Stop expecting results.
Do you want something?
Maybe you’re not ‘giving enough’?
Maybe the expectation of ‘give this’ for that ‘transaction’ is what is keeping you stuck?

I know we are taught to do this or that and… receive in return, in the business world especially, but I guess it actually applies to every relationship.

What if one of the missing pieces is that the ‘return’ will be from somewhere you do not expect.
But here’s the clincher. It only works if you give WITHOUT expecting a return.

Which breaks many people’s ideologies.

I’ll give you an example.

You own a business & you ‘follow the dots’ and the marketing list of to-do’s, expecting to see whatever result.

Only to see no visible gains from ‘your output’. No one purchased your ‘thing’.
How dare they right??! You were a good student and did all the ‘things’..

Or you network with whoever you ‘should’ or launch a project, expecting a certain result.

I mean it would be expected to have at least a form of payment or upgrade in your network or otherwise some other amazing thing to happen right? you get my point?

Instead of actually just doing it because you think it’d be awesome fun, or a super informative thing for your actual paying clients to hear.
In the case of again, for example, doing an interview with someone online & expecting it to grow your exposure to ‘their list’, which it does, but to do it with that intention IS THE PROBLEM << are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

Or you wash the dishes and expect your partner to DO the same for you 😉 lol..

Another example in your business is when you offer your services for online anything.
Which may result in not. one. soul. purchasing your goodies.

Then you’d like to curl up in a ball with your tail between your legs
or give up ‘cause you had something ‘not work’ like the text book or your coach said it would.

So why do we think that online or growing your network or business would be anything other than the exact same transaction as one of our most beautiful, giving, loving relationships?

The ones that are full of generosity. Full of non-judgemental give and receive. WITHOUT expectation of needing something in return.
(I always believe it’s Karma and what goes around comes around right? … my point is it always does!!!)

It comes back.


Just not from where you were looking for it to come from!

So stop looking.

Stop expecting.

Give as much as possible.

Make offers.
Allow yourself to receive money.

What if, like most people, (coaches) you simply need to make more offers?

Because people want to pay you.
You’ve often NO idea who.

So don’t be thinking that you even have a clue who they are,
or who else they know that wants some of that goodness that you’ve got going on.

Oh that’s right..
You don’t make offers?
Cause it’s all too ‘salesy’.

If that’s the case move over and get ready to take the gov subsidy.
Harsh but true.

Otherwise literally put your big girl panties on.
Know that it can be done ethically.

Without burning anyone’s eyeballs out just because you have something for sale and shock horror people ‘know’ 😂

Girl I’m talking to you.

Put your offers out there.
Then don’t expect people will see them on social media.
Get creative.
Stop making things mean all the other things.

Love your clients.
Let it expand.
Be grateful.
Make offers.
Did I say, make offers? 😉 lol.

Email me if you have any q’s and you are an experienced coach who wants to learn to ‘make offers’ and sell things ethically.

No insta followers needed.

But you do need to know real humans for this to work.

(Pic – back in the days of travel)