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Let’s talk about branding and spending money on things in your business to promote yourself versus what are some of the things that you actually do not need to spend money on in your business, especially in the first couple years. Plus I also want to touch on the fact that you don’t actually need to spend as much money on your business on branding and marketing and websites and all the stuff that larger businesses traditionally spend a lot of money on. I mean corporations, when you think of larger pharmaceutical companies, clothing brands, things that you see ads for on TV, for example. When you think about those organisations, and the size of them, and how many people they’ve got in them, and how much income they make, they’ve probably worked their way up to be able to spend money on TV ads, and spend money on business plans, and spend money on websites, and spend money on various other things.

It is a mistake, when at a smaller level to follow in their footsteps, and if I can save you some money, I will. It’s a mistake from the perspective that if you’re working one, for yourself, or there’s just you and you’ve got under 10 employees, there’s a very big difference in the following;
1. The time that you have, and
2. The amount of money that you have to spend on such things as marketing and branding because what I want you to understand is the marketing and branding that you’re doing needs to be able to be tracked so that you can say, “Great, I acquired a client for this much money” and that’s often missed. In particular, it’s missed with things like branding.

You might’ve spent money on branding, and look, I’m saying this because I have spent money on this stuff in the past twenty years, so if I can save you some money then I will. I’ve spent money on branding down to the point where you choose colour swatches, and what best represents my feel and my tone, the italics, the font that’s on my website, blah-blah-blah, all that stuff. Now, it’s not too much to think about it, but I don’t want you to think that it is as important as you possibly think it is, because it’s not. I promise the return you often see from it is not what you may be expecting.

I want to give you some examples. Two of my girls have had their own gyms before they started with me, and they’re not big gyms, they’re just personal training studios. They had some branding done around the name of the studio, however, the studio, in the clients eyes, has nothing to do with them. These girls have now launched their own VIP online program where people are going to work directly with them. One’s in the field of mindset, the other is in the field of health and fitness.

Now, because all the prior marketing has been done around the studios, they’ve almost had to start again because their warm audience knows them, but the cold audience – with the problems they now solve, with their new service (people they have not personally met and interacted with yet, do not know them.)
So they have this huge cold audience that they’re now marketing to, and they’ve had to almost entirely rebrand and remarket purely just under their own name because, for people to get buy-in to you as an individual, guess what? They need to see you. If people do not know you, they of course won’t hire you for your VIP coaching.

My point is, they don’t need to see your brand, they don’t need to see your business page name, which is something else which is not you. They don’t need to see your beautiful logo, they don’t need to see the inside of your studio for them to have buy-in to you as a person.

Now, I want to give you the complete, out-there version of why this is true. If you look at my material online, for example, and how I make videos, I’m often in my gym clothes.

Sometimes I make professional videos, sometimes I’m holding the camera without using a tripod.

Obviously, I’ve been doing this for a while for both fat loss and health coaching and also business mentoring, but in just the personal training coaching business, I’ve had over a hundred of you girls through my ninety-day course, which I never talk about, which is another thing to do with marketing, because I don’t have a “buy my thing”, “click button here”, that kind of stuff, so be aware of how many ‘pages’ links and ‘buy my stuff’ posts, in general, that you put out there…

I’m not making this point to tell you about that, I’m just saying because it’s kind of exclusive invite-only course. That’s not always available. And it’s not for everyone. Yet in the last couple of years I’ve had over one hundred people through it, and it’s purely because I’ve resonated with a majority of those people, simply like this, in content. And it’s a higher-end course.

Now, prior to that, another example is, and again this is my own business, then I’ll give you some other people’s business examples … I ran a retreat in 2016, that was the last fat loss retreat that I ran, and it was high-end. There wasn’t anyone that came that was actually a fat loss client of mine, there weren’t any clients out of the business that came. It was bizarre. They were people who’ve kind of established relationships with me outside of the gym, and that have watched me on social and followed for years.

So, again, it’s because of the ability to connect. Which, if you’re a coach, you have that ability. So, what I don’t want you to do if you’re a coach is buy into the fact that you need branding, and colour swatches, and a lot of professional videos.

Because you don’t need a lot, if any at all, unless they (your graphic designer), really knows what they’re doing.

I have to say, the girl that did my professional videos in the last couple years was fantastic. Do you know why? Because she actually questioned me and did the interview process in a way that I’ve never explored before. She asked about things that my market wanted to hear the answers to. She’s a social media expert, so that was different. And incredibly valuable..

That’s not what people normally do on professional videos, I have to say, and the professional videos don’t usually end up getting people more clients. But your marketing efforts really need to be helping you to increase your client base with whatever that is that you are trying to do.

Now, I want to talk about the difference between low-end and high-end. Those two girls I gave you the example of before, where they’ve got studios and now they’ve launched their own VIP high-end program. It’s not something that’s going to cost the client fifty dollars a week, like group personal training sessions would for example.

They’ve gone into that, and they’re doing it without any branding. Instead it’s built around themselves as a person. They might have a professional photo done for their business page, but there’s no colour swatches that are being chosen, there’s no full marketing campaign, there’s no website that’s being built by a professional.

There’s just very, very simple things that we’ve done. But the most important thing for you to do as somebody who’s launching anything, just like what these girls have done, is to actually nail your message and the communication that you have with your potential clients because it’s in the message and the communication with potential clients that has the person go, “Yes!! I need to work with you!”

That doesn’t come from a pretty colour swatch in your branding, or a nice website, or even throwing money into ads. It comes from potentially the very small audience that you’ve got already, and you understanding how to market yourself, and how to communicate with your client. That’s what it comes from. And I can tell you now, from speaking to lots of people, that is the biggest hole in a lot of people’s advertising. If you want to have a look at what I’m talking about, there’s another video I made on why posting pictures of food and pictures of you exercising, or anybody else in your gym exercising, why that stuff doesn’t work to attract new clients.

You know for yourself.. don’t you scroll past those posts?
You probably do, because it used to be interesting ten years ago when social media started, it was relevant and it was good at getting results then. But it’s not anymore, it hasn’t been interesting for at least five years. You’re not going to get any further in your business if you just keep posting pictures of exercise and/or food. You have to make it interesting, I guess, to read, or interesting to listen to, or helpful, and/or there’s a whole list that I’ve given that you actually need to make, and I will post the link to that video near this content you are reading.

Make sure you’re in my free group for coaches that goes through this kind of content that you actually do need, and I do talk in that group about the things that you just need to worry about in regards to one, bringing on more clients to your gym, but I’m also, more importantly, about  teaching all coaches to sell things at the high end as well as have things at the low end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a VIP online program, it can be anything.

But if you don’t resonate with people and help get your message across, you don’t understand marketing and no one will buy your stuff. Regardless of the price.

And that’s why they’re not buying your stuff. If they’re not messaging your business page and asking to work with you, then there’s a disconnect in your messaging, you can pretty much guarantee that. It’s not because you don’t have a brilliant website, because a brilliant website does nada, does absolutely nothing, for most service businesses.

If you’ve got any questions about this, or you’d like me to have a look at your website, your social media pages or any of that stuff, I will be able to tell you in a few sentences what you’re missing, why your message is disconnected or not ever resonating with people. Just message me and tell me who it is you serve, and then send me the links to the pages, and I can have a look and tell you if and why there’s a gap and what you probably need to do. Otherwise, make sure you’re in my group for coaches. There’s a lot of amazing, free information in there, here’s the link for that;

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Too many fires to put out?

What if you actually got recognized for your talents as a coach, and more more importantly, the amount you care about your clients.
And I don’t mean you win business awards, unless that’s your type of thing… (and you’ve had it turn into income for you??)

What I mean is financially rewarded…. when let’s face it, you and I both know you don’t do this career FOR of the money, however it’d be nice to not just struggle to pay the bills.

It’d be nice to be financially recognised and rewarded for the amount of love, care and passion you have for helping people.

It’d be nice to be able to not only contribute more to the families financial status, but to in fact, if you dare even dream such a thing to become THE main provider for your family…

What if while you were there you could dream about taking them on a holiday too. One where you could not only afford to purchase flights for all of them, but you can actually relax as your business has not disappeared while you have time off…

In fact quite the opposite happens.

Instead of business decreasing while you are away, you get emails of the new people joining and eventually there’s so many new clients that you don’t know all the faces intimately and they actually start to fall in love with the other coaches you have working with you.

Imagine being able to give up the control to others, (ouch, bare with me, I know that hurts..).

Imagine having coaches that you’ve trained so well in your methods that your clients, the ones you know and the ones that are in your business but you haven’t met yet, (because you are busy travelling with your family), are all getting amazing results with their bodies and your business is growing by the methods you have in place.

Methods that not only help clients, but methods which are based on your talents and strengths (and no online membership sites, funnels, sales pages or ads are required), just simple techniques… as you clearly know how to get results with people’s bodies.

And then there’s the flow of business, where people might enter your business at the lower end (paying $30-40/week), but eventually, they end up doing your higher priced package ($2-3000)..

But then the reality hits.

Of how today really is.

And the money worries…

Of what the income and expenses sheet looks like (if you dare to look at it), and how you actually haven’t paid yourself since, well, probably never!

For some reason your brain thinks it’s helpful to wake you at all hours of the night with consuming thoughts of how to pay the bills and all the little things that you need to attend to (the fire-putting-out-things), which you KNOW in your heart of hearts, do not take you further towards your dreams…

but you also know that if they aren’t dealt with, business will burn down…

And you also know that at this rate, it’s really only a matter of time before you burn out yourself.

But this story doesn’t fit as you are a bad arse, a hard arse, (being a self motivated one of a kind individual, not only a coach of the body but a business owner – you really are in the top 1% of the self-motivated part of the human population), but there’s only so much fire and stress one can take.

If you are sick of going around in circles putting out fires and would like to learn how to capitalise on your strengths (and even take yourself and/or your family on a holiday), comment below or message me on here and tell me what’s happening in your business and what you need to change.

If this is you,book a call now by clicking here. I will ask you some poignant questions that will help you to very clearly understand what you need to do, to literally change the trajectory of your business and therefore your life.


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She Will Pay off the Mortgage – How She’s Doing It as an Online Coach

Results. That is all. She WILL pay off the mortgage.

Actually this coach had done nothing but put out amazing content as an online trainer only, for over a decade.

She’d also earnt a very, very low income – which if you have been in this space for a while, you know is all too common.

In fact I don’t know how she stayed so tough, and stayed in the industry… especially when a ‘holiday season’ usually meant ZERO income for her and her family. (She was almost broken when we met)

What did she do?
Well thank god she didn’t quit.
She was half an inch from a goldmine.
She’d already built a crowd, so we capitalised on that.
She now, literally has had people buying her stuff while she’s on holidays.
(Also – with NO paid ads running by the way).

Plus she now values her worth and has some very lucrative offers out there, which has done wonders for ‘taking the pressure off her’ financially.

As you know, without those offers, it (financial freedom), literally cannot happen as you feel like you are drowning and cannot get up for air long enough to work “on” your business..
Yet these other offers need to be created! no one is going send you a cheque for no reason…

Bigger goals she’ll pay off the families mortgage.

If you are sick of trying to push shite uphill with your online presence, book a call now by clicking here. I can’t promise I can help you, but it could be the most important, life transformative message you send all year…

Personal Business Mentor

Fitness Mentor


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She had to close her gym!

I just saw a Facebook post by a girl, who’s been through everyone else’s program. I’m serious – you think of a “fitness business” guru…she’s been through their stuff.

But when it comes to results? Nothing.

This girl has invested God-knows-how-much in courses, workshops, programs, and masterminds…with nothing to show for it.

Now she’s closing the doors of her place and going to have to find a day job. She’s given up on her dream. I don’t blame her, sometimes it gets too much. Especially when you feel like you have tried everything.

Believe it or not, I hear this kind of story all the time. You probably see it yourself? (Doors  closing on new fitness studios.)

Here’s the hard truth: sometimes people just don’t do the frickin’ work, period. Obviously, if you want results, you need to hustle and follow the strategy you’re given.

HOWEVER – I talk to plenty of people who DID do the work, who DID follow the strategy, and didn’t achieve anything… no matter which fitness, marketing or business guru they hired.

Let me give you a little “insider info” into why that happens.

I know who’s out there.

I know their programs.

I know their values.

And the sad reality is that probably 90% of them simply don’t have a strategy that’s going to get results for you.

It works for THEM, sure…

But it works because
a. They’re a marketing genius or
b. They started the franchise or
c. Because they have an Amazon bestseller. Or an email list with 10,000 people on it. OR
d. They’ve spent ten years building a massive audience online.

But the thing is, their coaching clients usually DON’T have those things…and you need those things for their strategy to work.

Remember this: it’s not whether a coach can create wins for themselves. It’s about whether they can get results for YOU.

And sadly, 9 out of 10 just can’t.

What about the 10% that’s left? The ones who really do have a good strategy that you could potentially follow?


Here’s the truth about them: The vast majority of fitness business coaches are NOT willing to do the work it takes to get real results for their clients: (most have never walked the walk, nor have the time to give a rats xxx)

  • Are they going to give you world-class training that walks you through a proven strategy, tailored to you? Nah.

  • Are they going to look inside you and your business to find your strengths, so that you get create income fast and put the best parts on repeat? I doubt it.

  • Will they tell you exactly how to do each part, step by step, personalised for you? With 20 years worth of practical business resources for you to keep!? No way.

  • Will they make the repayment plans so flexible that they are actually risking their time and energy just as if they are GOING IN BUSINESS WITH YOU? All because they are so sure of their methods and your ability to get results when working with them? Unlikely!


Do they care enough to support you through fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, and moments of panic…with experience?

Forget about it.

They can’t help you create the business of your dreams. Heck, they have rarely done anything like what they are asking you to!

The sad truth is that there are maybe 3-4 fitness business coaches on the planet who are worth considering…

And the results I get in my Female Fit Pro Influence Formula 90 Day course beats the heck out of all of them.

Look – the honest truth is that no one can REALLY guarantee results, because coaching is a two-way street. As I said above, you have to do the work.

But what I CAN guarantee is that my personalised strategies, and my support, is some of the BEST in the world.

(And because I won’t take you on if I can’t help you, you will never be ‘just a number’.)

This is why my clients love their business and now their lives so much. This is why I get such quick, lasting results for my coaches.

In short, I not only have the best strategies on the planet, but I CARE more than anyone else.

Book a call and let me show you what is possible for you.

We’ll talk for about 45 minutes. I want to hear about every struggle you’ve had. Every win. Every success. And every failure. All of it.

I want to hear about your dream…before all the struggle, the boredom, the late night texts and cancelling clients who haven’t paid, all started to make you so tired and annoyed.

The BIG dream. The one where you are running the perfect business, spending time with your loved ones, making the perfect income, enjoying perfect freedom, and making a life-changing impact on your clients (which goes without saying)..

I’m telling you right now, no matter how many disappointments you’ve had…

No matter how many other methods have let you down…

No matter how many times you’ve failed..

That dream of your fitness business working is NOT dead until you give up.

My team and I want to help you bring it back to life, infuse it with energy and power, and make it live and breathe again…

…but to do that, we need to talk

2018 can still be a massive win for you. 2018 can still be the year that you turned it all around.

Book a call and let us see how we can help.

P.S. If you’ve worked with other coaches, and did the work, but didn’t see the result, I want to talk to you. The truth is that either their strategy was nonsense, they were too busy or didn’t have the heart to support you like you needed. Either way, let’s put that behind you and get you back on track. You just have to book a call.

Personal Fitness Mentor

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$15,000 upfront in sales in under 10 days

She didn’t want to open a gym, but hey the opportunity popped up and she was ready.

(Well apart from having zero cash in the bank, not having enough equipment, and having no money for flooring etc, you know the gig)….

So the only issue then is that;

Banks HATE lending to Personal Trainers..

(as you may already know)…
So what did she do?  Well that’s the secret sauss. She learnt to sell things ‘ahead’…

But my point is, with this one idea of direct advice given to her in the moment she needed it (in a conversation, because I don’t believe in clients needing to only type their questions in a forum of 200 people), she generated $15k in revenue in sales paid upfront, BEFORE OPEN DAY… So needless to say she can buy flooring now.

And maybe a few other things too 😉 The point is she implemented one little idea and it turned around her week.
What do you value these ‘ideas’ as $$$?

In any business coaching you are paying for.

Read this blog here about how you can speed up your success.

Make sure you are getting x 10 the value of what you have paid.


For a video on HOW TO SELL effectively, for personal trainers. See this post here <<

(and it should be implementation – not just learning #endrant)

Fitness and Business Mentor

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‘Don’t Know How’, you say?

You know ‘the buts’, the reasons, the excuses, we’ve all used them at one time or anotha. Possibly even several times through the day, and especially when it comes to trying to grow your business or launch a new project.

You know what I mean;

– I’d like to do this, but the….

– I could have done that but….. (oh that’s a bad one, full of blame << and don’t ya know it)

– I would do it BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW… << How many times have you used that one!?

– I’d like to have but…

– I want to help but…

– I want to go XXX but….

– But, but… but-i-ti but but but!!!

Well I need to say – But So What!

You know what, I may not be the first to say it (as many expressions have been said before), but (< look there I go using one!),

I do think I came up with this little tag line myself and that is,

why not


Well, why Not?

Need. I. say. more? 

Not to be condescending, but you get ma point..

I am sure when you actually face what you fear (lets do that in another post soon), it isn’t actually THAT bad.

Is it that you fear going to zero $$ and having to sleep on someones couch after losing it all?
Fear having people look at you strange?
Fear of looking stupid to those you care about?
I get it, but when you think about it, you might be tougher than you think.

I know for me after becoming a single mum losing my family and my identity, going to zero $$ several other times in my life (moving location and re-starting business again). If there’s one thing i know it’s that having to live off minimum dollars and knowing you can ‘start again’ from scratch, business or personal, although painful at the time, is actually a HUGE blessing – as it helps eliminate fear…
Or at least helps put it into perspective < That it won’t kill us, lol.. (even though it feels like the earth may open up, and swallow us whole, on that particular day, or week!

Don’t get me wrong, choosing not to use your buts isn’t for everyone.. you can keep using your buts if you like.

Then if you are a coach, stay counting to ten.
If you are a nutritionist, let your dreams of ending whatever eating issues the world has, die inside you!
If you are a therapist, well maybe you could stop using the buts as there are people out there WHO NEED YOU!!!
OR – Business doesn’t have to change, life can stay the same – if that’s you. BUT << (hahah) I’m guessing if you are reading this you have that urge inside and it feels un-natural to NOT grow. Like something crawling underneath your skin… That if you don’t have a go, you never would have known what the AMAZING possibilities are.

Really you could say that the ‘worrying’ and the ‘butting’ is making it all about you <<
I mean what will Jo, Bob, Fran and your pet cat think about you if you do, do ‘it’…. bla bla bla

When really, you didn’t start this business to make it all about you, did you?

you know what to do.

If you want to know what else is possible in your business and you are an experienced Female Fit Pro I suggest you start by watching a webinar I specifically designed for you, it show you the shifts that once made, will allow your to triple your business, WITHOUT getting more clients; (link is in the comments)

Or if you just want to take a look at a heap of motivating stuff to help you grow your business – Make sure you are in my group for Coaches growing their businesses, the link will be in the comments below as well.

Or if you want my help, or to see what else is possible, simply send me a message on here, tell me what is happening in your business and what’s not working..

Either way – Here’s to a Butt Free week 


Personal Business Mentor

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Permission to cry, I hate sultanas and I’ve moved house

I’m actually crying and I’m in public and thats ok! Can we please remove the stigma that there is something ‘wrong’ if tears come out of our eyes…. As the reason I have this water leakage from my tear ducts (this time… lol I can just hear my partner laughing now), is because I am grateful and I am tuning into the feeling.

Yes the water works happen often with me the last few years as I allow myself to feel more (which has a lot of power in it – if you are thinking that I am torturing myself) and it’s not just when I am sad.
Often when I am ‘feeling’ or processing things. < I didn’t mean to write about this actually but I had to come back and edit my little list of gratitude and address the tears thing as I believe, wholeheartedly, that it’s important for people to learn to fully express themselves and that we (as a culture)… get to move past the stigma that the previous generation attached to the act of crying.

‘You shouldn’t cry’,
‘don’t cry you are being a pussy’,
‘what’s wrong with you?’
‘Are you ok?’
… the list goes on and on of what people ask when they see you crying. (Personally I LOVE shocking people and helping them to question their perspectives of ‘why’ do I think that? So why do we think that crying is bad?.. emotions need to move through us right?)

Anyway let’s get back to ma list… I just wanted to share a list of things I am grateful for with you (whoever you are reading this – thank you very much for giving me your attention).

I’m grateful that I can work from anywhere.
Today I took my laptop and I hit the cafes locally, to get coffee but also to get out of my house, full of boxes and ‘get some work done’ < which needs to be done in the earlier part of the day when I have the inspiration to do it, share it, be it, tune into it…
You see, I have noticed that for some reason unpacking boxes and choosing where to put things as you pull them out of boxes, is actually quite draining on the brain. I could actually laugh at myself right now, as I would tell anyone else who said this to ‘harden up’ if I hadn’t felt it myself! Lol.

Back to the gratitude list;

I’m incredibly grateful, for my general lack of routine and ability to work from that space. Don’t get me wrong… and I usually HATE routine (call me weird, I know, but we are all different).

However the last few days, with moving house and life being turned upside down I have realised I crave some time to ‘seize the day’.. (and do the most important things to me that I need to do by myself, work, gratitude lists, meditation, moving my body).

Ok. What I am grateful for;

That I live in a place where people come to ‘holiday’ (as I watch them walk past me, every man and his dog is here for the weekend, which is why I don’t usually find myself in cafes these days, as I prefer to work from home).
I am grateful for that choice.

I love the fact that there are beautiful places all around me, that we live in a country that has no war, other than the ones we usually face internally and with the politics, who really make us focus on first world problems.

That I am fully supported by those around me who help me with just the daily chores of life, so I don’t have to often spend time doing those things, and instead I can focus on my work, my clients and my daughter and other things to contribute to others.

That I have a partner that is gorgeous that I love and he loves me and that it gets better every day, because I choose for it to.

I love the fact that I have choice, that I can eat if I want to eat, simple I know, that I can feel more and more every day, that I have the ability and power (like we all do) to help as many people as possible through this amazing thing called the internet.

That I have a beautiful new house to live in and great neighbours, who have already brought me champagne! < how good is that! I knew we’d be friends immediately, when I saw her at my front door with a bottle… lol..

I am so grateful for all this technology we have and the contrast it creates in life and that having a growing little person, actually allows me to have.
It has made me reflect on human creation and the perspective of ‘why are we here’ even more than I normally would have. I am grateful for the deeper levels of love, fear and guilt it has allowed me to feel and the depth that has allowed my soul to experience. I am grateful for the compassion that has allowed me to have for other human beings and also myself.

I am so grateful to be her guide and support in this world, as I am grateful for the fact that my mother was an amazing guide, even though her parents (by comparison weren’t as fabulous for her) and so to, was my father, who is now in heaven.

I am grateful that I hear his voice telling me to start playing golf again, each time I drive past the golf course near my new house… (so I threatened Stella with Golf lessons. Threatened because she won’t voluntarily participate in any sport at the mo..). So stay tuned for pics to come.

I’m grateful (now) that my father made me play golf for years every Saturday morning at 530am in the boys competition, (yes before it was light) and that I had one of the best coaches to teach me to play.
(Omg I am just remembering him now – little old Arthur, the 72 year old who taught my father to play golf, also taught me. Some of his tactics included TALKING to the ball to tell it where it was going to go! Hahaha! Talk about starting the mindset work early! I think I was 11 at the time I started golf).

I’m grateful that where I have just ordered food, they altered the menu for me (which they don’t usually do) because I HATE SULTANAS!

I am grateful that I love my clients and my work and it satisfies my soul and I can’t wait to see what evolves in the next few years as a result.

I must add that I am eternally grateful to have all my body functioning in epic health and all of my loved ones and friends and clients around me are in great health too!

There you go. If you have read this far I am grateful for your time!

Now tell me – what are you grateful for? >>

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Feeling uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s what you can do

Are you a Personal Trainer feeling tired, uninspired and like you are going nowhere fast? Here’s how to fix that, with several easy to implement income generating ideas.

Are you feeling bored, tired, uninspired and losing cash? But you can actually get clients great results, so it doesn’t feel like it adds up?

If being a personal trainer feels like it has drained you of life and not only are your cash reserves low to NON-EXISTENT, but you are fast running out of passion, you are getting sick of the cancellations, the lack of stability and are feeling challenged by the entire ‘online’ space – then you need to watch this video.

Here I discuss several ideas – which once you implement them (around whatever topic most lights the fire underneath your arse), it could create an extra; $74,800/yr in revenue.

These ideas DO NOT require you to ‘go online’, double your hours away from your loved ones or get 100 new clients.


Here’s what it is about, from a financial perspective;

There are many financial opportunities I see Coaches missing out on every day – simply because they do not offer more than 1 service. This not only shows up as boredom but it leads to HUGE CASHFLOW ISSUES!

Here I discuss the impact of what is possible for your bottom line;

  1. Going from 1:1 to groups and the maths to go from $30k annually to $60k annually.
  2. Seminars and workshops, 20 people come paying $20/each = $400 for an hour’s work. Done monthly thats $4800 per YEAR!
  3. The 8-12 week challenges with very low enrolment numbers, which can generate $10,000. When run only 4 times per year = $40,000.

If you implemented these things into your business it actually totals; 30000+4800+40000 = $74,800/year.

And that is WITHOUT STAFF!!! imagine what would be possible if there were more of you doing it (eg, with contractors) and you were doing this on subjects that you loved!

This is the tip of the iceberg guys! If you found that interesting then you will love this;

If you are an experienced Female fitpro and you just ‘KNOW’ there’s more to this career than counting to ten for years and years (or asking your clients for referrals to grow your business… omg really? Let’s get original please)… If you would like to see more of the shifts that it takes to create these changes in your business. I have created a short, free online class covering these subjects in more detail.

Click the link to watch; it will be the best 35 minutes you have spent on your business in a long time!

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How To Speed Up Your Journey To Success

We all want to succeed in some way. Success looks different to everyone – for some it’s making a certain amount of money, others might want to make a specific impact on their world. But no matter what your version of success is, you want to achieve it as quickly as possible, and with less bumps along the ride.

So let me share with you the one thing I have found that makes that journey both smooth and speedy.

The key to success is your ability to get over things faster by having compassion for yourself along the way.

Often, we’ll think that something is about us. For Eg; The clients who cancel repeatedly is because you’re a bad trainer. Or the person who cuts you off in traffic is just out to get you. Or your kids are grumpy which means you’re a failure as a parent. These are the things that we can get overwhelmed by as they build up.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about a significant situation like a family member becoming seriously ill. That’s obviously going to put things into perspective.
It’s the little things that we can blow out of proportion and get stressed over. Those little things are the things that we need to deal with and move on, so that we can keep growing, rather than letting them mount up.

“Everyone will get over things in a different way, and at a different speed.”

What tools and tricks are you using to move through stress faster?

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Some days you’ll brush it off, and some days you’ll fall apart over the same situation. That’s ok. But while you are getting over something, you want to remember that it probably doesn’t mean what you think it does. It’s humans who choose what we ‘make things mean’.

When you’re self-employed, if something affects you, it will affect your business. Everything, from your relationships to your environment, your family to your health, all of these have an impact. And your ability to deal with the dramas that come up will affect your business. 

If you turn a blind eye to these things instead of moving through them with compassion, you’re possibly making life harder than it needs to be.

By letting going of the anger, frustration, outrage and hurt, and realising that it’s probably nothing to do with you, you can forgive if needed and move on faster. And when you allow yourself to move on, however you process things, you have a chance to grow as a person and therefore also as a business owner. 

Think about how you do life.

Instead of getting caught up in your head, shift your focus onto your end goal. How would you like to feel in your everyday
life? How do you want to show up for the world and the people in your life every day? What can you do to bring those feelings and behaviours into your life… one small step at a time?

Keeping these answers in mind will help you keep perspective.

Remember that how you feel about any given situation is a choice. These feelings and reactions become habit, which become part of who you are. If your life isn’t panning out how you want it to, come back to these questions. Give yourself the same compassion you would give to your best friend.


Watch the free online class I created for experienced coaches growing their businesses.

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Fitness and Business Mentor

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Free Seminar on Sales Aug 22nd 2018

Fitness and Business Mentor


This free event is a part of the Geelong Small Business Festival


presented by Kate Martin

Do you want to learn how to sell? Do you want to learn how to ethically increase your sales income without increasing your hours?

In this session, Kate Martin with help you learn how to sell, from handling the inquiry from the internet through to the end transaction.

Date: Wednesday 22 August 2018

Time: 12.00 midday for 12.15pm start – end 1.30pm

Venue: Courthouse Youth Arts, 60 Little Malop Street, Geelong – Second Court

Cost: FREE!  Click here to get your free tickets!

Over the past 20 years, Kate Martin has trained several top of the field sales experts who have transferred to service-based industries.

She’s run her own businesses along with restarting and moving location over 8 times across Australia. All starting from base zero and creating businesses specifically in the massage, nutrition and personal training service industries. Within 30 days these businesses were generating over $3,000 per week and growing… and that was before understanding and using social media or online.

Kate specialises in helping people, specifically coaches in health/fitness services businesses to increase their income, a large part of which is rapport building and sales.

She’s worked for herself, selling the services of herself and contractors in the health industry for the past 20 years.

She’s passionate about helping specifically female service providers to provide services to the public, how to sell themselves, comfortably and without what feels like they are selling their soul… or simply doing it to ‘count the money’.

She’s walked the walk and proven her method does work having once ‘out sold’ a group of over 40 men who she was competing with, in a sales competition in an industry dominated by males.

Several of her clients have managed to sell over $20,000 per week in their own businesses regularly and many she works with go on to much more than double their incomes.

Come along and enjoy this presentation and Q&A session with other like-minded females with a passion to succeed and breaking through the barriers of sales success!


Those details again

Date: Wednesday 22 August 2018

Time: 12.00 midday for 12.15pm start – end 1.30pm

Venue: Courthouse Youth Arts, 60 Little Malop Street, Geelong – Second Court

Cost: FREE!  Click here to get your free tickets!

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