$15,000 upfront in sales in under 10 days

She didn’t want to open a gym, but hey the opportunity popped up and she was ready.
(apart from having the cash in the bank, not enough equipment, no money for flooring etc you know the gig)….

And the only issue there is that Banks HATE lending to Personal Trainers.. (as you may already know)…
So what did she do? 
Well that’s the secret sauss.

But my point is, with this one idea of direct advice given to her in the moment she needed it (in a conversation, because I don’t believe in clients needing to only type their questions in a forum of 200 people), she generated $15k in revenue in sales paid upfront, BEFORE OPEN DAY… So needless to say she can buy flooring now.

And maybe a few other things too 😉The point is she implemented one little idea and it turned around her week.
What do you value these ‘ideas’ as $$$?

In any business coaching you are paying for, please make sure you are getting x 10 the value of what you have paid (and it should be implementation – not just learning #endrant)

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