Obviously I can write that title and I can say these things because I am a woman. Please if you’re a woman, I’m not saying it to trigger you, but if it triggers you, I guess it’s just something interesting that you need to work on.

Now why am I even saying it? I think one of the massive differences between males and females is that women seem to have this inherent guilt and shame and embarrassment around being seen and putting themselves out there and how that plays out when they come to advertising or promoting themselves and their own business. This obviously affects the way we promote ourselves, if we even do promote ourselves because we think, “nobody would want to hear from me. Why is my product, service or thing even good enough or worthy in the first place? It’s probably not”. It brings up so much shame, doubt and guilt, and it seems we do take it a lot more personally than guys do in general. Have you ever noticed that? Guys might have bankruptcy or failure, and they don’t seem to take it as personally as a woman takes it.

Does that mean that it’s right or wrong? No, I’m actually just making an observation. I think that it’s women’s job, and men’s jobs as well. It’s all of our jobs currently to help raise the consciousness of the world in as nice a way as possible. If that is through our business, then it’s through our business. We really do need to know that what you have to say, what you have to service people with, your product and your service is actually extremely important and those things that you’re worried about, clear them, get them out of the way and actually start to take action on it.

If you’re reading this because you’re in the health and fitness field and you have questions about this, if you feel like you have any blocks around it or you’re just not sure what the right thing is to do, and often people think they don’t have the correct list of things to do so they’re not sure what the right thing is to do. I promise you it’s not your list that’s failing you. It’s probably some kind of self esteem or fear of putting yourself out there. It’s not actually the lists that you’re worried about.

If you want the list, I can actually give you a list of things to do. So feel free to message me through my FREE Facebook page. I can give you a list of things to do but it’s probably fear that’s holding you back. Work on self esteem, work on confidence and work on the fact that getting support around yourself of really positive people. It’s not necessarily even indulging your lifestyle, your choices and your projects to do with work with your loved ones. You don’t have to share that stuff with them.

I was triggered this morning by something my partner said. I was talking about something that I was doing, I was journaling while I was looking at the water and he made a comment to me on the phone about how I don’t do any work. He makes those comments all the time and I don’t care. I’ve chosen to set my work life up the way I’ve chosen and it doesn’t really matter to me what anyone else thinks. But, of course, it still matters to me sometimes what my partner thinks.

I’m not saying this because I need to fix him or any of that stuff. I’m saying it to let you know that I’m actually human and everything, often, sometimes still triggers me as well. It’s just material to work on. You are going to have to work on yourself if you have your own business, probably forever. There’s not going to be a point where you just get over it and you’re just all perfect and that’s it with everything shiny and perfectly smooth.

I think getting over that preconception or fascination that life’s a fairy tale, we know that it’s not. Just know that what you’re doing, especially in this field of changing people’s lives, is extremely, extremely, critically important because they come to us for help with their body and then they walk away with the most amazing mind, soul and attitude and you impact their relationships. It’s totally invaluable stuff that you’re helping your clients with. Never, ever forget that.

Please put your message out there. Let today be the reminder for yourself to actually do it and to make a difference. It is going to feel slightly uncomfortable and icky. If you can make videos, even better, because as my video filming friends said to me a couple of weeks ago when we were filming, when I told her to move the camera. I said, “no, move the camera over here. My light’s better this way”. She said to me, “Kate, this ain’t Instagram. You can’t actually fluff up the photo. It’s a video. That’s why people connect with you, because it’s actually real”.

However, if you don’t want to do videos, don’t. Don’t stop yourself from putting stuff out there because she can’t do a video. Put some other kind of content out. Your stuff can potentially change somebody’s life, and that’s the thing that you really, really do need to focus on.

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