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10 Tips To Make Working For Yourself Easier

This list has been designed for anyone who needs to make the best possible use of their time and most importantly stay in a good headspace, as they work for themselves. (In particular, women, as our brains, bodies and hormones work differently, so we are prone to more ups and downs – this can be proven scientifically…). This list is based on my own experiences over the last 20 years, and from coaching 100’s of other female coaches.

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1. Know your strengths

– This is critical and also helpful with many facets of how you work, regardless of the type of work you do. Eg, are you an extrovert vs an introvert? Does your business model and/or your days include a lot of people? or, perhaps it includes more alone time? Then the question is what do you prefer, how do you work best? Extroverts and introverts can do either, but knowing this about yourself allows you to factor in ‘downtime’ if needed for recovery.

Understanding your personality and those of the people you work with (and those you help if you have a people-based business), is VERY empowering. The more understanding we have the better our lives in general, the less conflict, the easier and more ‘lubricated’ all our transactions… 

(One of the personality tests I like a lot is the free ‘love languages test’ – which explains how people show and therefore expect you to show them, your love and attention! It’s a game-changer this one, for many relationships. Here is the link for you to do it (

This leads to the next point

2. Outsource the things you don’t enjoy or are not good at. It saves time!

I am a big fan of outsourcing what you are not good at, but I know many people are not good at this. A good rule of thumb is if you can earn 2 x per hr, what the other task is valued at, then outsource it for better use of your time. (Trust me, the moment you do it, you will understand the value but probably not before.)

A great website to hire online help – in particular, anything to do with technology is upwork. Here is the link for that site;

3. Keep the marketing approach as simple as possible.

There’s no doubt you need to do marketing for your business, but often the ‘how’ and ‘why’ is easy to overcomplicate. Trying to ‘follow’ all the rules about ‘doing it this way’ or that way, (the way the other person does it), or the way the guru taught you, often ends up leading to frustration in the best cases and being a major cause of burn out in the worst.

Instead, keep it simple by helping your ‘ideal client’ to ‘solve their problems’. Knowing what these two things are is critical to help you market yourself. Rather than just churning out the traditional ‘advertisements/buy my stuff’ style of marketing. 

On that note;

Regardless of how big your brand/company is people want to know the person behind it, so don’t be afraid of connecting with humans and being seen, even if it’s online. (Pictures of yourself and videos feel narcissistic at times, I know, but it’s the next best thing to meeting them in person.) Plus it’s important and it works as far as to generate leads into your business. You will notice you get less cold leads when you do this. 

Here’s a video I made on the subject of keeping it as simple as possible plus finding out what works for you (as it’s not always the same as what works well for the next person.) – video of kate on Youtube – of work for yourself tips.

4. Do the most important things at a time of day that works for you. (The perfect time of the day is different for everyone)

You may have heard the saying – do the most important things first thing in the day? And set your alarm to get up at 4 or 5 am? I know for some people rules like this are not practical. For some of us, it isn’t practical to meditate first thing in the morning (some of us have kids who have sleepless nights right?) 

Many of us are juggling various responsibilities like family, relationships and working for yourself etc… so getting up earlier and having less sleep doesn’t sound appealing right?

Understanding that if you work for yourself the list of ‘things to do’ is never-ending.. knowing this can actually provide some relief in itself. So stop trying to ‘get all the things done’.

Then knowing what’s critical and what isn’t is crucial. Which brings me to an extra list that I want to share with you on ‘How To Prioritise Your Time in Business’, especially when your ‘to-do list’ is huge.

> Click here for the full article and audio on how to prioritise your time

5. Make Yourself Accountable – To Your Own Word

Either to yourself or to a friend to show up and do the thing, eg, from admin tasks and book-keeping, to ‘doing the workout’.

Or make yourself accountable where you will potentially face public humiliation if that kind of thing can work for you… (eg, posting on social media).

So really becoming a person of your word is critical. But I believe you cannot work for yourself successfully unless that is you. It’s a skill that can be learnt. Learn it fast, if you aren’t already that way inclined.

6. Listen To No-one 

(while learning from ‘selected’ others to make the journey faster)

Learning from and listening to a very small, selected group of people, is important. Shutting out most other ‘noise’ and opinions is even more important. 

(For eg, Listen to those who do work for themselves – and on the level, you want to be on). Not listening to the opinions of some friends and family can become critical. Sometimes the people who have your best intentions at heart, ie, just to keep you safe, won’t be able to help at all. 

The problem is that everyone has differing opinions about ‘what you are doing’, and it can knock you off your ‘perch’, shake your certainty and in the worst cases derail you from your projects that aren’t fully formed yet.

Take all advice with a grain of salt. I say that in knowing that everyone has an opinion, as I mentioned, BUT it not all worth listening too.

Consider – have they been where you are going? or where you want to get to?

Filter, even the advice you do get and look at how can you practically get that to work for you, knowing that there are fundamental keys to success when you work for yourself and that not everyone is cut out for it, which is ok, but if you are in the ‘work for yourself basket’ then you are approx a ‘1 in 12’ individual who is ‘brave’ enough (or stupid enough) to try it. It isn’t for everyone, which brings me to the next point.

7. Find a Support Crowd (not a complaining group)

What I mean is a group of like-minded people, who have similar values, who can lift you up when you need it (it may be an online group), and it most likely is NOT your current social group.

I don’t mean a group you can complain to. I mean people who simply understand what it’s like to work for yourself and if they do give you support it won’t be to tell you to get a ‘real job’ unless you really should.

If you do choose to complain, understand that’s a dangerous road to spend too much time on. What I mean is, it’s pointless to wallow in the stuff that doesn’t work and add to the list of things that don’t work and to discuss how things aren’t or can’t work… Instead, find groups of people that lift you and help you find solutions.

Complaining does no one any good, nor will it help you grow your business and attract more customers! (Yes, believe it or not, the better the mood you are in, the better your business and the better your marketing will work).

eg, I have many friends who don’t work for themselves, and that’s ok, I still love them to bits, but I don’t talk about my ‘work for myself issues’ when I am with them.

I save that for my group of ‘we work for ourself’ friends. A network of people I HIGHLY recommend you find for yourself.

8. Guard Your Time!

This is especially important if you are just starting as you will find not only distractions from the tasks that are uncomfortable but as you get better, people will want to pick your brain and buy you coffee. While I love socialising, you need to be mindful of ‘doing YOUR tasks’ first and at the appropriate time during the day – and keep your word with yourself about this.

Eg, In the health industry we are lucky as we can choose to not let people come late to appointments, because for example if they do and we let them, it means our entire day is running behind. (Unlike a hairdressers appointment, where they have to finish what they started). 

To get out of places where you may be wasting time (or where people start to chit-chat and you haven’t done your important tasks for the day), you can use the ‘Oh I have to go to another appointment’ reason. I highly suggest you use it, especially if that appointment is to do your own work!  

9. Get a Good Cause

If your business doesn’t tick this box for you, then I highly suggest you find a hobby or some outlet that allows you to contribute to and think about others. This has been shown clinically to reduce depression and anxiety in many humans and it’s a great exercise to simply stop caring about yourself and your problems for a while.

If you can tie in, the ‘actual’ work you do, how fulfilling and amazing would that be! As health coaches and personal trainers, we are incredibly lucky to kill so many birds with one stone with regards to this 😉

10. Look After Your Health

I know this goes without saying, or maybe it doesn’t but in my mind and the world of working for myself, I’ve personally experienced the health game-changing on me through different stages of life and business and I know that if I am not looking after myself daily, then the quality of what I do starts to slip. 

Meaning I yell more at my loved ones. I gain weight and feel generally blah about myself when I don’t use my body to it’s fullest potential. Plus I lose my day to day motivation and general ‘mo-jo’.

Fortunately for me, I know enough about health to know that people cannot have a great business and life if they don’t pay attention to ticking this box too!

Make sure if health isn’t your game (or if you have dropped the ball like I did a while back), you become accountable to someone to help you prioritise this part of your life again and find what works for you!

… I often have a coach in either body or business.

Looking after yourself can and should be fun. Ok, it may be a little hard to start with, but fun things are as important as exercise in my mind, so start there. Want to do a practical exercise with me right now?…
Make a list of 10 things you enjoy and put at least 1 of them into your diary to execute in the following week. No excuses. Sorry but it’s breaking the rules here to include drinking alcohol regularly or anything detrimental to your health… 

(That’s for the party list 😉)

This clean ‘fun’ can be as simple as connecting with a friend on the phone, exercising or reading a book. Whatever it is, it gives you an oxytocin release which makes you a more pleasant human, who then gets more out of life and contributes better to the human race (and it goes without saying, therefore runs a better business)!

If you would like my help in executing more in less time with regards to growing your fitness or health coaching business, click the link here to see if I have any times available to chat with you about what may be possible, in your business.

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How much I spend on business coaching and why

I’m a business coach for personal trainers.

Here I share with you how much I made of a single idea when speaking to my most recent coach.

I’ve been a personal trainer (amongst other qualifications in the health field for 20 years). I’ve always had a coach of some kind, myself… for either my body, to learn, or to learn about business.

Most have helped me immensely.

Many of my clients have implemented one idea on repeat and made $50,000-$100,000 with that one idea.

So if you are thinking about investing in a business coach of some kind, to be honest, it’s a no brainer. The only hard part is choosing who to do it with.

I believe you should expect exceptional care and service and of course, results.

BUT you will have to do the work, and it will probably be way out of your comfort zone. So what right? As long as it’s tailored to you? (Personally, I also expect that.)

Don’t you expect and push your clients out of their comfort zone to get results, then they soon learn they can do it right? So the same factors apply to business.

The group I referenced is on Facebook – where I discuss different business models and how to execute many things;…

If you’d like to book a call with Kate, click here

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Client Case Study Nikki K – Quadrupled Her Personal Training Business Income

Video text transcription;
“My name is Nikki, and I have been working for the last four to five months with Kate Martin. Kate has done so much for me with my business and also my mentality towards my business.
I’d say the top things that I have taken from working with Kate are an improvement in my mindset, improvement in the way that I view my business, how I view income coming into my business, and my business developing!  Also a balance towards what it is that I wanted to be receiving in my business and how to actually make achievable steps towards achieving those things.

She’s also been amazing in terms of growing my business.

When I started working with Kate, I had a rather low income, and I can safely say that it has quadrupled if we’re going by a per month revenue basis.

She’s given me a whole bunch of ideas to improve my business and to grow my business in ways that I wouldn’t have thought before. This has been super beneficial in terms of helping me to realize what I can actually provide to my clients, which is to provide much more than exercise, even though being a Personal Trainer is at the core of what I do. The exercise is actually only one small component of the
business and the service that I offer my clients.

It has been really amazing for me to invest in working with Kate. It was 100% well worth the investment. I have easily gotten triple or quadruple that back, in terms of everything that I have created.  And how I have pushed my business forward to further success and creating the life that I actually want with my business. So the business is no longer running me, I am running my business.”

Do you want to see if Kate has time to speak to you about your business and what the ‘possibilities’ are? Click here to see her calendar and make a booking

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Experienced Coach Finally Capitalises on Her Social Media


This experienced coach FINALLY capitalised on her experience in the industry.

Meet Jo, an experienced coach and (retired) Professional Figure Champion of multiple titles over the past decade. She has coached clients, very successfully in both the face to face and online space.

When we met Jo had huge fluctuations and drops in her income, due to her coaching being very seasonal (even though she never had a problem gaining new clients because of her reputation).

Jo had sponsorships and a big social media following, but the income was not there to reflect her hard work (and the amount of care she gave each client).

Fast forward several months, she now not only has a steady and fast growing monthly income, she now has multiple income streams and is finally able to utilise her skill set to project her forward for the years to come.

Listen to what she did to change all of this in only a few short months.

Jo now not only has a regular income and more clients coming on board and a team of people to help her but she has a steadily growing monthly income, far past what she ever dreamed it could be!

If you’d like to finally capitalise on your experience as a coach, and are tired of being on an ‘apprenticeship wage’, feel free to book a call with Kate here << so you can tell me what’s not working in your personal training business.

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Why you should quit

– When you aren’t happy

– When the ‘thing’ you aren’t happy about is causing you more distress than fulfilment.

– When you really have tried and exhausted all other avenues. (That list is pretty big and requires more than a little gumption to get through it).

When you shouldn’t quit;

When there’s NO way out (like many of life’s hard circumstances (everyone has them) – what if they MAKE you who you are, and they ARE the way through? Currently reading this awesome book about how your hard times ARE the way through, by Ryan Holiday.

Do you really think your life is hard? but are you really struggling to survive? Like the little kiddies who really are getting bombed in many countries?

I didn’t think so… (yet I know our brain thinks that at times, we are dying < crazy archaic lizard brain system, that keeps us safe and a little dumb).

Other times to not quit;

– Remember the reason you started.

(Know the universe will throw things at you and then rip things from underneath you, to test you, but it HAS to move things as you asked for something else didn’t you? We really need very little to survive, most of it is just fluff, think about it. Worst case scenario I am sure you could lose it all and start again if you needed to).

– The WHY is bigger than the fear. (We all have the fear, some people just do the ‘thing’ anyway).

– Eventually you will be pushing up daisies so you may as well give it a go right? Why the heck not!?!?

So what’s your reason to not quit?


If you are a coach and are even entertaining the idea of quitting and yet you KNOW how to get clients amazing results (and you have several years of coaching under your belt), DO NOT QUIT!

You could be on the edge of something huge, like so many of my coaches have been. If you want to turn it around now, reply now and tell me what you have tried and what’s not working (I won’t let you whinge for long, but I know some days aren’t as juicy and fulfilling as they could be, especially if you are being paid an ‘apprenticeship wage’ for all your brilliant work.)

The lack-full results need to stop.

Get in touch now.

Make sure you are in my free group for coaches for some awesome bonuses, to help you grow your business.

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How The Fear of Being Seen Stunts Your Business Growth

The fear of being seen…
Why you MUST do the uncomfortable to survive in business. Be that make videos or contact people…

(Taken from a live video on my personal page).

Want my exact ‘step by step guide on how to build YOUR 12 week online course from scratch? plus how to create larger packages and offers […]

Income dropping because of winter? Are your numbers down due to weather?

Winters can suck for this business!

So lets talk about making more money in winter..

Do you find your numbers (either 1:1 or groups) dropping off over the colder seasons?

It’s a pretty common complaint from Personal trainers, so here are my top tips to STOP this from becoming a problem for you. Immediately!

Sure there’s the common things we can tell clients, like;

‘we have a roof here so you won’t get wet’

‘there’s air con in the gym’ – if you are super lucky and you work in a big box gm

‘set your clothes out the night before, so when the alarm goes off you actually get up!’ (JUST GET THE F*** UP!! – you are silently thinking to yourself).

Or you could ‘tell your friend you will meet them there…’,

‘book a trainer…’ blah blah, the list of ‘how to motivate your clients in winter’ goes on and to which they ignore for the most part.

To be honest I never noticed business to be so badly effected in winter by numbers until I moved to Melbourne (I come from Sydney originally. Running a bootcamp on Maroubra beach was epic!).. So I know the pain, yet I fixed it with what I am sharing with you below.

This doesn’t even account for the extra 20-30% drop off of people who actually get sick, then don’t even start me on the ‘my kids are sick, I can’t train’, which I know is the truth, but somehow YOU – the coach, always seem to manage to get to the sessions don’t you!?!

So below are some ways to bullet proof your business, so you ‘yourself’ don’t get the winter blues and instead you bullet proof your income during this period.

The first thing;

1. Start looking at your income from a yearly perspective.

For example, would you really care if one month you made $20,000, then the next month you made $10k, then back up to $15k? My guess is no, you wouldn’t care. And nor should you if your total income for the year allows you to live the life you actually WANT (which by the way if you haven’t decided what that is yet, then CHOOSE IT NOW, that’s step 2).

So count your income and track it regularly (daily or minimum weekly, naughty naughty, if you aren’t doing this already start it NOW). Eg, you sell a 12 week program that ads XXX to your yearly income. Save the weekly direct debits and expenses for a different meeting. I want you to focus on feeling good first. Plus the bigger picture is super important.

2. Choose what you want

(Plus what you will do with the money) – Yes I will get to the practical steps in a moment, but if you literally don’t do the ‘mindset work’ required… you will not RECEIVE the income – sounds a little woo woo right?

And to be honest it’s just too bad if you don’t believe it but mindset is where it’s at.

Don’t believe me?

Neither did my client Jo – but watch this video here << I just made about her going from her maximum of $8k months to a $31k/month in under 3 months.

While she did execute on ‘practical steps’, (and we changed her marketing/messaging), she had also worked with various coaches before, she already had high end packages (that’s my next point).

Her audience wasn’t resonating with her message.

No one asked to work with her, even though she knew they saw her social media posts..

She’d spent 10’s of thousands of dollars becoming more and more qualified.. but even the ‘marketing’ skills these people gave her were not enough, or somehow were not the right fit (if you ask me they were outdated and disconnected).

She was also selling from a place of desperation (as many people are), this is something she’d tell you herself, as she said it to me the other day on our weekly call. Here is the video I made about ‘what she did’ << here

Ok lets get to the practical steps (which will work if you execute on the mindset stuff – so if ‘it’ isn’t working please do the internal work and simply look in the mirror, daily, harsh I know);

3. Start a challenge – an 8 or a 12 week ideally (and pause people over the school holidays if need be. They can continue after the school holidays – DO NOT use the school holidays as an excuse not to start one). Even if you already have one running, if you have places empty start another one now! Watch my video showing you how to build your own 8-12 week course (plus you get my 12 week online course (Fatloss and Health Course) as a bonus >> HERE)

4. Contact all the old clients.
The ones you ‘loved’ and invite them back for this special or some other special. Make the message personal. NEVER blanket text or copy and paste facebook message people this kind of stuff, people don’t like to be numbers. (Think of how you like to be treated right?), and coaching is PERSONAL (training) for a reason…

5. There are limited spaces available right? Unless you take 40 people in each group class? Even then, the limit is 40… so LET PEOPLE KNOW THIS.

Now I have to say – scarcity, ie a limited number of places, is a marketing ‘tactic’ and unfortunately some people DO lie about it, but you must use it truthfully. 

What I mean is, for example, if you are the ‘main coach’ and you have a VIP program of some kind where people can work with you (I’ll elaborate on what VIP is in a moment). So in this VIP program (or hell, even in your 1:1 coaching or groups), be it online or face to face, how many places can you really have? there’s only a limited number of spaces available right, 

your diary is only so big…

your week only allows for so many clients in it…

there’s only one YOU (the awesome coach)…

So tell people how many places you have left! or make a start date – people need a reason to start with you.

6. Start a VIP version, in particular, an online version (meaning you coach these people more in habits, nutrition advice, lifestyle advice and accountability and send them workouts to do. If you have ever just had a ‘sit down and chat’ session with a client, then you KNOW how to do this, it just seems overwhelming (the details). I promise it can be done with less ‘tech’ than you are worried about. (That’s a longer conversation for another time.)

But think about the positives for a moment – my point is these programs give you;

Less stress, because of a…

Higher income

More time to do whatever you like (spend it with your family or travel perhaps?)

Flexibility in work location (you won’t be tied down to hour for dollar, counting to ten for people)

Choice of clients – your old awesome clients, who moved away, can work with you again! win:win!

Now don’t say I didn’t tell you..

There’s literally gold in these above tips, feel free to forward this email to a trainer friend who needs to make some cash.

Now I get to tell you how you can work with me;

If you have wondered what it takes to increase your income without doing 20 more hours/week, if the tech overwhelms you but you KNOW you can capitalise on your genius with some version of another online program… or you really need some help to take your income to the next level..

If you are an experienced coach (ideally more than 2 yrs experience), then now is the time to book a call as I am having a price rise end June.

Book the call here << (It doesn’t guarantee anything or mean I will force you into working with me, but you will walk away with a plan for what you need to do to grow your business, regardless of if we work together or not.)

We will get on the phone for 45 minutes and you will leave with a clear idea of what needs to be done. I promise you cannot see the gaps at the moment, that’s why your income is where it is. (You know this..)

Book the call to find out more here or forever stay the same, your choice… 😉

Now let’s go build that legacy!

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I have a podcast channel!

Personal Training mentor
Are you a watcher or a listener? Some people prefer to sit and watch videos on youtube or facebook, and some prefer to listen while on the go. If you are the later then you be excited to learn you can now listen to me in the car or when you are just go, go, go like I know many of you are are.
The topics I have discussed so far are:
1. Talking retreats, outsourcing, online programs, posting and sales – Content from inside the coaching.
2. Marketing around money and value for fitpro’s.
3. Sales, pricing, stress, marketing and implementation – Insights from inside todays coaching conversations.
4. Fear in business and using feminine power to overcome it.
Here is the list of where you can find the podcasts just click on the links below:
Don’t forget to subscribe so you know when the next one drops!

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What I’ve learnt from having a bad coach and being told to ‘just be a stripper’

What I’ve learnt from having a bad coach and being told to ‘just be a stripper’. Plus the first time I’ve hired a female coach and other musings about choosing a coach for body or business transformation.

So tell me what’s not working in your business, and how you’d ‘ideally’ like things to be?

Join my free Facebook group for fit pros >>by clicking here or prefer a more to chat? >>Click here to book in a chat.

What I've learnt from having a bad coach and being told to 'just be a stripper'.Plus the first time I've hired a female coach and other musings about choosing a coach for body or business transformation..So tell me what's not working in your business, and how you'd 'ideally' like things to be? (Message me on here)

Posted by Personal Training Mentor on Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Making money online, what they don’t tell you

Please scroll down to read the transcription of the video.

I want to talk about launching lots of low-end products. When I say ‘low-end products’, I mean stuff that’s under $100 for each purchase. How do you get lots of people to purchase that product, how do you figure out what the right thing is to make, how do you not crash and burn and spend a lot of time crying and doubting yourself? Realistically, guess what, that’s probably what’s going to happen.

The first time you launch something, it’s probably not going to work very well. This whole business of working for yourself is you really do have to pick yourself back up and do it again.The only thing that really prepares you or guards against that possibly happening is if you’re launching things to an already-warm market. What am I talking about?

I come from the background of having a physical, face-to-face reputation with people, being a personal trainer for 20 years myself, having networked in various different states across the country that I live in because I’ve moved location a lot. It meant that I had to set up things quite quickly, even when I moved, to the point where I would need contractors and/or staff to help manage the load, usually within a month or two, as things would grow that fast.

This was all before social media days. What I’ve realised is that there’s social media followings online that people might have of between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, and I can promise you this, if you’re comparing yourself to those people, they don’t necessarily have a big bank balance. They don’t necessarily have the ability to turn that into money and cash flow.


It’s not because they’re not selling a lot of low-end products, but it might be because they actually just don’t know how to sell and enroll things. Maybe they’re not really good at actually helping people get the result, I don’t know. There is a little bit of a disconnect though, and that’s just my personal observation, with even helping people who do have a large following and turning that into money for them.

I can guarantee you there’s no need to be jealous of someone who does have a large following online, because it doesn’t necessarily mean it translates to money. What I do know is that networking, meeting people and having relationships with people can’t be surpassed.

Where is this all going? My point is, if you already have established relationships and credibility in a certain field, that will outweigh 10,000 followers that you actually don’t know that haven’t really engaged in consuming a lot of your material with full belief and love. The face-to-face relationship really does surpass anything that happens online, only because we’re human beings and we’re not really living in a virtual reality world.

You might be reading or watching the video, and while this is great to connect and it’s very hard for me to hide because it’s not an Instagram photo. Even though I don’t do those kinds of Instagram photos that I polish anyway, they’re all kind of me in bad lighting anyway. That actually purely comes because that’s the easiest way for me to do it, probably because I’m actually lazy. The easiest way for me to connect is video.

My point is that if you actually want to launch a lot of low-end products and hope to make money, you need a lot of eyes to actually have a look at your product or your sales page. To get a 1% conversion, that’s the expectation, a 1% conversion. You know now that you will need 100 people to look at a sales page before one person buys, if the sales page is written properly.

If the conversion is not 1%, then the page is probably not written properly. If 100 people open the email and one person buys it, that’s a good thing. It’s a lot of eyes on something, right? Whereas who I’m speaking to specifically are coaches who are experienced, or yourself right now in your business, and you’re known for your niche of the thing that you do. You already have a very warm market. If you were to help those people somehow, engage them another way and/or offer them a thing, your conversion rate is going to be a lot higher, let’s put it that way. Even if it was 20%, wouldn’t that be amazing?

I think sometimes there can be a bit of a disconnect when you’re launching something online, and you think, “Yes, I’ve got to go do the thing,” and then you think, “I’m going to go right over here”. You might be a professional in helping people with their backs, but you want to launch a menopause product. That’s great, but no one in the menopause space knows you. You might be an expert in the hormonal space, and you want to all of a sudden help people with their glute functionality, or whatever’s got to do with someone’s glutes. You get my point? It’s still within the health field, but it’s a slightly different niche. The people’s needs, wants, desires and their pain points are totally different so the conversation that needs to happen around that’s different.

If you’re not already known by the people that have that problem, then it’s obviously going to be hard to launch ‘a thing’, no matter what the price is. Even if it’s free, it’s harder to launch that thing because it’s new. The first thing that has to happen is you need to build credibility within that space.

The easiest thing to do is build an audience, and get them looking at your stuff, to generate the (and I hate marketing terms) “know, like, trust” factor. This is really just somebody understanding that your stuff can help them. If you’re a consultant, a coach, or a health coach in particular, you already know how to do that. That part of the consultation is what we call ‘building rapport’, when you have a meeting with someone and you automatically make them feel comfortable because you’re already really good at that stuff.

This is the other thing that online people won’t teach you. Those online people who are doing sales pages and all that kind of stuff aren’t usually really good at building rapport. But guess what? You, as a health coach, are freaking awesome at building rapport with people. So go out there, build rapport and/or make some videos. Iknow it’s hard and scary. It’s very rare for me to actually brush my hair. When you brush your hair, make a couple of videos if you’re not sweaty, and make sure that you’re known in that arena for helping people with that thing.

The reason I’m making this content here is because there are far too many well-known coaches that think that they have to flip themselves upside down, or turn themselves inside out, to get any traction in the online world. What I’m trying to get across to you is that it’s actually virtually the same. Don’t try to reinvent yourself and be the elbow specialist and then all of a sudden go into the ankle business.

You can do that, but just know that if you do do that, there’ll be a bit of disconnect. There will be a lot of tears and there will be, “why is this not working?”. That’s okay, because it is going to be like that for a while until you build the reputation that you had over here with fixing elbows. So just know that it takes a bit of time for people to get to “know, like, trust” you again.

There’s no reason that you can’t get yourself known in the physical sense as well, and you should too, because if you’re anything like me and the girls that I coach, it’s much easier for you to show up, do the appointment and be told to do ‘the thing’. For example, one of the things that I’ve personally done a lot of over the years, and I wish I would’ve taken a photo of everything, was I have done a lot of seminars. As I’ve done the seminars, the seminar ended up being the free PDF gift that I gave away online, that I used to get people into my groups, because that’s where the handout was. It used to be on my website as the “free gift”. It’s built rapport, I’ve ended up having people share it, and it’s built traction online. But for a stranger to start going through that process of learning to “know, like, and trust” me, it actually takes hours and hours, “usually”, of that person consuming your stuff.

I will say, it can be shortened by understanding marketing a little bit better than you probably do now. If you’re a fitness and health coach, or anything to do with that realm, please feel free to ask me any questions about that stuff, because it shouldn’t take, for example, three years between the lifespan of when someone starts to follow you to when they actually decide to take action.

It can take that long, but if your messaging is good, your marketing is good, and it’s not just filming yourself doing workouts and/or sharing recipes. If it’s not just that stuff then they will actually engage in you quite a lot faster because there’s a bit of a disconnect. So if that’s you, feel free to send me a message and make sure you’re in my free group for coaches. << Click here to access

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Is more study or a degree needed?

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I’m making this piece of content for you for you to know that taking action in anything is usually better, and you’ll get more out of it as far as result and personal growth and learning than you will if you’re actually just studied ‘the thing’.

I’m not putting down studying or doing more degrees if that’s what you really like to do, or maybe it’s the kind of area where you really need a PhD or you really need the license to do whatever it is with law or medicine or any of those actual fields where you do actually need the degree. What I’m saying is I got stopped on the street not too long ago by a group of students who said that they were doing study as part of ‘How to Become an Entrepreneur’ degree, or it might’ve been that that was a section of the business and marketing degree. They then were asking me some questions.

I’m thinking of this from the practical perspective of being in business myself for 20 years, by myself and for myself. They were asking questions about their product, would I buy this, what did I think about this and would I be likely to do X, Y, Z and so on. If you’re a person, you’ve got any products and you’ve actually launched anything, in particular maybe you’ve launched something online. You’re a coach and you might’ve launched the thing online and you’re thinking, “Why haven’t people bought my thing?”.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s a very, very far gap. There’s a big difference between somebody actually saying that they will buy your thing, and somebody parting with the money and actually buying the thing. I did happen to turn around to these kids (that are probably in their twenties) and after they were asking me these questions, I said, “Guys, have you ever thought of actually just starting a business to sell the thing? What if that would work? Would that work? How would you do that? Why don’t you do that?”

Their physiology, their body actually changed.

They said, “Oh,” and they got really scared. It was interesting or it was a little bit confronting, but what I can say if you’re launching lots of stuff, and you’re having a look and having a go at things, that’s far better than sitting around and asking people lots of questions about “what price should I charge for this? Would you pay $97 for this? Would you pay $19 for this? That person over there has got an app. I think I should have an app. I’m going to spend two years making an app”. Executing and then figuring out if somebody actually wants the stuff and if they don’t, then you pivot or you look at the fact that you have no market awareness.

In other words, nobody knows what you are or what you do or that you help people within that genre. Let’s say it’s back pain. Then you have to build an audience that knows that you potentially help with back pain.

You can’t just put an ad out and expect people to buy ‘the thing’ because you know why?

We’ve been looking at social media for such a long time now that people scroll past ads, so an ad won’t necessarily help you do the thing. I could go on and on about this forever, and I probably will make another video about selling low end products and actually how it helps if you have a large list, but it does actually help if you have a big list. Even if you don’t have a big list, you need some kind of awareness. My advice, and this is what’s worked for me over the last couple of years and for my clients as well, is to build awareness about yourself and help people in that genre so they know that you can help them.

There are lots of different models that you can use. You can use lots of low end stuff like products that are under a hundred dollars and try to sell a few of them, but does that really help solve the person’s problem? I don’t know. This is important to look at; are you looking at getting them to go from your low end product to your medium end product to your high end product? If you’ve got any questions about this, please get in touch with me through the link below and ask the question, because I’ve made so many videos on this actual topic. It’s actually really important to understand your business model. Do you have too many low end products? Have you got zero high end products? I’m saying that because I don’t know anyone that’s got too many high end products and it’s usually that people have a lot of low end products, therefore needing a lot of traffic.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. I’m saying, “what’s the model that you’ve got?”. Look at the reflection of “do I have a lot of people to sell to”? If not, it’s going to take a lot of people who see that sales page before you can make a hundred sales of $10 or whatever. None of it works by asking a survey of people “will they purchase ‘the thing’?” because will they purchase the thing is actually determined by whether you really want them to pull their wallet out and purchase ‘the thing’.

The other thing is, are they actually even your market to be asking that question in the first place? Are you asking a 50-year-old man versus a 35-year-old woman?

Obviously they’re at different stages of their lives so sometimes it will be your market and you should take on their response and if it’s not your market, don’t take on their response. The people that part with the money in the end, your clients and your customers, they’re the ones to listen to.

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