Branding, marketing and website fluff

Let's talk about branding and spending money on things in your business to promote yourself versus what are some of the things that you actually do not need to spend money on in your business, especially in the first couple years. Plus I also want to touch on the fact that you don't actually need [...]

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Too many fires to put out?

What if you actually got recognized for your talents as a coach, and more more importantly, the amount you care about your clients.And I don't mean you win business awards, unless that's your type of thing... (and you've had it turn into income for you??)What I mean is financially rewarded.... when let's face it, you [...]

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Use Social Media for Biz & Get Little Traction? – Here’s what you can do;

Do you use social media for business? Do you post into groups and wonder why nothing happens?Here's some quick tips on how to get traction in less time, without the relentless 'buy my stuff' posts..The link to the Facebook group I mention is here - The Art of Tripling Your Personal Training Business Enter Your [...]

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She had to close her gym!

I just saw a Facebook post by a girl, who’s been through everyone else’s program. I’m serious - you think of a “fitness business” guru…she’s been through their stuff.But when it comes to results? Nothing.This girl has invested God-knows-how-much in courses, workshops, programs, and masterminds…with nothing to show for it.Now she's closing the doors of [...]

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‘Don’t Know How’, you say?

You know 'the buts', the reasons, the excuses, we've all used them at one time or anotha. Possibly even several times through the day, and especially when it comes to trying to grow your business or launch a new project.You know what I mean;- I'd like to do this, but the....- I could have done [...]

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Feeling uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s what you can do

Are you a Personal Trainer feeling tired, uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s how to fix that, with several easy to implement income generating ideas.Are you feeling bored, tired, uninspired and losing cash? But you can actually get clients great results, so it doesn’t feel like it adds up?If being a personal [...]

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