Coach – are you already capped out as far as time? Here’s how to grow your income.
If you have zero time to do more or cannot seem to unlock the gates to receiving.
And if you’re really honest with yourself you keep running into the ‘I don’t know’s’
(disguised as perfectionism most likely).
Looking at the services your currently offer,
What price range do they fall into?
For example –
Low (free and large groups),
Medium (one on ones or semi private)
High (anything over $1000)
Where do your services fit?
So now
What are you missing?
This is one of the keys as far as what you now need to offer.
Too often, coaches, I speak to simply think they need to create a clothing line, or sign up more people into group sessions
Or bootcamps, or have them download an ebook or pay $10 to be part of some online group program …
but the profit margin on those things is minuscule in comparison to the energy and love that goes into the creation and delivery of it.
Leaving you to feel half baked, looking for the next bright shiny thing to help. Not to mention the profit is often as small as $1.
So of course you can do those things, but you’ll honestly end up with potentially more headaches, more transactions, more people expecting more and paying less, less fun and satisfaction during the day, less of you left to actually help your clients…
no closer to feeling like you are actually contributing and being rewarded (as you know deep down you do deserve to be).
Instead of doing what needs to be done and capitalising on your experience and perhaps creating a launching a high end product.
Be honest with yourself, I know you may feel like you don’t know how, and if that part were solved often truth be told, it’s fear that’s in the way.
Massive self-doubt, or fear of failure or what others will think, resistance or whatever you want to dress it up as.
I’ve heard it called a million things & I used to call it all those things myself.
When the facts are that you can dress up fear up in whatever ‘perfectly branded’ ‘colour swatch’ matched that outfit that you like. But fear is fear.
Sometimes it’s called Perfectionism.
Sometimes procrastination.
Often it’s disguised as ‘I don’t know how’. < I used to use that one a lot.
None of these lead to the answer.
Only a dance further down the slippery slide to ‘nowhere further on’ no closer to the ideal life you intended to create, months or years later.
If you really feel like you just want to know ‘how to’ to launch and capitalise on your genius zone… and regardless of the fear you want to know how to do it anyway?
Here are a couple of resources for you;
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I know clients aren’t numbers and you’ve never played it that way. Good coaches don’t.
Ps. I just love the way my iPhone camera turns my face almost side-on in pictures. Selfie game to be continued..