The concept of time for a dollar;
It’s an outdated industrial model the concept of a dollar per output of minute of time per individual.
‘They’d’ like you to keep this concept.
Perhaps this is why you don’t fit in?
Never have, probably won’t..
You can’t follow the rules (ain’t that obvious with who’s who in the zoo at the moment)?
& you say F that to the instruction list of
‘How to’ after trying it and throwing a technology tantrum…
Q’s about how to get the model to work for you and your coaching business?
If you are an experienced coach you could create more time and more income << but not if you use the model above.
(I’m not talking about the six-figure b.s. either)
That’ll lead to burn out.
Trust me, my hair was breaking off and falling out at my ‘busiest’ point.
Email me your q’s.