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I help Fitness and Health Coaches get clear on their expertise then use this to create their visions and profit

“You will be fulfilled while helping others and humanity. You deserve success.
One big vision and practical, yet impactful step at a time.”


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Throughout the year there are places available to work with Kate.

Done through the Influence Formula VIP Course, where you will:

  • Nail your marketing message
  • Create rapid authority & opportunities both within your community and online
  • Design and deliver low and high-end services & packages
  • Help you uplevel your ability to receive income greater than you could have imagined
  • Do it all with ease and zero online marketing
  • Learn to skillfully and easily sell your services
  • Understand how to prioritise your genius zone, so your business can feel more effortless
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It’s not for everyone. It’s for experienced coaches who have the skillset to deliver results to clients and those who are willing to do the work, especially the work on oneself.

Discuss if you’d be a fit for this or see the details on these pages to do one of the shorter courses – Get results in your business rapidly, without needing to run ads, or gain 1,000 more clients.

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Fitness business coaching
Fitness Business Training
Fitness Business Training
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