One on Channel 7 and two others in the local newspapers, WITHOUT trying I might add… Here’s some of what they did.

Individually they all have their own story. What they all had in common for the past several years before I met them, is they were slogging it out in the industry – helping clients, being busy and not feeling too well rewarded for doing so. They were playing this game at half of what they could potentially play! Until now…

(‘Slogging’ is Aussie slang for – ‘working REALLY hard without much of a result’).
I must also say this information really is the tip of the iceberg as far as what they did.

Then all of a sudden just by making a few changes to their business (several of the changes were internal I might add and they HAD to do what they feared).

“more than 5 x her income”

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Now, as a result of the publicity they received, one has almost hit 100 members, another has more than 5 x her income within several weeks and the other well, I’ll be telling you her story very soon > lets just say she will be going international 

They are now known by their community and of course, the larger community as the experts in their field by doing what you might ask?

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This is what they did, and you can too.

– Firstly – They aimed to help the community << THAT was and always must be the driving force! (Rather than just to pull the numbers/make sales).
– They did things even though they were scared.
– They made videos for online even though they were embarrassed and cared what others thought.
– They did as they were told… even though their logical brain, I am sure, said “what the h*ll do you think you are doing?!” to themselves…
and as a result..

…well, see the images below.

An amazingly rewarding business is the result and this is JUST the beginning.

If you are tired of ‘slogging it out’ in this business for very little increase in the rewards and you are not prepared to take another 5 years to ‘figure this out by yourself’, it’s time to talk to a personal training business coach.

You could be sitting on a goldmine.

If you are, I’ll tell you so and let you know what’s possible… or if you aren’t and it’s better for you to take XX action instead, as your business coach I will also tell you. The choice is yours. I know which I’d prefer.

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