What if you actually got recognized for your talents as a coach, and more more importantly, the amount you care about your clients.
And I don’t mean you win business awards, unless that’s your type of thing… (and you’ve had it turn into income for you??)

What I mean is financially rewarded…. when let’s face it, you and I both know you don’t do this career FOR of the money, however it’d be nice to not just struggle to pay the bills.

It’d be nice to be financially recognised and rewarded for the amount of love, care and passion you have for helping people.

It’d be nice to be able to not only contribute more to the families financial status, but to in fact, if you dare even dream such a thing to become THE main provider for your family…

What if while you were there you could dream about taking them on a holiday too. One where you could not only afford to purchase flights for all of them, but you can actually relax as your business has not disappeared while you have time off…

In fact quite the opposite happens.

Instead of business decreasing while you are away, you get emails of the new people joining and eventually there’s so many new clients that you don’t know all the faces intimately and they actually start to fall in love with the other coaches you have working with you.

Imagine being able to give up the control to others, (ouch, bare with me, I know that hurts..).

Imagine having coaches that you’ve trained so well in your methods that your clients, the ones you know and the ones that are in your business but you haven’t met yet, (because you are busy travelling with your family), are all getting amazing results with their bodies and your business is growing by the methods you have in place.

Methods that not only help clients, but methods which are based on your talents and strengths (and no online membership sites, funnels, sales pages or ads are required), just simple techniques… as you clearly know how to get results with people’s bodies.

And then there’s the flow of business, where people might enter your business at the lower end (paying $30-40/week), but eventually, they end up doing your higher priced package ($2-3000)..

But then the reality hits.

Of how today really is.

And the money worries…

Of what the income and expenses sheet looks like (if you dare to look at it), and how you actually haven’t paid yourself since, well, probably never!

For some reason your brain thinks it’s helpful to wake you at all hours of the night with consuming thoughts of how to pay the bills and all the little things that you need to attend to (the fire-putting-out-things), which you KNOW in your heart of hearts, do not take you further towards your dreams…

but you also know that if they aren’t dealt with, business will burn down…

And you also know that at this rate, it’s really only a matter of time before you burn out yourself.

But this story doesn’t fit as you are a bad arse, a hard arse, (being a self motivated one of a kind individual, not only a coach of the body but a business owner – you really are in the top 1% of the self-motivated part of the human population), but there’s only so much fire and stress one can take.

If you are sick of going around in circles putting out fires and would like to learn how to capitalise on your strengths (and even take yourself and/or your family on a holiday), comment below or message me on here and tell me what’s happening in your business and what you need to change.

If this is you,book a call now by clicking here. I will ask you some poignant questions that will help you to very clearly understand what you need to do, to literally change the trajectory of your business and therefore your life.


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