Stop expecting results.

Stop expecting results. Do you want something? Maybe you’re not ‘giving enough’? Maybe the expectation of ‘give this’ for that ‘transaction’ is what is keeping you stuck? I know we are taught to do this or that and... receive in return, in the business world especially, but I guess it actually applies to every [...]

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Marketing Magic and Online High End Packages Online Class with Wellnessliving and Kate Martin Mentor

Marketing Magic and Online High-End Packages - The 'how-to' and the why it's needed in many coaches businesses. A deep dive further into this information in this online class with Wellnessliving and Kate Martin, the business coach for personal trainers. The material in this online class is applicable for any experienced coach who runs [...]

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Client Success Story Shannan with Kate Martin

Client Success Story Shannan. Hear the story about a trainer in a VERY SMALL COUNTRY town. Breaking through her own and many other people's expectations of what is possible in small country towns. Do you think it's impossible to stand out and build a business in a small town? Listen to Shannan's story to inspire [...]

Creating A Profitable & FUN Coaching Business – This is How. Podcast Ep #28

There are two key things to focus on to enable a coach or personal trainer to create an extremely profitable and fun business. It’s got nothing to do with fixing your weaknesses, or following anyone else’s templated plan!  Instead, it’s got to do with tuning into your genius and executing it all with your strengths [...]

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Business structure & marketing strategies to have a fun, profitable coaching business

Here are the business structure & marketing strategies you need to have a fun and profitable coaching business! Talking all things low to high priced offers - you need to have varied priced services & options when onboarding clients. (And options for your current clients to upgrade to as well). Especially if you don't have [...]

Post CoVid Reopening Your Personal Training Business.

Talking all things Post-Covid and re-opening your personal training business. A huge collection of useful tips on 're-opening business', phasing in different timetables and keeping all expectations and communication to your clients extremely clear. All of the things I just shared with my clients. Plus many planning and business structure questions answered. For more information [...]

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