Coach – Do you know you need to make content but you;

Coach - Do you know you need to make content but you; Hate feeling ‘braggy’ Dislike or just don’t ever make videos don’t have time to get it right... don’t have enough hours in the day to ‘do it all’. Limited spaces available for this project, where after I interview you my team and [...]

Client Case Study Chelsea with Kate Martin

Hear Chelsea's story of how she grew her income in her personal training studio 'Mummy Movement' in Sydney. She's a young mother, partner and business owner who couldn't get her income past a certain level when we met. The way we solved the income ceiling was not the way she thought it would happen. [...]

Coach here’s how to run a successful course without being the expert

Coach - launching without being the expert? (here’s how). Email me if you’d like to join me live in Geelong for the 2 hr workshop Nov 27th @ 11am. There we will GET your first few VIP coaching clients for your new niche or new program. This is for you if you HAVE expertise [...]

Shortcuts to Launching Online – What I wish I knew in 2012

What I wish I knew in 2012 about launching online. The new podcast is up. I discuss the similarities of face to face and online and the fastest ways to launch everything online and face ot face! (Without tech overwhelm). Here's what I wish I knew 8yrs ago about everything online, selling courses, membership [...]

The Death of Bootcamps

Female coaches, for your sanities sake...If you run bootcamps or similar and you are a mother (and sometimes, more often than not, you are getting close to 'losing your sh*t'...) between - carrying things from location to locationthe constant juggle and multitasking between work and lifethe sometimes desperate under-tugging needy feeling of 'I NEED MORE [...]

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