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Business Coaching, Mentoring and Marketing for Experienced Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches.
Helping fitpro’s build a fun business from their genius zone, while becoming extremely profitable.

This site is the right place for you are an experienced coach and you want to increase your income, ethically yet you don’t have time to hustle or do 20 more hours/week with clients. You have currently hit an income ceiling, and are capped out on time. You need executable, PROVEN STRATEGIES to get your organic marketing to work for you & to understand the business structures that allow you to capitalise on your genius, regardless of if you have contractors working with you or not.
You might be in one of the following situations;

  • Own your own small gym or studio
  • Run outdoor bootcamps
  • Work in someone else’s gym and you pay rent
  • Run your business from your own ‘home’ gym
  • Rent space for groups in a community centre or school

Click here to go to the blog and see all the articles and videos I’ve made for you. To help you capitalise on your skills as a coach. I’m going to show you how to create packages for your clients that are more fun and that also generate more profit.

Plus in these pages I will show you how to sell ‘ethically’ without any of the usual b.s. that you see online… (Personally I have been in the game since 1998. Read more about me here)

Here’s what this website aims to share with you;

  • How to capitalise on your current skillset and network (I’m presuming you are a coach with more than 2 years experience – although there are still lessons within these pages that will help you if you are just starting out as a personal trainer).
  • Why and how to create different product offers for your current client base.
  • This all gets done without needing a budget for advertising or needing any sales pages or ANY online tech for any of it. That’s right, when you get it right, things business works organically, and you can use ads and fancy websites later, if you so wish, but I suggest you learn how to earn some serious income first. See some examples on the testimonial pages for examples of coaches who’ve done just that. I’m talking $5k months to $30-70k/months. Here are those stories.. and also multiple examples of coaches going from $2k to $30k months and beyond. All it takes is desire.
  • PLUS I will show you how to reach more people, accentuate your genius zone so it gets done easily & how to sell ethically. All to increase your revenue, without you needing to spend more time doing face to face. Enjoy. Drop me a line to ask questions – kate@katmartinmentor.com or click the link to see if there’s a time available in your timezone to speak with me here.

Want to Work With me?

Sometimes I can help other trainers and it goes without saying, sometimes I cannot.

Don’t pay unless you succeed. How my VIP coaching has always worked.

Here’s a novel idea. A coaching course that you don’t pay for if it doesn’t help you.
Yes, sounds strange right?

Strange I know, kind of like a guarantee, however there’s no ‘click the button to buy here’ kid-a-buttons, as you can see, or rather not see.

There’s a reason for that.
You need to be selected (or rather we both need to select each other – something that we do via talking first, not reading and clicking buttons.)

To enrol with me as your coach as a VIP into my FitPro Influence Formula Course.

An intense 90 day course to help you grow your coaching or personal training business beyond your wildest dreams, followed up with further months of support calls from yours truly over the months afterwards. Yes there’s an amazing amount of support, if you are the right person.

So who is the right person?

Let me start with who this is not for;
  • You need 80-100 leads a month for your new or rapidly expanding gym.
  • You are in your first 2 years of ‘coaching’ people.
  • You aren’t willing to do the ‘internal’ work. Because I’ll be honest, this will get hard.
  • You don’t have a strong enough ‘why’. Perhaps you don’t need the money, want to cause the change or you simply don’t care about people enough.
  • You think that growing the following of ‘numbers’ on social media has anything to do with success. (I don’t blame you if you were thinking it is linked, but I assure you, it’s not).
  • You’d rather count numbers than help people. Even though I will help you to become amazing at sales, I can’t give you a personality, so if you don’t like people, perhaps it’s time for a career change. There’s always plants, animals or computers to work with right? I’m all for people accentuating their talents.
  • You simply will not take guidance goes without saying really – just like your clients won’t get results if they don’t do as you have asked. (One size does not fit all, I know)

This might be for you if you;

  • Are very good at getting people results, however, you coach them through health… You simply have the results to prove it.
  • Your bank account does not demonstrate the above point if you are totally honest? You may have had some great months, but it’s irregular and for just once, you’d like those around you to take you and this career seriously.

I say this as many of the women I work with are mothers and have less than 20 hours/week to work ‘in’ and ‘on’ their business (some studio owners, some normal PT’s and some high-end personal trainers).

Yet they often shift to becoming the main breadwinner in many cases and major contributors to the household income, in others. (See the testimonials page for the stories).

  • You might have tried and failed at ‘online’ marketing before. Fitting into that little square box called online marketing, as a real ‘people person’ can feel frustratingly gooey, to say the least. No wonder, your genius is people and relationships, not computers, advertising and sales page links.

– Ps. I know you don’t complain regularly about these things to anyone. Generally, you are a positive, happy leader that takes pride in their work… 

I just know how it feels to not be financially rewarded, it took me ten years of up and down income (even though I had contractors working for me from the age of 23), then it took another ten years and approx $100k in coaches and business learning to finally realise some of the truths I share with my VIP’s.

What happens now? If this still feels like it might fit, click here to see if there’s a time available in your timezone to speak to me.

You will not be pressured into buying anything, it’s more for you to ask me questions and for me to ask you questions.
Plus I need to make sure that you could benefit more than x 10 what you pay for the course.
Again another milestone that I think the industry needs to be lifted to.
At the end of the day, if you want something bad enough, and I can help you get it, I’ll tell you, but if I’m not the one to be able to help you, I will also tell you. (Strange hey, yes I refer people elsewhere…)

Having said that, if you get a place in the VIP program, the way I coach is individual to all participants. You all have different skillsets, different goals and while you may need to add some things to your business structure and vary others, and we will get your organic online marketing to work (meaning when done right, we won’t be needing paid ads, that goes without saying).

But the ‘real fun’ starts when we unleash YOU and your hidden genius AND goals that aren’t exposed yet and the ones that scare you. The way you know they aren’t ignited yet is that business secretly feels as though you are (and have been for a while now), almost ‘pushing sh*t’ uphill.

There is no ‘cut off date’ to make you feel rushed, but I do have a maximum amount of participants I can help at the one time. I’d prefer to be honest with you, rather than me using any forced ‘limited spaces/marketing’ tactics..
Book a time here

There are 4 Core pillars I cover within the FitPro Influence Formula Course, these are;

1. Marketing and Message
2. Sales and Self Belief
3. Products and Packages
4. The Genius Zone

  1. Marketing and Message
    We will cover and re-create so you attract clients easily your marketing and your message. If clients don’t currently message you and turn into clients, then this part of your business is not working for you. #truth.
    The way to communicate with people BEFORE they become clients so that they KNOW they want to work with you is marketing.
    When done well, the sales part becomes easy. It becomes more about them ‘choosing you’ and it also separates you, clearly, from the rest of the noise.
  2. Sales and Self Belief
    Sales can be done ethically. Using ethical methods, mixed with your own skillset. Everything is underpinned by growing your level of belief in your new abilities, which must be done so you can literally UPGRADE your business and life at the same time.
  3. Packages and Products
    I’m not talking about pretty things in a box, or throwing as many bonuses into packages to make people want to buy your stuff as possible. I’m talking about business structure. One way to think about it is to ask yourself what prices do you currently charge for the things you do? (And no you do not need to just go ‘high-end’ with all of your products – that is a load of b.s.)Ideally one needs a range of ‘services’ priced between $ZERO and as much as you can comfortably stretch it to. Eg; $1000+ in one transaction ideally at the top end. Unfortunately, most coaches charge for groups and/or 1:1’s and that’s it. This is one example of a gap in the business. So if you don’t currently have a range of things, we will likely fix this.
  4. The Genius Zone
    Then the rest is designed and executed purely from the coaches genius.
    What am I talking about? Below are some examples of some of my coaches ‘genius’s’ allowed them to do, in most cases they had never thought about it before. Many were ‘unknowns’ in the industry and had never dreamed the below list could be possible before we worked together.

– Helping clients overcome food addictions
– Becoming an online health & motivational resource for a Real Estate Company, amongst other corporations
– Enjoying world travel and hosting events as a regular part of ‘the job’
– A thought leader in PCOS, including having medical Dr’s inside her paid online course
– Having many old friends and followers internationally and locally purchase their online triathlon course
– Helping busy families (4+ kids) with juggling life & nutrition sensitivities
– Getting booked and flown interstate to do public speaking
– One became so focused in her gym’s processes and systems, she opened 2 other locations
– An award-winning bodybuilding coach finally turning her followers into money and actually creating a passive income
– Becoming the main breadwinner of the family and paying for her 2 children’s private school fees
– Introvert, a technical expert with the body and skilled 1:1 coach then opened a studio and now has 8 employees, without having created a single video on social media
– Renowned hiking expert, running international retreats

Most of the examples I give you here, the coaches had zero idea that they had it in them to share the information, let alone become a voice in the industry and then being PAID for it. Ongoing.

Yes they all make money that goes without saying.
But it’s about enjoying what you do as well, right?
As most coaches don’t do this to ‘count the money…’

This is what happens when you allow the genius to come out.
It makes ‘doing the work’ incredibly enjoyable.
It allows ‘the money to come faster and much more effortlessly.
It means people ask you ‘how did you do it?’, can you teach me.

I’ll tell you how they ‘did it’, they became more themselves.

There are 100’s more examples I can give you…

It means these coaches pinch themselves daily that they get to do something they love and earn an income.

Sound fun? It is!!

If you have any questions feel free to message me at kate@katemartinmentor.com
Or see if there is a time to book a call with me here

Why am I doing this?

22 Years in the game, employees since I was 23 yrs old, lots of travel (and having to ‘start again’, even without the use of social media), 1000’s of other personal trainers and being a single mum helped has lead me to know a few things about this business and making it more enjoyable in less time each week.
Click here to see more braggy ‘about me stuff’.

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