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Your kick up the butt! Go do the THING

This is your virtual kick up the butt.  Whatever you're waiting to do; if it's watching the thing online, if it's doing the seminar, do the workshop, network with a person, go to the event, meet the people, move suburbs (because you'll be okay) or open the gym. Whatever it is you need to do, [...]

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Do clients on Facebook Messenger ghost you?

You might resonate with this…I often I hear from trainers that they might get a random enquiry off Facebook, for example, or think of it as an email. It might be asking them for their prices, and then they might have a bit of a conversation back and forward with the person. Once they tell [...]

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Branding, marketing and website fluff

Let's talk about branding and spending money on things in your business to promote yourself versus what are some of the things that you actually do not need to spend money on in your business, especially in the first couple years. Plus I also want to touch on the fact that you don't actually need [...]

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Too many fires to put out?

What if you actually got recognized for your talents as a coach, and more more importantly, the amount you care about your clients. And I don't mean you win business awards, unless that's your type of thing... (and you've had it turn into income for you??) What I mean is financially rewarded.... when let's face [...]

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Make Your PT Business a Success, Rather Than Just a Hobby

How are you going to make your PT Business MORE THAN WORK? Do you sometimes feel if you just had more clients and income you could ‘really make this work’? What you really have is lack of the ‘knowing how’ (so a lack of resources and knowledge) to make this thing grow without simply [...]

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Getting a ‘JOB’ as a Personal Trainer

Let's talk about finding a 'job' as a personal trainer. About the mindsets, about the concept of working for yourself VS. for someone else and the other opportunities out there other than starting your own business. **The 11 min Audio Link, if you'd prefer to listen is here<< After all, not everyone's in the position [...]

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