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I want to talk about launching lots of low-end products. When I say ‘low-end products’, I mean stuff that’s under $100 for each purchase. How do you get lots of people to purchase that product, how do you figure out what the right thing is to make, how do you not crash and burn and spend a lot of time crying and doubting yourself? Realistically, guess what, that’s probably what’s going to happen.

The first time you launch something, it’s probably not going to work very well. This whole business of working for yourself is you really do have to pick yourself back up and do it again.The only thing that really prepares you or guards against that possibly happening is if you’re launching things to an already-warm market. What am I talking about?

I come from the background of having a physical, face-to-face reputation with people, being a personal trainer for 20 years myself, having networked in various different states across the country that I live in because I’ve moved location a lot. It meant that I had to set up things quite quickly, even when I moved, to the point where I would need contractors and/or staff to help manage the load, usually within a month or two, as things would grow that fast.

This was all before social media days. What I’ve realised is that there’s social media followings online that people might have of between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, and I can promise you this, if you’re comparing yourself to those people, they don’t necessarily have a big bank balance. They don’t necessarily have the ability to turn that into money and cash flow.


It’s not because they’re not selling a lot of low-end products, but it might be because they actually just don’t know how to sell and enroll things. Maybe they’re not really good at actually helping people get the result, I don’t know. There is a little bit of a disconnect though, and that’s just my personal observation, with even helping people who do have a large following and turning that into money for them.

I can guarantee you there’s no need to be jealous of someone who does have a large following online, because it doesn’t necessarily mean it translates to money. What I do know is that networking, meeting people and having relationships with people can’t be surpassed.

Where is this all going? My point is, if you already have established relationships and credibility in a certain field, that will outweigh 10,000 followers that you actually don’t know that haven’t really engaged in consuming a lot of your material with full belief and love. The face-to-face relationship really does surpass anything that happens online, only because we’re human beings and we’re not really living in a virtual reality world.

You might be reading or watching the video, and while this is great to connect and it’s very hard for me to hide because it’s not an Instagram photo. Even though I don’t do those kinds of Instagram photos that I polish anyway, they’re all kind of me in bad lighting anyway. That actually purely comes because that’s the easiest way for me to do it, probably because I’m actually lazy. The easiest way for me to connect is video.

My point is that if you actually want to launch a lot of low-end products and hope to make money, you need a lot of eyes to actually have a look at your product or your sales page. To get a 1% conversion, that’s the expectation, a 1% conversion. You know now that you will need 100 people to look at a sales page before one person buys, if the sales page is written properly.

If the conversion is not 1%, then the page is probably not written properly. If 100 people open the email and one person buys it, that’s a good thing. It’s a lot of eyes on something, right? Whereas who I’m speaking to specifically are coaches who are experienced, or yourself right now in your business, and you’re known for your niche of the thing that you do. You already have a very warm market. If you were to help those people somehow, engage them another way and/or offer them a thing, your conversion rate is going to be a lot higher, let’s put it that way. Even if it was 20%, wouldn’t that be amazing?

I think sometimes there can be a bit of a disconnect when you’re launching something online, and you think, “Yes, I’ve got to go do the thing,” and then you think, “I’m going to go right over here”. You might be a professional in helping people with their backs, but you want to launch a menopause product. That’s great, but no one in the menopause space knows you. You might be an expert in the hormonal space, and you want to all of a sudden help people with their glute functionality, or whatever’s got to do with someone’s glutes. You get my point? It’s still within the health field, but it’s a slightly different niche. The people’s needs, wants, desires and their pain points are totally different so the conversation that needs to happen around that’s different.

If you’re not already known by the people that have that problem, then it’s obviously going to be hard to launch ‘a thing’, no matter what the price is. Even if it’s free, it’s harder to launch that thing because it’s new. The first thing that has to happen is you need to build credibility within that space.

The easiest thing to do is build an audience, and get them looking at your stuff, to generate the (and I hate marketing terms) “know, like, trust” factor. This is really just somebody understanding that your stuff can help them. If you’re a consultant, a coach, or a health coach in particular, you already know how to do that. That part of the consultation is what we call ‘building rapport’, when you have a meeting with someone and you automatically make them feel comfortable because you’re already really good at that stuff.

This is the other thing that online people won’t teach you. Those online people who are doing sales pages and all that kind of stuff aren’t usually really good at building rapport. But guess what? You, as a health coach, are freaking awesome at building rapport with people. So go out there, build rapport and/or make some videos. Iknow it’s hard and scary. It’s very rare for me to actually brush my hair. When you brush your hair, make a couple of videos if you’re not sweaty, and make sure that you’re known in that arena for helping people with that thing.

The reason I’m making this content here is because there are far too many well-known coaches that think that they have to flip themselves upside down, or turn themselves inside out, to get any traction in the online world. What I’m trying to get across to you is that it’s actually virtually the same. Don’t try to reinvent yourself and be the elbow specialist and then all of a sudden go into the ankle business.

You can do that, but just know that if you do do that, there’ll be a bit of disconnect. There will be a lot of tears and there will be, “why is this not working?”. That’s okay, because it is going to be like that for a while until you build the reputation that you had over here with fixing elbows. So just know that it takes a bit of time for people to get to “know, like, trust” you again.

There’s no reason that you can’t get yourself known in the physical sense as well, and you should too, because if you’re anything like me and the girls that I coach, it’s much easier for you to show up, do the appointment and be told to do ‘the thing’. For example, one of the things that I’ve personally done a lot of over the years, and I wish I would’ve taken a photo of everything, was I have done a lot of seminars. As I’ve done the seminars, the seminar ended up being the free PDF gift that I gave away online, that I used to get people into my groups, because that’s where the handout was. It used to be on my website as the “free gift”. It’s built rapport, I’ve ended up having people share it, and it’s built traction online. But for a stranger to start going through that process of learning to “know, like, and trust” me, it actually takes hours and hours, “usually”, of that person consuming your stuff.

I will say, it can be shortened by understanding marketing a little bit better than you probably do now. If you’re a fitness and health coach, or anything to do with that realm, please feel free to ask me any questions about that stuff, because it shouldn’t take, for example, three years between the lifespan of when someone starts to follow you to when they actually decide to take action.

It can take that long, but if your messaging is good, your marketing is good, and it’s not just filming yourself doing workouts and/or sharing recipes. If it’s not just that stuff then they will actually engage in you quite a lot faster because there’s a bit of a disconnect. So if that’s you, feel free to send me a message and make sure you’re in my free group for coaches. << Click here to access

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