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Designed to Help Coaches Get Clear, Then Execute on Their Biggest Visions in Business.
To Create a Life With More Time, Income and Expansion. This is Done Through Creating Authority, Opportunities, Then Demand and Sales For Your Current and Soon to be Created Coaching Products and Services.
– Kate

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It’s not for everyone, it’s for those who have the skillset to deliver to clients and are willing to do the work, especially the work on oneself.

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Scaling Your Online Course Without Losing Quality

Scaling your services online as a coach. Going from 1:1 to 1:Many, most coaches I speak to are afraid of losing quality and rightly so, as most courses that are out there DO LOSE quality when they teach a curriculum, step by step to a group on a large group call. […]

Free strength program from one of my clients

At the time of writing this Jan 2021 there is a free program in the link contained below, this will not always be the case.


I saw a question in a Facebook group asked about effect exercises… and I wanted to […]

Pricing – How to…

how to overcome the queries and take action.
How to launch without feeling like you don’t know enough.
How to get your first few clients in a. New niche, WITHOUT ‘beta-testing’..
email me if you have Q’s at or send me a message here

Breaking out of corporate to become a coach?

Inspired as f*k by Women who break out of corporate! Did you change careers to be a coach? Or do you want to?
If you did, How much do you just love life now?!
How good is it to watch your […]

Client Case Study Chelsea with Kate Martin

Hear Chelsea’s story of how she grew her income in her personal training studio ‘Mummy Movement’ in Sydney. She’s a young mother, partner and business owner who couldn’t get her income past a certain level when we met.
The way we solved the income ceiling was not the way she thought it would happen.

Fast forward 6 […]

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