Here is why NOT to create online products that are ‘low end’ (eg products/packages that cost the client less than $50/week) product offers $$ in your business… and what to do instead.

You probably have lots of these short courses yourself, sitting unused in your inbox?

The FREE PDF’s the inexpensive short course’s that haven’t helped you get the transformation yet?

Well, don’t feel bad. I do too! So do many people..

And did you know that most people don’t get past page 2 or email 2 of these programs? (In the video I share more statistics about this.)

If that’s the case and we are expecting our clients who do purchase to then buy the ‘next thing’,
then the ‘next thing’ (after clicking through all the pages, or reading our email series),

until they finally pay something that you are worth, which does help them with their questions and transformation in the first place (sometimes called an online funnel)..

But the numbers (the number of people), you need to get through these ‘online funnels’ is ridiculous, just to be able to get the person out the other side or onto the next product!

It’s only ridiculous because if you are over the age of 30 and experienced in your field of coaching. As then it’s much easier to sign clients up to your programs without building a funnel or sending the client to an opt-in page than you think.

(Because you actually care and you already have a large network of warm clients you have already helped over the years right?)

So then there’s the question, what should you do instead?

Let me explain that to you in this video below.

Want more real-life business tips like this, from someone who’s coached 100’s of other trainers. (Not through online membership site courses.)

And been in the industry for 20 years and had employees (contractors), since the age of 23.

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