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To Create a Life With More Time, Income and Expansion. This is Done Through Creating Authority, Opportunities, Then Demand and Sales For Your Current and Soon to be Created Coaching Products and Services.
– Kate

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What Does Success Mean Anyway!?

What does success even mean anyway. To me it means you don’t feel too conflicted, not even long term.. but what I mean, is that you don’t […]

Jonathan Goodman from the Personal Trainer Development Centre (PTDC) – The Interview – What makes a good online trainer? (Plus other musings about his business learnings & ethics)

Listen on the podcast version on

In this interview with Jonathan Goodman the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center we discussed everything from the ethics of being a good coach, to how to spot a fake online coach, from decision fatigue and why he wears only one style of Tshirt to […]

The concept of time for a dollar

The concept of time for a dollar;
It’s an outdated industrial model the concept of a dollar per output of minute of time per individual.
‘They’d’ like you to keep this concept.
Perhaps this is why you don’t fit in?
Never […]

Stop expecting results.

Stop expecting results.
Do you want something?
Maybe you’re not ‘giving enough’?
Maybe the expectation of ‘give this’ for that ‘transaction’ is what is keeping you stuck?

I know we are taught to do this or that and… receive in return, in the business world especially, but I guess it actually applies to every relationship.

What if one of the […]

To Victorian Business owners

The climate for Victorian’s at the moment is making me more than angry, as I am sure it is for you?For personal trainers who have lost business;
Please email me or use the resources below, for free to help you ‘go-online’ successfully with your personal training or […]

How To Create Your Ideal Diary & Day.

Here is a fast practical exercise to bring in what you want in business and life. This is an exercise that I used to use with every contractor I brought on to help me with PT sessions. Turns out the diary we designed (so I knew when they could be booked out for PT sessions), […]

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