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$8k/months to $31k/months

To quote the client; Even she said, she would question, ‘does she really exist?… but she knows she does exist, as it is herself!’ Then
‘Omg I got to $31k! For May!!’
Click the video to watch as I discuss what she did, (how this amazing woman made the shift), and is reaping the […]

How to make it easier to MARKET yourself as a Woman in business

I made a video not long ago about noticing and observing women in general, in business and in the groups that I’m in such as the free group and the very large groups on Facebook. It’s with some of the girls that I coach and also because it’s been me in the past and I’ve […]

Why food and exercise pics DO NOT WORK to get clients

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.


I occasionally scroll social media like you guys do, and I’m constantly seeing pictures of exercise and food and exercise and food and exercise and food. This is for you if you post lots of pictures of exercise and food, and you’re wondering why you’re […]

Do clients on Facebook Messenger ghost you?

You might resonate with this…I often I hear from trainers that they might get a random enquiry off Facebook, for example, or think of it as an email. It might be asking them for their prices, and then they might have a bit of a conversation back and forward with the person. Once they tell […]

Why Online Sales Funnels Don’t Work for Fit Pro’s and what to do instead

I’ve been inspired by the fact that I know that there are a lot of people who are possibly transferring their business over to online and wondering how to get online clients. They’re potentially learning it from people who have businesses online, and while this might be a little bit confronting, it’s very important for […]

Branding, marketing and website fluff

Let’s talk about branding and spending money on things in your business to promote yourself versus what are some of the things that you actually do not need to spend money on in your business, especially in the first couple years. Plus I also want to touch on the fact that you don’t actually need […]

Too many fires to put out?

What if you actually got recognized for your talents as a coach, and more more importantly, the amount you care about your clients.
And I don’t mean you win business awards, unless that’s your type of thing… (and you’ve had it turn into income for you??)

What I mean is financially rewarded…. when let’s face it, […]

She Will Pay off the Mortgage – How She’s Doing It as an Online Coach

Results. That is all. She WILL pay off the mortgage.

Actually this coach had done nothing but put out amazing content as an online trainer only, for over a decade.

She’d also earnt a very, very low income – which if you have been in this space for a while, you know is all too common.

In fact […]

She had to close her gym!

I just saw a Facebook post by a girl, who’s been through everyone else’s program. I’m serious – you think of a “fitness business” guru…she’s been through their stuff.

But when it comes to results? Nothing.

This girl has invested God-knows-how-much in courses, workshops, programs, and masterminds…with nothing to show for it.

Now she’s closing […]

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