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Free Gift – How to Create Your Own 12 Week Online Course + PLUS I’ll Give You Mine!

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Are you a personal trainer or health coach who’s confused about how to design an online course for your clients?
I know that before I attempted it, it seemed overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start.
Did I need a membership site?
How was I going to get people to buy it? What was I going to charge?

Not only that, but I spent $10,000’s learning from all the guru’s, hours on cold calling 100’s of leads (back in the day when facebook ads worked a charm) and I even built a membership site that not only took me over 12 months to build but out of the several hundred clients I put through it only 2 watched the videos!

So I want to save you the money, time and frustration. With this gift, not only will I explain how to create the content inside your own course, but I am going to GIVE YOU MY 12 week online fatloss course! All delivered to you by email – like it was to my clients.

Tell me where to send your gift…

The 4 minute video will show you how to create your course, then you can use my framework for email examples to send your clients! BOOM!

You are welcome 😉

Fitness Business Coaching and Mentoring for Experienced Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches

Are You an Experienced Fitness or Health Professional?

Out to change the world? (in the best way possible, caring about clients results rather than ‘just the numbers’?) GREAT!

So this site and the info on it is for you if you are in the following situation in your business. You;

  • Own your own small gym or studio
  • Run outdoor bootcamps
  • Work in a big box gym, or someone elses gym and you pay rent or per session
  • Run your business from your ‘home’ gym
  • Rent space for groups in a community centre or school

I want you to know if you feel as though it’s ‘past your time’ to actually earn some income worthy of your care factor and experience, then it is totally possible, despite what your bank account might be telling you at the moment.

Click here to watch the short online class I’ve created for you, to show you exactly what steps to take in order to earn what you are worth (no, it’s not an internet ‘get rich quick’ scheme).

Plus it can be done without all the ‘fancy tech stuff, any ads or funnels’ or spending hours away from loved ones. I guarantee it is well worth the 30 minutes of your time. (Here is the class link again.)

Here’s what this website and specifically this above class on fitness business coaching and mentoring will teach you;

  • How to capitalise on your current skillset and network (I’m presuming you are a coach with more than 2 years experience).
  • Why and how to create different product offers for your current client base.
  • I’ll show you how to incorporate these offers into your current business. (This is the stuff that DRAMATICALLY changed my life and income as a coach.)
  • This all gets done without needing a budget for advertising. (That’s right, when you get it right, things busienss works organically, then you can use ads later, if you so wish, but lets earn some serious income first O.K? See some examples on the testimonial pages for examples of coaches who’ve done just that. I’m talking zero to $1000/week. I’m also talking $5k months to $30k/months. Here are those stories..)
  • PLUS I will show you how it can increase your revenue, ethically, without you needing to spend more time away from home.
    Note: If you can’t make the time the class is on, I will send you the replay if you register via this link > Here is the link again to register

But if you do care, you have experience and you are in ANY of the busienss situations listed above, and you want to learn to capitalise on all the money, time, energy and resources you have spent so far on your education and equipment in your career, then you will benefit.
As it’s highly likely that your business model is simply missing some of the key features of any outstanding service based business, this is what I go through in the online class.

So unless you are expecting your clients to knock on your door and throw you cash? – lol, yeah right, I didn’t think so, then you will get something out of this… Here is the link again <

4 Weeks To Launch Online with Kate Martin Mentor create execute enrol

Create, Execute, Enrol.

4 Weeks To Launch Your Online Program + Make Sales. Starts Nov 30th 2019

Join me and in 4 weeks we will create from scratch, & enrol people INTO your online course now!
NO Tech no how, website or online tech stuff needed! (just a Facebook account).
Click here to join the Facebook group details in there soon. Starts Nov 30th

Do you want to create and sell an online course but you aren’t sure where to start?
– The technology is confusing…
– How does one put it together?
– What do you teach?
– How do you deliver the content?
– Who will buy it?
– What do you charge?!?

– Online courses can be more than a little confusing and somewhat overwhelming when you dive in right?

Let me hold your hand from concept and creation, to design through to execution (meaning sales!!!)
Yes, during the actual course!

No website or tech ‘know-how’ is needed

Join the group to have access now;

We start Nov 30th 2019. More details will be in the group soon.

Free 5 Day Sales Challenge with Kate Martin Mentor

Free 5 Day Sales Challenge Group – Facebook

Want to learn how to sell? To easily and ethically make sales regardless of your indsutry.
Click the link here< to join the free 5 day sales challenge group (on Facebook) and learn how to triple your income ETHICALLY.

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