We all want to succeed in some way. Success looks different to everyone – for some it’s making a certain amount of money, others might want to make a specific impact on their world. But no matter what your version of success is, you want to achieve it as quickly as possible, and with less bumps along the ride.

So let me share with you the one thing I have found that makes that journey both smooth and speedy.

The key to success is your ability to get over things faster by having compassion for yourself along the way.

Often, we’ll think that something is about us. For Eg; The clients who cancel repeatedly is because you’re a bad trainer. Or the person who cuts you off in traffic is just out to get you. Or your kids are grumpy which means you’re a failure as a parent. These are the things that we can get overwhelmed by as they build up.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about a significant situation like a family member becoming seriously ill. That’s obviously going to put things into perspective.
It’s the little things that we can blow out of proportion and get stressed over. Those little things are the things that we need to deal with and move on, so that we can keep growing, rather than letting them mount up.

“Everyone will get over things in a different way, and at a different speed.”

What tools and tricks are you using to move through stress faster?

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Some days you’ll brush it off, and some days you’ll fall apart over the same situation. That’s ok. But while you are getting over something, you want to remember that it probably doesn’t mean what you think it does. It’s humans who choose what we ‘make things mean’.

When you’re self-employed, if something affects you, it will affect your business. Everything, from your relationships to your environment, your family to your health, all of these have an impact. And your ability to deal with the dramas that come up will affect your business. 

If you turn a blind eye to these things instead of moving through them with compassion, you’re possibly making life harder than it needs to be.

By letting going of the anger, frustration, outrage and hurt, and realising that it’s probably nothing to do with you, you can forgive if needed and move on faster. And when you allow yourself to move on, however you process things, you have a chance to grow as a person and therefore also as a business owner. 

Think about how you do life.

Instead of getting caught up in your head, shift your focus onto your end goal. How would you like to feel in your everyday
life? How do you want to show up for the world and the people in your life every day? What can you do to bring those feelings and behaviours into your life… one small step at a time?

Keeping these answers in mind will help you keep perspective.

Remember that how you feel about any given situation is a choice. These feelings and reactions become habit, which become part of who you are. If your life isn’t panning out how you want it to, come back to these questions. Give yourself the same compassion you would give to your best friend.


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