Question; How to get my workshop series out into the community again? (I answered this question in a free group & thought it was so juicy I’d share the reply.)

8 Answers;

1. Can you go specifically to organisations to do one of the workshops specifically for them?

Eg, aged care. Children. Particular hobbies and groups, like a golf, tennis, wine club.

2. Or can you promote it by offering discounts for certain groups if they buy 10 or more tickets.

3. corporate or team building groups

I find everything is easier to go for groups than to wait for 100’s of smaller transactions to come to you.

4. And also market it to any prior buyers.

5. Or a market stall where they make their own?

In a quick 10min session.

Run on the hour or every half hour.

6. Or team up with other businesses that have your crowd.

Eg, craft shops? And do a how-to workshop there?

7. Try doing at least one free session/month somewhere targeted.

Videos teaching what you teach also work really well if you aren’t already all over socials.

8. Or a charity/gold coin donation? (But if you can talk and teach it gets more credibility).

Then ideally have offers that also cover the higher end ticket price wise. Rather than just once off low end sales.

What else could you offer?

Personally I’ve used the free seminar/workshop method for 20 years prior to covid and it builds things so quickly it’s crazy.

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