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I’m making this piece of content for you for you to know that taking action in anything is usually better, and you’ll get more out of it as far as result and personal growth and learning than you will if you’re actually just studied ‘the thing’.

I’m not putting down studying or doing more degrees if that’s what you really like to do, or maybe it’s the kind of area where you really need a PhD or you really need the license to do whatever it is with law or medicine or any of those actual fields where you do actually need the degree. What I’m saying is I got stopped on the street not too long ago by a group of students who said that they were doing study as part of ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur’ degree, or it might’ve been that that was a section of the business and marketing degree. They then were asking me some questions.

I’m thinking of this from the practical perspective of being in business myself for 20 years, by myself and for myself. They were asking questions about their product, would I buy this, what did I think about this and would I be likely to do X, Y, Z and so on. If you’re a person, you’ve got any products and you’ve actually launched anything, in particular maybe you’ve launched something online. You’re a coach and you might’ve launched the thing online and you’re thinking, “Why haven’t people bought my thing?”.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s a very, very far gap. There’s a big difference between somebody actually saying that they will buy your thing, and somebody parting with the money and actually buying the thing. I did happen to turn around to these kids (that are probably in their twenties) and after they were asking me these questions, I said, “Guys, have you ever thought of actually just starting a business to sell the thing? What if that would work? Would that work? How would you do that? Why don’t you do that?”

Their physiology, their body actually changed.

They said, “Oh,” and they got really scared. It was interesting or it was a little bit confronting, but what I can say if you’re launching lots of stuff, and you’re having a look and having a go at things, that’s far better than sitting around and asking people lots of questions about “what price should I charge for this? Would you pay $97 for this? Would you pay $19 for this? That person over there has got an app. I think I should have an app. I’m going to spend two years making an app”. Executing and then figuring out if somebody actually wants the stuff and if they don’t, then you pivot or you look at the fact that you have no market awareness.

In other words, nobody knows what you are or what you do or that you help people within that genre. Let’s say it’s back pain. Then you have to build an audience that knows that you potentially help with back pain.

You can’t just put an ad out and expect people to buy ‘the thing’ because you know why?

We’ve been looking at social media for such a long time now that people scroll past ads, so an ad won’t necessarily help you do the thing. I could go on and on about this forever, and I probably will make another video about selling low end products and actually how it helps if you have a large list, but it does actually help if you have a big list. Even if you don’t have a big list, you need some kind of awareness. My advice, and this is what’s worked for me over the last couple of years and for my clients as well, is to build awareness about yourself and help people in that genre so they know that you can help them.

There are lots of different models that you can use. You can use lots of low end stuff like products that are under a hundred dollars and try to sell a few of them, but does that really help solve the person’s problem? I don’t know. This is important to look at; are you looking at getting them to go from your low end product to your medium end product to your high end product? If you’ve got any questions about this, please get in touch with me through the link below and ask the question, because I’ve made so many videos on this actual topic. It’s actually really important to understand your business model. Do you have too many low end products? Have you got zero high end products? I’m saying that because I don’t know anyone that’s got too many high end products and it’s usually that people have a lot of low end products, therefore needing a lot of traffic.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. I’m saying, “what’s the model that you’ve got?”. Look at the reflection of “do I have a lot of people to sell to”? If not, it’s going to take a lot of people who see that sales page before you can make a hundred sales of $10 or whatever. None of it works by asking a survey of people “will they purchase ‘the thing’?” because will they purchase the thing is actually determined by whether you really want them to pull their wallet out and purchase ‘the thing’.

The other thing is, are they actually even your market to be asking that question in the first place? Are you asking a 50-year-old man versus a 35-year-old woman?

Obviously they’re at different stages of their lives so sometimes it will be your market and you should take on their response and if it’s not your market, don’t take on their response. The people that part with the money in the end, your clients and your customers, they’re the ones to listen to.

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