What does success even mean anyway. To me it means you don’t feel too conflicted, not even long term.. but what I mean, is that you don’t feel tormented during each day.
Not too against your values, or too against the tide of being able to complete ‘all the things on your list’ yet never havng enough time. Being torn between being a good parent, vs doing the to-do list.
I don’t personally call your ‘to-do list’ ‘the work’ anyway. I think the work is the art and you’d do it for free if push came to shove and you had a gazillion dollars in your account. Right?
Speaking of which I don’t have a gazillion dollars in my account but I seem to have always acted as if I do. I seem to be able to go to zero and minus that in my twenties, without too much of a care. Always knowing I can pull a rabbit out of my ass, or a hat, whatever was closest if I needed to.
I have to say I am not in debt either, apart from a small mortgage, but still no credit card etc.. (The banks recently wouldn’t lend to me if I had one, so I close them). Maybe I don’t have debt or care because I don’t really have a like for shopping?
Ok maybe C*vid has influenced my online shopping skills… but only slightly.
Maybe it’s because I have been told I don’t live in ‘this reality’. I’ve no idea.
I think deep down, it’s because I have this unwavering faith that I will be ok. Always. No matter what.
No matter who’s help I have or don’t have. (This part I am only just learning to accept from others (erghm, mainly my partner), that ‘help’ thing… Apart from paying others to help me. I’ve long been a fan of that. You know, coaches, cleaners, graphic artists, etc etc…). That being said – Where could you ‘uplevel’ your asking for help game?
I promise this is one of the 1% tweaks that affect our human ‘receiving’ ability. The more of that which we allow, the more we receive. Ironically.
Just like the up-down nature of things, the yin and the yang. The light and the dark. Speaking of DARK, if you are a talented experienced coach and you are using your talents against yourself – please stop that.
This shows up as caring for clients – GREATLY, which in turn can mean you think you never know enough… (who made it a rule that you had to know everything anyway – I used to subscribe to that one), when the truth is you have more than a decade under your belt and the more you know, the more you don’t know.
So let’s just know that if something shows up that’s outside of your ‘realm’ of knowledge, I am SURE you will refer the client on, right? Right… So moving right on.
In summary, I am finding that as I get older, success for me is listening to the little niggles, which started in my body a few years ago, and it turns out they were always there, I just wasn’t hearing them.
But now rather than always pushing through to win the competition against myself, I listen then I still win… lol (In terms of work but also my body).
I cannot WAIT for gyms to open again here in Victoria, so I can make myself almost cry with adrenaline from a good leg session.
Wow, I miss that.
Anyway back to the garage workout that’s meant to be happening right now.
Want to re-code yourself to receive more, now? Join me and a few other legends for 4 weeks… To Receive all the things in my new 4 week course Mo Money (This includes learning to ask for what you want. Do you know what you want?). Receiving takes asking and it isn’t just about money, but that WILL be a huge focus of the next 4 weeks.
Removing fear and learning which of the internal 15 voices to listen to is a skill… 😉 (yes we all have them), but fear removal is an important first step.
Pre-work has started. Here is the link for more info, we ‘officially’ start Thursday, Oct 15th.
It’s $149 and VIP upgrades are available.
I’m looking forward to joining you on your epic journey to upgrade.
PPS. A pic that’s a rare non-garage, non ‘c*vid in Victoria’ look. Lipstick and all.