Coaches and fitpro’s here are some ways to grow your business bottom-line (both offline and online), purely working with your strengths…
Plus foundational tips to grow your revenue as an experienced or a beginner coach.
And I share many of my personal and business stories.
(Including how I had multiple home loans approved from the revenue of my personal training business revenue, as a single mumma).
Group link to get the details first when launched, which I mentioned, is below for the new EPIC monthly membership launching soon.
The timestamp of the video is below;
  • 1min 20sec Why you need to focus on the things that you are good at.
  • 2.00 How to analyze and decide what you should create for your business (as far as packages) and how to find the gaps in your current business model.
  • 5.08 Why you need to have higher-end offers if you are an experienced coach.
  • 6.50 You need to have the courage to use your organic network to grow your business and what that looks like.
  • 8.45 What you need to do to take your service to the next level.
  • 9.36 Getting caught in the next shiny new thing and going down rabbit holes. The thing to remind yourself is always to keep it simple.
  • 10.00 You need to not care what people think. 14.10 How over-analyzing what you are going to say online, is detrimental to your well being.
  • 16.00 How I started coaching, coaches.
  • 19.00 How I would rebuild my business every time I moved. 

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