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‘Holiday Season Business Survival List’ – for coaches

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For most coaches, any long holiday break means a huge dip in income, which can be stressful (to state the obvious).

What I am sharing with you here will literally mean this is a thing of the past!
It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom, I’ve created this short list, after surviving 20 years in the industry and helping 100’s of coaches do the same (in fact once implemented, it means more than ‘surviving, it means ‘thriving’!)

1. Program ideas of what to run to still make income over the Christmas period or any holiday period. For example – online short programs (think accountability) for clients who would otherwise ‘pause’ their training etc.

2. Video explanations of how to sell things (your programs and services) – well into the new year, and how to make the income from it NOW.

3. Gift voucher ideas for what to ‘gift’ your clients, so they not only use other services you provide but they are also excited to give out your gift vouchers to those they know. (And how to do it without giving away lots of free sessions that will hurt your bank account).

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My Book – Making You : Mind Mastery For Fast Fat Loss

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Kate Martin Book
Personal-Trainers-How-to-Build-an-Online-Course-Free Gift

Build Your Own Online Course and Make Sales in 4 Weeks. No tech ‘know-how’ or website needed.

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Fitness Business Coaching and Mentoring for Experienced Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches

Are You an Experienced Fitness or Health Professional?

This site and the info on it is for you if you are in the following situation in your business. You;

  • Own your own small gym or studio
  • Run outdoor bootcamps
  • Work in a big box gym, or someone elses gym and you pay rent or per session
  • Run your business from your own ‘home’ gym
  • Rent space for groups in a community centre or school

I want you to know, if you feel as though it’s ‘past your time’ to actually earn some income worthy of your care factor and experience, then it is totally possible, despite what your bank account might be telling you at the moment.

Click here to go to the blog and see all the articles and videos I’ve made for you. To help you capitalise on your skills as a coach. To make the most of your time, to show you how to create packages to delvier to your clients that are more fun and that also generate more profit. Plus in these pages I will show you how to sell ‘ethically’ without any of the usual b.s. that you see online… and many times from people who haven’t actually ‘done it’ themselves either.

Here’s what this website aims to share with you;

  • How to capitalise on your current skillset and network (I’m presuming you are a coach with more than 2 years experience – although there are still lessons within these pages that will help you if you are just starting out as a personal trainer).
  • Why and how to create different product offers for your current client base.
  • This all gets done without needing a budget for advertising or needing any sales pages or ANY online tech for any of it. (That’s right, when you get it right, things business works organically, and you can use ads and fancy websites later, if you so wish, but I suggest you learn how to earn some serious income first. See some examples on the testimonial pages for examples of coaches who’ve done just that. I’m talking $5k months to $30-70k/months. Here are those stories..)
  • PLUS I will show you how to sell ethically and increase your revenue, ethically, without you needing to spend more time away from home.
    Enjoy.Drop me a line any time to ask questions – kate@katmartinmentor.com

Free 5 Day Sales Challenge with Kate Martin Mentor

Free 5 Day Sales Challenge Group – Facebook

Want to learn how to sell? To easily and ethically make sales regardless of your indsutry.
Click the link here< to join the free 5 day sales challenge group (on Facebook) and learn how to triple your income ETHICALLY.

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