Instead Of Social Media, Focus On Humans And Relationships To Grow Your Business

Social media is a great tool but it isn’t the only way to grow your contacts, relationships, or even the MAIN way to grow an income or a business (necessarily). Ideally, it takes patience & relationship building. Acting as though people are people, rather than numbers and then giving first. It’s true though, social [...]

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  • Roadmap to COVIDSAFE Australia

Dear fitness industry in Australia, be careful what you choose to ‘mandate’ right now and who’s orders you do it under.

You could be opening yourself up for all kinds of litigation in the future and I’m not talking about discrimination, although that is a huge part. Waiting for your regulatory board to advise or save you, probably won’t work well. You may not be able to fall back on them in a court of [...]

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  • kate martin mentor podcast

Here’s a quick podcast on staff & contractors and training them to keep them.

This was something I made for an old client I'm still in touch with, who went from thinking she might quit this health, (Personal trainer and massage therapist) gig... To a few years later, wayyy after she’s finished working me, it now being 2020/2021, she now has 8 staff in her clinic! (Prior to [...]

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  • Any business coaching is about getting results right?

Any business coaching is about getting results right? (For your bottom line)…. I know us females don’t do this for the money.

However I promise there are fast* ways, using YOUR genius & the current world climate to simply focus on helping more people and to create the NEW version of your biz. (*Fast if you have already been in business a few years and you know how hard it is. Plus you know how to [...]

Dear fellow Australian PT: No signature course is needed! Here’s how to define your difference and diversify your services, without needing a signature course in Lockdown.

Plus I also discuss; How I accidentally launched corporate health, many times since 2004 and how you can too, especially while in Lxckdown. Why you need more than one service and course & How to launch multiple short courses and why it's critical to NOT have all your eggs in one basket. This video [...]

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  • kate martin sunset

I hate to break it to you (she says in her nagging voice), but no matter what you ‘do’, or how ‘good’ you or the other little beings are, things are never going to return to the ‘normal’ you expect.

Creating a new version of your life and way you do things is also therefore critical if you want less stress in your life. Waiting for someone else to save you is as likely to happen as you seeing unicorns (I know some see them ) It always has been critical to create, but [...]

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Alex Gil on her losing her business during the pandemic – Interview with Kate Martin

Discussing all things 'being driven', 'losing everything' & 'changing' right now, from 2020 and beyond. In this interview with fellow health coach Alex Gil from Vitalé Studio - Movement, Nutrition & Lifestyle. We talk all things about her growth during this time and how she now helps clients; hope for right now   taking [...]

Talking all things – ‘Launching new projects’ and ‘eliminating the fear to do so with ease’, literally dissolving the fear of what stands in your way.

(This clip has been taken from a longer video training from the membership group) Plus, of course, the practical tips to make yourself do the thing... As getting traction becomes easy when you use momentum and I believe there are ways to get results in your business when it comes to creating content and [...]

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