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Income dropping because of winter? Are your numbers down due to weather?

Winters can suck for this business!

So lets talk about making more money in winter..

Do you find your numbers (either 1:1 or groups) dropping off over the colder seasons?

It’s a pretty common complaint from Personal trainers, so here are my top tips to STOP this from becoming a problem for you. Immediately!

Sure there’s the common things we can tell clients, like;

‘we have a roof here so you won’t get wet’

‘there’s air con in the gym’ – if you are super lucky and you work in a big box gm

‘set your clothes out the night before, so when the alarm goes off you actually get up!’ (JUST GET THE F*** UP!! – you are silently thinking to yourself).

Or you could ‘tell your friend you will meet them there…’,

‘book a trainer…’ blah blah, the list of ‘how to motivate your clients in winter’ goes on and to which they ignore for the most part.

To be honest I never noticed business to be so badly effected in winter by numbers until I moved to Melbourne (I come from Sydney originally. Running a bootcamp on Maroubra beach was epic!).. So I know the pain, yet I fixed it with what I am sharing with you below.

This doesn’t even account for the extra 20-30% drop off of people who actually get sick, then don’t even start me on the ‘my kids are sick, I can’t train’, which I know is the truth, but somehow YOU – the coach, always seem to manage to get to the sessions don’t you!?!

So below are some ways to bullet proof your business, so you ‘yourself’ don’t get the winter blues and instead you bullet proof your income during this period.

The first thing;

1. Start looking at your income from a yearly perspective.

For example, would you really care if one month you made $20,000, then the next month you made $10k, then back up to $15k? My guess is no, you wouldn’t care. And nor should you if your total income for the year allows you to live the life you actually WANT (which by the way if you haven’t decided what that is yet, then CHOOSE IT NOW, that’s step 2).

So count your income and track it regularly (daily or minimum weekly, naughty naughty, if you aren’t doing this already start it NOW). Eg, you sell a 12 week program that ads XXX to your yearly income. Save the weekly direct debits and expenses for a different meeting. I want you to focus on feeling good first. Plus the bigger picture is super important.

2. Choose what you want

(Plus what you will do with the money) – Yes I will get to the practical steps in a moment, but if you literally don’t do the ‘mindset work’ required… you will not RECEIVE the income – sounds a little woo woo right?

And to be honest it’s just too bad if you don’t believe it but mindset is where it’s at.

Don’t believe me?

Neither did my client Jo – but watch this video here << I just made about her going from her maximum of $8k months to a $31k/month in under 3 months.

While she did execute on ‘practical steps’, (and we changed her marketing/messaging), she had also worked with various coaches before, she already had high end packages (that’s my next point).

Her audience wasn’t resonating with her message.

No one asked to work with her, even though she knew they saw her social media posts..

She’d spent 10’s of thousands of dollars becoming more and more qualified.. but even the ‘marketing’ skills these people gave her were not enough, or somehow were not the right fit (if you ask me they were outdated and disconnected).

She was also selling from a place of desperation (as many people are), this is something she’d tell you herself, as she said it to me the other day on our weekly call. Here is the video I made about ‘what she did’ << here

Ok lets get to the practical steps (which will work if you execute on the mindset stuff – so if ‘it’ isn’t working please do the internal work and simply look in the mirror, daily, harsh I know);

3. Start a challenge – an 8 or a 12 week ideally (and pause people over the school holidays if need be. They can continue after the school holidays – DO NOT use the school holidays as an excuse not to start one). Even if you already have one running, if you have places empty start another one now! Watch my video showing you how to build your own 8-12 week course (plus you get my 12 week online course (Fatloss and Health Course) as a bonus >> HERE)

4. Contact all the old clients.
The ones you ‘loved’ and invite them back for this special or some other special. Make the message personal. NEVER blanket text or copy and paste facebook message people this kind of stuff, people don’t like to be numbers. (Think of how you like to be treated right?), and coaching is PERSONAL (training) for a reason…

5. There are limited spaces available right? Unless you take 40 people in each group class? Even then, the limit is 40… so LET PEOPLE KNOW THIS.

Now I have to say – scarcity, ie a limited number of places, is a marketing ‘tactic’ and unfortunately some people DO lie about it, but you must use it truthfully. 

What I mean is, for example, if you are the ‘main coach’ and you have a VIP program of some kind where people can work with you (I’ll elaborate on what VIP is in a moment). So in this VIP program (or hell, even in your 1:1 coaching or groups), be it online or face to face, how many places can you really have? there’s only a limited number of spaces available right, 

your diary is only so big…

your week only allows for so many clients in it…

there’s only one YOU (the awesome coach)…

So tell people how many places you have left! or make a start date – people need a reason to start with you.

6. Start a VIP version, in particular, an online version (meaning you coach these people more in habits, nutrition advice, lifestyle advice and accountability and send them workouts to do. If you have ever just had a ‘sit down and chat’ session with a client, then you KNOW how to do this, it just seems overwhelming (the details). I promise it can be done with less ‘tech’ than you are worried about. (That’s a longer conversation for another time.)

But think about the positives for a moment – my point is these programs give you;

Less stress, because of a…

Higher income

More time to do whatever you like (spend it with your family or travel perhaps?)

Flexibility in work location (you won’t be tied down to hour for dollar, counting to ten for people)

Choice of clients – your old awesome clients, who moved away, can work with you again! win:win!

Now don’t say I didn’t tell you..

There’s literally gold in these above tips, feel free to forward this email to a trainer friend who needs to make some cash.

Now I get to tell you how you can work with me;

If you have wondered what it takes to increase your income without doing 20 more hours/week, if the tech overwhelms you but you KNOW you can capitalise on your genius with some version of another online program… or you really need some help to take your income to the next level..

If you are an experienced coach (ideally more than 2 yrs experience), then now is the time to book a call as I am having a price rise end June.

Book the call here << (It doesn’t guarantee anything or mean I will force you into working with me, but you will walk away with a plan for what you need to do to grow your business, regardless of if we work together or not.)

We will get on the phone for 45 minutes and you will leave with a clear idea of what needs to be done. I promise you cannot see the gaps at the moment, that’s why your income is where it is. (You know this..)

Book the call to find out more here or forever stay the same, your choice… 😉

Now let’s go build that legacy!

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I have a podcast channel!

Personal Training mentor
Are you a watcher or a listener? Some people prefer to sit and watch videos on youtube or facebook, and some prefer to listen while on the go. If you are the later then you be excited to learn you can now listen to me in the car or when you are just go, go, go like I know many of you are are.
The topics I have discussed so far are:
1. Talking retreats, outsourcing, online programs, posting and sales – Content from inside the coaching.
2. Marketing around money and value for fitpro’s.
3. Sales, pricing, stress, marketing and implementation – Insights from inside todays coaching conversations.
4. Fear in business and using feminine power to overcome it.
Here is the list of where you can find the podcasts just click on the links below:
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What I’ve learnt from having a bad coach and being told to ‘just be a stripper’

What I’ve learnt from having a bad coach and being told to ‘just be a stripper’. Plus the first time I’ve hired a female coach and other musings about choosing a coach for body or business transformation.

So tell me what’s not working in your business, and how you’d ‘ideally’ like things to be?

Join my free Facebook group for fit pros >>by clicking here or prefer a more to chat? >>Click here to book in a chat.

What I've learnt from having a bad coach and being told to 'just be a stripper'.Plus the first time I've hired a female coach and other musings about choosing a coach for body or business transformation..So tell me what's not working in your business, and how you'd 'ideally' like things to be? (Message me on here)

Posted by Personal Training Mentor on Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Making money online, what they don’t tell you

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.

I want to talk about launching lots of low-end products. When I say ‘low-end products’, I mean stuff that’s under $100 for each purchase. How do you get lots of people to purchase that product, how do you figure out what the right thing is to make, how do you not crash and burn and spend a lot of time crying and doubting yourself? Realistically, guess what, that’s probably what’s going to happen.

The first time you launch something, it’s probably not going to work very well. This whole business of working for yourself is you really do have to pick yourself back up and do it again.The only thing that really prepares you or guards against that possibly happening is if you’re launching things to an already-warm market. What am I talking about?

I come from the background of having a physical, face-to-face reputation with people, being a personal trainer for 20 years myself, having networked in various different states across the country that I live in because I’ve moved location a lot. It meant that I had to set up things quite quickly, even when I moved, to the point where I would need contractors and/or staff to help manage the load, usually within a month or two, as things would grow that fast.

This was all before social media days. What I’ve realised is that there’s social media followings online that people might have of between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, and I can promise you this, if you’re comparing yourself to those people, they don’t necessarily have a big bank balance. They don’t necessarily have the ability to turn that into money and cash flow.


It’s not because they’re not selling a lot of low-end products, but it might be because they actually just don’t know how to sell and enroll things. Maybe they’re not really good at actually helping people get the result, I don’t know. There is a little bit of a disconnect though, and that’s just my personal observation, with even helping people who do have a large following and turning that into money for them.

I can guarantee you there’s no need to be jealous of someone who does have a large following online, because it doesn’t necessarily mean it translates to money. What I do know is that networking, meeting people and having relationships with people can’t be surpassed.

Where is this all going? My point is, if you already have established relationships and credibility in a certain field, that will outweigh 10,000 followers that you actually don’t know that haven’t really engaged in consuming a lot of your material with full belief and love. The face-to-face relationship really does surpass anything that happens online, only because we’re human beings and we’re not really living in a virtual reality world.

You might be reading or watching the video, and while this is great to connect and it’s very hard for me to hide because it’s not an Instagram photo. Even though I don’t do those kinds of Instagram photos that I polish anyway, they’re all kind of me in bad lighting anyway. That actually purely comes because that’s the easiest way for me to do it, probably because I’m actually lazy. The easiest way for me to connect is video.

My point is that if you actually want to launch a lot of low-end products and hope to make money, you need a lot of eyes to actually have a look at your product or your sales page. To get a 1% conversion, that’s the expectation, a 1% conversion. You know now that you will need 100 people to look at a sales page before one person buys, if the sales page is written properly.

If the conversion is not 1%, then the page is probably not written properly. If 100 people open the email and one person buys it, that’s a good thing. It’s a lot of eyes on something, right? Whereas who I’m speaking to specifically are coaches who are experienced, or yourself right now in your business, and you’re known for your niche of the thing that you do. You already have a very warm market. If you were to help those people somehow, engage them another way and/or offer them a thing, your conversion rate is going to be a lot higher, let’s put it that way. Even if it was 20%, wouldn’t that be amazing?

I think sometimes there can be a bit of a disconnect when you’re launching something online, and you think, “Yes, I’ve got to go do the thing,” and then you think, “I’m going to go right over here”. You might be a professional in helping people with their backs, but you want to launch a menopause product. That’s great, but no one in the menopause space knows you. You might be an expert in the hormonal space, and you want to all of a sudden help people with their glute functionality, or whatever’s got to do with someone’s glutes. You get my point? It’s still within the health field, but it’s a slightly different niche. The people’s needs, wants, desires and their pain points are totally different so the conversation that needs to happen around that’s different.

If you’re not already known by the people that have that problem, then it’s obviously going to be hard to launch ‘a thing’, no matter what the price is. Even if it’s free, it’s harder to launch that thing because it’s new. The first thing that has to happen is you need to build credibility within that space.

The easiest thing to do is build an audience, and get them looking at your stuff, to generate the (and I hate marketing terms) “know, like, trust” factor. This is really just somebody understanding that your stuff can help them. If you’re a consultant, a coach, or a health coach in particular, you already know how to do that. That part of the consultation is what we call ‘building rapport’, when you have a meeting with someone and you automatically make them feel comfortable because you’re already really good at that stuff.

This is the other thing that online people won’t teach you. Those online people who are doing sales pages and all that kind of stuff aren’t usually really good at building rapport. But guess what? You, as a health coach, are freaking awesome at building rapport with people. So go out there, build rapport and/or make some videos. Iknow it’s hard and scary. It’s very rare for me to actually brush my hair. When you brush your hair, make a couple of videos if you’re not sweaty, and make sure that you’re known in that arena for helping people with that thing.

The reason I’m making this content here is because there are far too many well-known coaches that think that they have to flip themselves upside down, or turn themselves inside out, to get any traction in the online world. What I’m trying to get across to you is that it’s actually virtually the same. Don’t try to reinvent yourself and be the elbow specialist and then all of a sudden go into the ankle business.

You can do that, but just know that if you do do that, there’ll be a bit of disconnect. There will be a lot of tears and there will be, “why is this not working?”. That’s okay, because it is going to be like that for a while until you build the reputation that you had over here with fixing elbows. So just know that it takes a bit of time for people to get to “know, like, trust” you again.

There’s no reason that you can’t get yourself known in the physical sense as well, and you should too, because if you’re anything like me and the girls that I coach, it’s much easier for you to show up, do the appointment and be told to do ‘the thing’. For example, one of the things that I’ve personally done a lot of over the years, and I wish I would’ve taken a photo of everything, was I have done a lot of seminars. As I’ve done the seminars, the seminar ended up being the free PDF gift that I gave away online, that I used to get people into my groups, because that’s where the handout was. It used to be on my website as the “free gift”. It’s built rapport, I’ve ended up having people share it, and it’s built traction online. But for a stranger to start going through that process of learning to “know, like, and trust” me, it actually takes hours and hours, “usually”, of that person consuming your stuff.

I will say, it can be shortened by understanding marketing a little bit better than you probably do now. If you’re a fitness and health coach, or anything to do with that realm, please feel free to ask me any questions about that stuff, because it shouldn’t take, for example, three years between the lifespan of when someone starts to follow you to when they actually decide to take action.

It can take that long, but if your messaging is good, your marketing is good, and it’s not just filming yourself doing workouts and/or sharing recipes. If it’s not just that stuff then they will actually engage in you quite a lot faster because there’s a bit of a disconnect. So if that’s you, feel free to send me a message and make sure you’re in my free group for coaches. << Click here to access

Or to book a complimentary call with me by clicking here <<


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Is more study or a degree needed?

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.

I’m making this piece of content for you for you to know that taking action in anything is usually better, and you’ll get more out of it as far as result and personal growth and learning than you will if you’re actually just studied ‘the thing’.

I’m not putting down studying or doing more degrees if that’s what you really like to do, or maybe it’s the kind of area where you really need a PhD or you really need the license to do whatever it is with law or medicine or any of those actual fields where you do actually need the degree. What I’m saying is I got stopped on the street not too long ago by a group of students who said that they were doing study as part of ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur’ degree, or it might’ve been that that was a section of the business and marketing degree. They then were asking me some questions.

I’m thinking of this from the practical perspective of being in business myself for 20 years, by myself and for myself. They were asking questions about their product, would I buy this, what did I think about this and would I be likely to do X, Y, Z and so on. If you’re a person, you’ve got any products and you’ve actually launched anything, in particular maybe you’ve launched something online. You’re a coach and you might’ve launched the thing online and you’re thinking, “Why haven’t people bought my thing?”.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s a very, very far gap. There’s a big difference between somebody actually saying that they will buy your thing, and somebody parting with the money and actually buying the thing. I did happen to turn around to these kids (that are probably in their twenties) and after they were asking me these questions, I said, “Guys, have you ever thought of actually just starting a business to sell the thing? What if that would work? Would that work? How would you do that? Why don’t you do that?”

Their physiology, their body actually changed.

They said, “Oh,” and they got really scared. It was interesting or it was a little bit confronting, but what I can say if you’re launching lots of stuff, and you’re having a look and having a go at things, that’s far better than sitting around and asking people lots of questions about “what price should I charge for this? Would you pay $97 for this? Would you pay $19 for this? That person over there has got an app. I think I should have an app. I’m going to spend two years making an app”. Executing and then figuring out if somebody actually wants the stuff and if they don’t, then you pivot or you look at the fact that you have no market awareness.

In other words, nobody knows what you are or what you do or that you help people within that genre. Let’s say it’s back pain. Then you have to build an audience that knows that you potentially help with back pain.

You can’t just put an ad out and expect people to buy ‘the thing’ because you know why?

We’ve been looking at social media for such a long time now that people scroll past ads, so an ad won’t necessarily help you do the thing. I could go on and on about this forever, and I probably will make another video about selling low end products and actually how it helps if you have a large list, but it does actually help if you have a big list. Even if you don’t have a big list, you need some kind of awareness. My advice, and this is what’s worked for me over the last couple of years and for my clients as well, is to build awareness about yourself and help people in that genre so they know that you can help them.

There are lots of different models that you can use. You can use lots of low end stuff like products that are under a hundred dollars and try to sell a few of them, but does that really help solve the person’s problem? I don’t know. This is important to look at; are you looking at getting them to go from your low end product to your medium end product to your high end product? If you’ve got any questions about this, please get in touch with me through the link below and ask the question, because I’ve made so many videos on this actual topic. It’s actually really important to understand your business model. Do you have too many low end products? Have you got zero high end products? I’m saying that because I don’t know anyone that’s got too many high end products and it’s usually that people have a lot of low end products, therefore needing a lot of traffic.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. I’m saying, “what’s the model that you’ve got?”. Look at the reflection of “do I have a lot of people to sell to”? If not, it’s going to take a lot of people who see that sales page before you can make a hundred sales of $10 or whatever. None of it works by asking a survey of people “will they purchase ‘the thing’?” because will they purchase the thing is actually determined by whether you really want them to pull their wallet out and purchase ‘the thing’.

The other thing is, are they actually even your market to be asking that question in the first place? Are you asking a 50-year-old man versus a 35-year-old woman?

Obviously they’re at different stages of their lives so sometimes it will be your market and you should take on their response and if it’s not your market, don’t take on their response. The people that part with the money in the end, your clients and your customers, they’re the ones to listen to.

I hope this has been helpful. Any questions, please make sure you are in my group for FitPro’s here on Facebook,

Or to book a complimentary call with me by clicking here.

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$8k/months to $31k/months

To quote the client; Even she said, she would question, ‘does she really exist?… but she knows she does exist, as it is herself!’ Then
‘Omg I got to $31k! For May!!’
Click the video to watch as I discuss what she did, (how this amazing woman made the shift), and is reaping the rewards!

Business not running as you had desired?
Make a time to speak to Kate if you want to know what 3 things you could do NOW to turn it around;
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To join the conversation, make sure you are in my group for PT’s growing their businesses.

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How to make it easier to MARKET yourself as a Woman in business

I made a video not long ago about noticing and observing women in general, in business and in the groups that I’m in such as the free group and the very large groups on Facebook. It’s with some of the girls that I coach and also because it’s been me in the past and I’ve […]

Why food and exercise pics DO NOT WORK to get clients

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.


I occasionally scroll social media like you guys do, and I’m constantly seeing pictures of exercise and food and exercise and food and exercise and food. This is for you if you post lots of pictures of exercise and food, and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any traction and growth in your personal training business. In other words, in is not equating to MORE clients, like you would like it to.

I’m not saying that you need to do the flip side of that, which is for you to be all out there vulnerable and either post pictures of your butt or yourself in a bikini. I’m not saying that that’s wrong either, if you have actually done a bikini competition because I know that there are things that you guys do anyway because it’s actually glute shot, not a butt shot. What I am saying is that if you’re finding that you’re not actually getting any traction from social media, it’s probably because you were posting either pictures of exercises or videos of your clients doing exercises.

The technical coach in me says, “please, don’t do that”. Actually, spot the person doing squats rather than posting a video of them doing squats. If you were posting pictures of that stuff and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any traction, I’ll tell you why you’re not getting any traction and I’m just being honest.

It’s because it’s boring. Your clients and everybody all over social media have actually seen that stuff for years, and it’s boring.

It used to be interesting.
It used to be engaging and it used to be new.

It used to be that you could just post that you were having a 12-week challenge and all of a sudden you get a hundred clients sign up.

It doesn’t work that way anymore and if you’re doing that, you’re behind. You know it, as your results tell you. (Or lack of, if I’m honest.) It used to be me too..

So, here’s what to do instead.

Don’t be too over vulnerable.

  1. The first point is actually just be yourself, but you do need to learn to connect with the clients’ emotions of what they’re feeling.
  2. Learn to communicate how you are going to solve the clients’ problems and what the feelings are that you are going to solve instead of the actual logical problem.

There you go. I just gave you about $5,000 worth of marketing material right there, that’s what it probably cost me.

What you need to do is actually stop posting pictures of exercise and of food because it’s boring. Okay, it’s great and people need to see it, but it better not be the majority of the things that you post because that is why you’re not getting any traction.

It’s a real shame that there are so many awesome coaches out there that are actually just doing that and wondering why. They’re beating their head against the wall because they’re actually not getting anywhere. “How do I use this social media thing? It’s not working. There’s no point to it.” It’s very tiresome because you probably post all of those pictures that I just mentioned in a thousand different places.

If you actually want to learn how to nail your niche and attract the right people, please send me a message. If I’ve got time for you in the next couple of weeks, I will have a chat with you, obligation free, and who knows, your business could be triple the size that it is in the next six months, literally just because you learned how to put a few key pieces of content out specifically for your market.

Unlike a lot of people in this space, and rather than you being just like everyone else… All doing the same thing.

I don’t believe that it is necessarily all about you taking up space on social media (nor do many female coaches who run families have the TIME to do that).
I’m squinting my face a lot because I’m so passionate about this. There are so many good coaches out there that just don’t know how to market, and when they do have a go, they just throw shit everywhere online and nothing works.

It really is time to get authentic and genuine, but you don’t have to do it with booty shots or boobie shots or wasting your time.

That’s actually today’s rant. Feel free to hit me up. Just know that there are definitely ways for you to connect with people and to get them messaging you. You’re continually building a community and people need to get the “know, like and trust” factor.

I don’t know what your pages look like, but if you look at your own content and more than 50% of it is just exercise and nutrition stuff, then your engagement and your inquiry rate could be double without spending any money on ads, just by changing what you are talking about in your content. It’s actually that critical and it’s an absolute lifesaver.

This was me 10 or 15 years ago. I didn’t know what I was doing either, so I used to just post lots of pictures of exercises but it was actually interesting back then. Social media was kind of a little bit new but it doesn’t work now, so we’ve just got to literally go with the trends of what’s going on. Go and make some meaningful content.

Feel free to ask me a question or send me a message through my FREE Facebook group – click here for the link to the group. Don’t forget you can also get a copy of my 2019 Marketing Calendar as free bonus from me.

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Do clients on Facebook Messenger ghost you?

You might resonate with this…I often I hear from trainers that they might get a random enquiry off Facebook, for example, or think of it as an email. It might be asking them for their prices, and then they might have a bit of a conversation back and forward with the person. Once they tell them their prices, all you hear is nothing. You’re ghosted, the person kind of drops you. I’m going to give you the answer and a couple of examples of what to say to actually get that person into a consultation with you, but I also want to frame it with this; I want you to think like real life. I want you to imagine that you’re walking down the street and somebody asks you something, and it’s health and fitness related. As soon as they ask you the question, do you then pull out your brochure and say, “well since you’re fat, I’m a personal trainer. Here are my prices”? Is that how the conversation goes? I doubt it.

I’m actually making fun of us here because clearly, that’s not how the conversation goes and we’ve got to remember that social media is an extension of real life. There can be two problems actually, common things that I see and this is the issue. Sometimes on Facebook Messenger, Facebook decides to automate the questions that come up. Just to have a look at what I’m talking about, go on and have a look at business pages and go to press a message. If you haven’t messaged that person before, it will come up with an automated response of three to five ways to contact that person. One of them might be, “How much are your services?” so I want you to know that people aren’t just messaging you typing in, “How much are your services?”. Don’t get upset that they’re asking you how much your services are, they just don’t know what questions to ask and Facebook has kind of pre-programmed that stuff.

There’s a lot when you aren’t aware of what’s going on the back end that Facebook is doing for you. The same will happen in an email inquiry, people don’t know what actually ask. Let’s take it back to real life. If you were to potentially help that person, you might refer them on, they might not be the right person for you and you really have to ask them a couple of questions. The clue to all of this is actually to start asking them some questions like you would if the person was in front of you.

What do you know about that person?

What have they done before?

What are they interested in?

How many times a week do they want to try?

Do they even know that they want to train?

I’m sure in your range of services, it’s really got nothing to do with, blah there are the prices. Or does it? Because if it does, then you really need to learn how to have a conversation. The people that I’m speaking to are experienced, and they know how to have a conversation.

Building rapport with clients is one of the things that trainers do amazingly. Let yourself build rapport as that’s actually the key. It’s really important to go back and forward with that person a little bit to find out more about them. Then, if you want to proceed asking them questions, get them on a call with you or get them to come in for a quick chat. I do suggest doing a call because it’s very easy. Send them a couple of times that you can do. There’s a whole procedure that I have for this with my girls, because if you don’t do it right, it doesn’t work. But by being aware of the natural situation of face to face versus online it really not that different. Don’t just throw your prices at people; you don’t know if it’s appropriate for them to train, what their goals currently are or do they need an online program because they’re moving to Botswana next week?

You don’t know anything about the person. I’m not saying don’t answer the question. I am saying get a little bit more information and be more detailed in your prescription to the person in how your services could potentially help them and the easiest way to do that is definitely in a conversation. If you’ve asked them a few questions and you think there might be a fit, get them on the phone and you can talk to them further, refer them into someone else, or whatever would fit them best.

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Why Online Sales Funnels Don’t Work for Fit Pro’s and what to do instead

I’ve been inspired by the fact that I know that there are a lot of people who are possibly transferring their business over to online and wondering how to get online clients. They’re potentially learning it from people who have businesses online, and while this might be a little bit confronting, it’s very important for you to know. From the perspective that I know that if you’re a personal trainer, and you have the skill set, the network, and the previous clients that you’ve already helped, there are plenty of other easy ways to do what you’re trying to do.

If you don’t love technology, it’s slightly frustrating when you’re trying to do anything with the computer because if you’re a face to face kind of person that has one of those businesses like trainers and coaches do, we run our business by appointments and it’s usually a kinaesthetic kind of business. You’re really, good face to face, which probably means that you’re not so good with the technology. If you’re anything like me before I did quite a bit of mindset work on myself, many years ago I even smashed a laptop in frustration of actually trying to get an email server AWeber to work.

I know how to use AWeber, but that’s not critical. I will show you how you can make money online without building a sales funnel. What the people that you’re potentially learning from do not understand, and keep this in your mind as a concept for your own sanity and so that you can save money and, more importantly, probably the next twelve to twenty four months of your life doing what you’re doing, because online can be a very long game. This is the first issue that I want to talk about; it can be the long game from the potential of how you need like over one thousand people to have a look at a sales page before you’ll get somebody to click or to purchase something.

Now, that something that you’ve got on there as a product, you need to write that, is it a low end product? Is it a medium product? Is it a high end product? I know that people that teach you how to do funnels are teaching people to go free or low end, and then medium, and finally high. For you to actually get people to buy your high end product, you do actually need thousands of people to go through the front end of the funnel. You need thousands of people to look at the page, to prepare for maybe one hundred people to purchase the thing, and for that to happen you need the sales page to be written brilliantly. You almost need to be a copywriter as that’s the skill set that you need. If it’s not converting and if people aren’t clicking it, then you’re not a good sales page writer.

I know you’re already really good with people. I’m going to get to how I can save you two years of your life (and a load of laptops in frustration if you’re like me and you want to break things when you get cranky!). Those people move from there, they might get your next offer, then they might get your next offer, they might get your next offer, and that’s called a sales funnel. You also then have to run ads. If you don’t already have hundreds of thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands of followers. It literally does take a long time to build an online presence if you don’t already have hundreds of thousands of followers, and you haven’t already been putting content out for over ten years.

When you put the thing up, you won’t get a lot of buy in if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers. I’ve spent the last ten years online as well as ten years prior to that in a physical business. There is a large crossover, and I want to teach you how to use both. If you’re a personal trainer, you know how to build rapport, that is what people that are online don’t actually get but you do because you’re a coach. Most of the time you know how to do a sale when you’re talking to people. Don’t you find that when they come in, and they have the experience with you or they can have a conversation with you, the majority of the time they’re sold.

What if those hundred thousand people, whom you’re trying to send to that sales page, all ended up on the phone with you? That is where the gold is, and I wish I had have known this ten years ago when I started building funnels, membership sites, and pages. I mucked around with it for at least two years before I realised this is doing my head in, and I found another way to actually increase my income and my revenue without me doing fifty more hours a week. I couldn’t anyway, because I was recently a single mum so it really came down to creating different products, offers, and packages.

You really don’t have to continue to spend between one, two or even three years building stuff for online when you can service your clients online.  Really all that means is a Facebook group and emails to be honest, but you don’t need the technology that you’re being told that you need, especially if you’re being told that you need it by somebody that doesn’t already understand your skill set. I’m saying that because I know what it’s like to be good at a kinaesthetic business because I’ve been a coach for such a long time and we’re really good at building rapport. You can quadruple your business in the next year by learning how to sell and offer a larger package.

I don’t know what that word means to you because it means different things to everybody. If you’ve got questions about this or the possibility of how that would be done, it’s easy to do if you’re an experienced coach. It’s not as easy to do if you’re not an experienced coach, and one of the reasons is because there’s a disconnect and you actually feel like you’re lying, because you don’t know really how long it takes to get people results and you actually don’t even know how to get the people results.

Anything is possible, but I promise it’s going to take a long time if you’re trying to spend money and send people to a page so that they sign up for something then they click this, they click this, they click this, they click this. It’s great if you want a career in IT, but you actually want to capitalize on your strengths.

If any of that is making sense, and you want to really shortcut stuff, send me a message or join my free Facebook group.

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Branding, marketing and website fluff

Let’s talk about branding and spending money on things in your business to promote yourself versus what are some of the things that you actually do not need to spend money on in your business, especially in the first couple years. Plus I also want to touch on the fact that you don’t actually need to spend as much money on your business on branding and marketing and websites and all the stuff that larger businesses traditionally spend a lot of money on. I mean corporations, when you think of larger pharmaceutical companies, clothing brands, things that you see ads for on TV, for example. When you think about those organisations, and the size of them, and how many people they’ve got in them, and how much income they make, they’ve probably worked their way up to be able to spend money on TV ads, and spend money on business plans, and spend money on websites, and spend money on various other things.

It is a mistake, when at a smaller level to follow in their footsteps, and if I can save you some money, I will. It’s a mistake from the perspective that if you’re working one, for yourself, or there’s just you and you’ve got under 10 employees, there’s a very big difference in the following;
1. The time that you have, and
2. The amount of money that you have to spend on such things as marketing and branding because what I want you to understand is the marketing and branding that you’re doing needs to be able to be tracked so that you can say, “Great, I acquired a client for this much money” and that’s often missed. In particular, it’s missed with things like branding.

You might’ve spent money on branding, and look, I’m saying this because I have spent money on this stuff in the past twenty years, so if I can save you some money then I will. I’ve spent money on branding down to the point where you choose colour swatches, and what best represents my feel and my tone, the italics, the font that’s on my website, blah-blah-blah, all that stuff. Now, it’s not too much to think about it, but I don’t want you to think that it is as important as you possibly think it is, because it’s not. I promise the return you often see from it is not what you may be expecting.

I want to give you some examples. Two of my girls have had their own gyms before they started with me, and they’re not big gyms, they’re just personal training studios. They had some branding done around the name of the studio, however, the studio, in the clients eyes, has nothing to do with them. These girls have now launched their own VIP online program where people are going to work directly with them. One’s in the field of mindset, the other is in the field of health and fitness.

Now, because all the prior marketing has been done around the studios, they’ve almost had to start again because their warm audience knows them, but the cold audience – with the problems they now solve, with their new service (people they have not personally met and interacted with yet, do not know them.)
So they have this huge cold audience that they’re now marketing to, and they’ve had to almost entirely rebrand and remarket purely just under their own name because, for people to get buy-in to you as an individual, guess what? They need to see you. If people do not know you, they of course won’t hire you for your VIP coaching.

My point is, they don’t need to see your brand, they don’t need to see your business page name, which is something else which is not you. They don’t need to see your beautiful logo, they don’t need to see the inside of your studio for them to have buy-in to you as a person.

Now, I want to give you the complete, out-there version of why this is true. If you look at my material online, for example, and how I make videos, I’m often in my gym clothes.

Sometimes I make professional videos, sometimes I’m holding the camera without using a tripod.

Obviously, I’ve been doing this for a while for both fat loss and health coaching and also business mentoring, but in just the personal training coaching business, I’ve had over a hundred of you girls through my ninety-day course, which I never talk about, which is another thing to do with marketing, because I don’t have a “buy my thing”, “click button here”, that kind of stuff, so be aware of how many ‘pages’ links and ‘buy my stuff’ posts, in general, that you put out there…

I’m not making this point to tell you about that, I’m just saying because it’s kind of exclusive invite-only course. That’s not always available. And it’s not for everyone. Yet in the last couple of years I’ve had over one hundred people through it, and it’s purely because I’ve resonated with a majority of those people, simply like this, in content. And it’s a higher-end course.

Now, prior to that, another example is, and again this is my own business, then I’ll give you some other people’s business examples … I ran a retreat in 2016, that was the last fat loss retreat that I ran, and it was high-end. There wasn’t anyone that came that was actually a fat loss client of mine, there weren’t any clients out of the business that came. It was bizarre. They were people who’ve kind of established relationships with me outside of the gym, and that have watched me on social and followed for years.

So, again, it’s because of the ability to connect. Which, if you’re a coach, you have that ability. So, what I don’t want you to do if you’re a coach is buy into the fact that you need branding, and colour swatches, and a lot of professional videos.

Because you don’t need a lot, if any at all, unless they (your graphic designer), really knows what they’re doing.

I have to say, the girl that did my professional videos in the last couple years was fantastic. Do you know why? Because she actually questioned me and did the interview process in a way that I’ve never explored before. She asked about things that my market wanted to hear the answers to. She’s a social media expert, so that was different. And incredibly valuable..

That’s not what people normally do on professional videos, I have to say, and the professional videos don’t usually end up getting people more clients. But your marketing efforts really need to be helping you to increase your client base with whatever that is that you are trying to do.

Now, I want to talk about the difference between low-end and high-end. Those two girls I gave you the example of before, where they’ve got studios and now they’ve launched their own VIP high-end program. It’s not something that’s going to cost the client fifty dollars a week, like group personal training sessions would for example.

They’ve gone into that, and they’re doing it without any branding. Instead it’s built around themselves as a person. They might have a professional photo done for their business page, but there’s no colour swatches that are being chosen, there’s no full marketing campaign, there’s no website that’s being built by a professional.

There’s just very, very simple things that we’ve done. But the most important thing for you to do as somebody who’s launching anything, just like what these girls have done, is to actually nail your message and the communication that you have with your potential clients because it’s in the message and the communication with potential clients that has the person go, “Yes!! I need to work with you!”

That doesn’t come from a pretty colour swatch in your branding, or a nice website, or even throwing money into ads. It comes from potentially the very small audience that you’ve got already, and you understanding how to market yourself, and how to communicate with your client. That’s what it comes from. And I can tell you now, from speaking to lots of people, that is the biggest hole in a lot of people’s advertising. If you want to have a look at what I’m talking about, there’s another video I made on why posting pictures of food and pictures of you exercising, or anybody else in your gym exercising, why that stuff doesn’t work to attract new clients.

You know for yourself.. don’t you scroll past those posts?
You probably do, because it used to be interesting ten years ago when social media started, it was relevant and it was good at getting results then. But it’s not anymore, it hasn’t been interesting for at least five years. You’re not going to get any further in your business if you just keep posting pictures of exercise and/or food. You have to make it interesting, I guess, to read, or interesting to listen to, or helpful, and/or there’s a whole list that I’ve given that you actually need to make, and I will post the link to that video near this content you are reading.

Make sure you’re in my free group for coaches that goes through this kind of content that you actually do need, and I do talk in that group about the things that you just need to worry about in regards to one, bringing on more clients to your gym, but I’m also, more importantly, about  teaching all coaches to sell things at the high end as well as have things at the low end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a VIP online program, it can be anything.

But if you don’t resonate with people and help get your message across, you don’t understand marketing and no one will buy your stuff. Regardless of the price.

And that’s why they’re not buying your stuff. If they’re not messaging your business page and asking to work with you, then there’s a disconnect in your messaging, you can pretty much guarantee that. It’s not because you don’t have a brilliant website, because a brilliant website does nada, does absolutely nothing, for most service businesses.

If you’ve got any questions about this, or you’d like me to have a look at your website, your social media pages or any of that stuff, I will be able to tell you in a few sentences what you’re missing, why your message is disconnected or not ever resonating with people. Just message me and tell me who it is you serve, and then send me the links to the pages, and I can have a look and tell you if and why there’s a gap and what you probably need to do. Otherwise, make sure you’re in my group for coaches. There’s a lot of amazing, free information in there, here’s the link for that;

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