on the coaching, I got that back within a week of becoming a personal trainer. And hugely thankful to what Kate has has done for me, and I can … Where I can take my business now and the growth that I can take from just two calls, literally.

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