I’ve been inspired by the fact that I know that there are a lot of people who are possibly transferring their business over to online and wondering how to get online clients. They’re potentially learning it from people who have businesses online, and while this might be a little bit confronting, it’s very important for you to know. From the perspective that I know that if you’re a personal trainer, and you have the skill set, the network, and the previous clients that you’ve already helped, there are plenty of other easy ways to do what you’re trying to do.

If you don’t love technology, it’s slightly frustrating when you’re trying to do anything with the computer because if you’re a face to face kind of person that has one of those businesses like trainers and coaches do, we run our business by appointments and it’s usually a kinaesthetic kind of business. You’re really, good face to face, which probably means that you’re not so good with the technology. If you’re anything like me before I did quite a bit of mindset work on myself, many years ago I even smashed a laptop in frustration of actually trying to get an email server AWeber to work.

I know how to use AWeber, but that’s not critical. I will show you how you can make money online without building a sales funnel. What the people that you’re potentially learning from do not understand, and keep this in your mind as a concept for your own sanity and so that you can save money and, more importantly, probably the next twelve to twenty four months of your life doing what you’re doing, because online can be a very long game. This is the first issue that I want to talk about; it can be the long game from the potential of how you need like over one thousand people to have a look at a sales page before you’ll get somebody to click or to purchase something.

Now, that something that you’ve got on there as a product, you need to write that, is it a low end product? Is it a medium product? Is it a high end product? I know that people that teach you how to do funnels are teaching people to go free or low end, and then medium, and finally high. For you to actually get people to buy your high end product, you do actually need thousands of people to go through the front end of the funnel. You need thousands of people to look at the page, to prepare for maybe one hundred people to purchase the thing, and for that to happen you need the sales page to be written brilliantly. You almost need to be a copywriter as that’s the skill set that you need. If it’s not converting and if people aren’t clicking it, then you’re not a good sales page writer.

I know you’re already really good with people. I’m going to get to how I can save you two years of your life (and a load of laptops in frustration if you’re like me and you want to break things when you get cranky!). Those people move from there, they might get your next offer, then they might get your next offer, they might get your next offer, and that’s called a sales funnel. You also then have to run ads. If you don’t already have hundreds of thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands of followers. It literally does take a long time to build an online presence if you don’t already have hundreds of thousands of followers, and you haven’t already been putting content out for over ten years.

When you put the thing up, you won’t get a lot of buy in if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers. I’ve spent the last ten years online as well as ten years prior to that in a physical business. There is a large crossover, and I want to teach you how to use both. If you’re a personal trainer, you know how to build rapport, that is what people that are online don’t actually get but you do because you’re a coach. Most of the time you know how to do a sale when you’re talking to people. Don’t you find that when they come in, and they have the experience with you or they can have a conversation with you, the majority of the time they’re sold.

What if those hundred thousand people, whom you’re trying to send to that sales page, all ended up on the phone with you? That is where the gold is, and I wish I had have known this ten years ago when I started building funnels, membership sites, and pages. I mucked around with it for at least two years before I realised this is doing my head in, and I found another way to actually increase my income and my revenue without me doing fifty more hours a week. I couldn’t anyway, because I was recently a single mum so it really came down to creating different products, offers, and packages.

You really don’t have to continue to spend between one, two or even three years building stuff for online when you can service your clients online.  Really all that means is a Facebook group and emails to be honest, but you don’t need the technology that you’re being told that you need, especially if you’re being told that you need it by somebody that doesn’t already understand your skill set. I’m saying that because I know what it’s like to be good at a kinaesthetic business because I’ve been a coach for such a long time and we’re really good at building rapport. You can quadruple your business in the next year by learning how to sell and offer a larger package.

I don’t know what that word means to you because it means different things to everybody. If you’ve got questions about this or the possibility of how that would be done, it’s easy to do if you’re an experienced coach. It’s not as easy to do if you’re not an experienced coach, and one of the reasons is because there’s a disconnect and you actually feel like you’re lying, because you don’t know really how long it takes to get people results and you actually don’t even know how to get the people results.

Anything is possible, but I promise it’s going to take a long time if you’re trying to spend money and send people to a page so that they sign up for something then they click this, they click this, they click this, they click this. It’s great if you want a career in IT, but you actually want to capitalize on your strengths.

If any of that is making sense, and you want to really shortcut stuff, send me a message or join my free Facebook group.

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