– When you aren’t happy

– When the ‘thing’ you aren’t happy about is causing you more distress than fulfilment.

– When you really have tried and exhausted all other avenues. (That list is pretty big and requires more than a little gumption to get through it).

When you shouldn’t quit;

When there’s NO way out (like many of life’s hard circumstances (everyone has them) – what if they MAKE you who you are, and they ARE the way through? Currently reading this awesome book about how your hard times ARE the way through, by Ryan Holiday.

Do you really think your life is hard? but are you really struggling to survive? Like the little kiddies who really are getting bombed in many countries?

I didn’t think so… (yet I know our brain thinks that at times, we are dying < crazy archaic lizard brain system, that keeps us safe and a little dumb).

Other times to not quit;

– Remember the reason you started.

(Know the universe will throw things at you and then rip things from underneath you, to test you, but it HAS to move things as you asked for something else didn’t you? We really need very little to survive, most of it is just fluff, think about it. Worst case scenario I am sure you could lose it all and start again if you needed to).

– The WHY is bigger than the fear. (We all have the fear, some people just do the ‘thing’ anyway).

– Eventually you will be pushing up daisies so you may as well give it a go right? Why the heck not!?!?

So what’s your reason to not quit?


If you are a coach and are even entertaining the idea of quitting and yet you KNOW how to get clients amazing results (and you have several years of coaching under your belt), DO NOT QUIT!

You could be on the edge of something huge, like so many of my coaches have been. If you want to turn it around now, reply now and tell me what you have tried and what’s not working (I won’t let you whinge for long, but I know some days aren’t as juicy and fulfilling as they could be, especially if you are being paid an ‘apprenticeship wage’ for all your brilliant work.)

The lack-full results need to stop.

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