I really appreciate the fact that you are reading this, so I want to share with you some of my material (Some of which is usually reserved for my paying clients).

I also appreciate that you are probably time poor so I’ll keep this short and sweet and action-able too.. is that even a word?? Oh well, it is now!

I’ve attached a few short video/audios for you, plus I want to let you know about a HUGELY value packed and incredibly amazing value course I’ve just created and am Launching MONDAY, to get you more clients NOW and it’s less than $50 investment. The video info link is >> here


And for an extra bit on Marketing Ideas – to help you get clients the word out NOW about YOU;

Here is a 16 min audio on MANY extra easy ideas for Marketing your PT business. Implement them NOW to watch your business GROW. This is SSOOOO value packed!

(Coming from someone who was a technical expert in getting results with the body and then realised, when moving suburbs and states, I also needed to get good (and quick) at marketing too. However it applies to you, regardless of your level of experience). Here is that audio <<


And here is an extra audio clip I made to help inspire you from no matter where you are starting.

>> Here’s the link to My story and extra tips on creating content and selling

re: Monday – TOMORROW – I’d love to have you on board. The info in the course will be yours forever! and also action-able with just 15 min/day work. I will simplify EVERYTHING and show you the step by step process to get more clients, no Matter where you are starting from. On repeat. >> Here’s the link for that again

PS. I can’t help myself – Here’s more material below

If you are interested in creating products and getting known online, >> here’s an audio recording that I created for a short (free) course for some clients on Menopause and eradicating symptoms. It’s so easy to create pieces of content like this when you know how. I even simply recorded this (part 1 of 2) interview with a Naturopath on my phone!
And I had a heap of new inquiries as a result of this short interview series.

Come join me Monday and I’ll show you how to do it, quick and easy like this, The link again is here<<

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