I made a video not long ago about noticing and observing women in general, in business and in the groups that I’m in such as the free group and the very large groups on Facebook. It’s with some of the girls that I coach and also because it’s been me in the past and I’ve worked on this stuff. It’s that often we have trouble putting yourselves out there, receiving money, charging higher prices than $50.00 for the item or whatever it is that we’re selling. While there might be reasons as to why we hold back with that kind of stuff, like receiving money and not wanting to put ourselves out there just in case people think things of us and how it’s actually really critical to be able to do that stuff when you work for yourself.

I wanted to give you a tip in regards to something that will actually help you put yourself out there if you’re a woman and you work for yourself. It’s in relation to obviously the health coaching business but this applies to if you just work for yourself.

We love doing things for other people.

Everything makes it a bit easier if we’re doing it for somebody else apart from ourselves. You could bang on about self-love and you have to worry about yourself and all that kind of stuff as much as you like. The facts are that women like to do things for other people, usually. Let’s go with that tangent and use it as a strength because I’m all about using your strengths and you really shouldn’t be trying to fix the holes in your personality really.

With that in mind, if you think about the past possible 10 generations of women and the things that they’ve been through; being burned at the stake, we’ve had to fight for women’s rights to vote, there’s all those equal opportunity things and I don’t want to get into politics right now, BUT you know that there’s a lot of hardship that’s gone on at least in the last 10 generations and worse in prior to that for women as a sex. Without being too sexist, it’s not that women have it harder than men or anything like that. I also don’t want to go down that argument because we’re also very lucky to be in this country and whatever country you’re watching this in because you’re probably in a first world country, so we have good problems to complain about.

All that into perspective, the point that I wanted to make is if you’re a woman and you’re in business and you’re trying to put yourself out there, think of it from this perspective. Think of the last 10 generations of women who have fought, cried, laughed, died, done all the things that they did to get you in your generation, in your family, in your situation, to where you are today. If you think of the fact that you’re putting yourself out there is because you’re a result of the past 10 generations of women, personally I find that a lot easier to do because I’m not just doing it for myself, I’m doing it for all these other women who have fought to raise the consciousness of the world or whatever it is that we’re actually trying to achieve here. There’s a lot riding on us on our back and I like that as a motivational point. If you don’t, then don’t use it.

I’m just trying to give you some strategies of things that you can actually use to help you be more and more comfortable each day with putting yourself out there. It is critically important for women who are technically good at their skill to learn how to do marketing. It’s not greasy, it’s not yucky, it’s not anything bad that you might’ve thought of. It’s simply communicating your message and learning how to communicate it in a way that the client actually understands it and then they want your product because you helped them fix their thing.

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It’s always about the quality of questions that you’re asking in life, don’t you think?

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