Creating a new version of your life and way you do things is also therefore critical if you want less stress in your life.

Waiting for someone else to save you is as likely to happen as you seeing unicorns 🦄

(I know some see them 🙂)

It always has been critical to create, but right now even more so.

Now that it’s forced upon us I find one of the most empowering things I’ve been able to do is to choose things.

(Regarding the current lockdown situation.)

I also quit my gym membership a while back so it couldn’t be ‘taken’ off me again.

It feels rather empowering.

First world problems yes I get it. However, every single persons pain and loss is relevant. Even though other countries ‘have it worse’. Would you tell one of your children that their feelings are irrelevant because their sibling has it worse?

What if we really all are just children, most of the time?

🙌 If you have a message of hope keep sharing it.

If you know we will be ok, keep saying it. Nicely.

If there’s one thing I know and feel in my bones, it’s that this has been a long time coming.

And we will be more than ok.

Not all of us, but that’s part of what we will need to cope with, unfortunately.

Stay sane.

Try having a news detox.

Ps. I love a good sunset

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