Meet Tomm, (video transcription below)…
Tomm moved industries to become a personal trainer. He studied A LOT about the industry, from business and marketing to techniques for lifting – all on top of his course, but he didn’t feel ‘ready’ to start.
Fast forward two months later after he first found Kate and they started working.
(Tomm reached out to ask if she worked with inexperienced coaches, as he could tell she didn’t usually. She took him on in this case as he had the right personality and attitude to ‘make it’).

Within 2 weeks of his first business coaching session with Kate, made his investment back multiplied!

Tomm says (video transcription);
“So I first got in touch with Kate as a new Personal Trainer, I’m a brand new PT in the industry. I knew that I needed some kind of mentor, some kind of guidance, some kind of coaching, but I’d never had any coaching before. I didn’t know what form that would take. So got in touch, I actually saw one of her YouTube videos and then we had an hour’s chat and I found a huge amount of value in just that hour.”

“Then several months later I started with Kate. I was sceptical though. I knew that Kate could help me, but I didn’t know in what form that would take. I’d never had coaching before. And because of that, I thought, “This is so expensive.” But it became clear after the first call … I mean, we have now had two calls in total, so it hasn’t been a huge long coaching period. But the value that I’ve got from this alone is huge, and it translated into clients and it translated into adding value to my clients and also, of course, money straight away.”

“So the money that I spent on the coaching, I got that back within a week of becoming a personal trainer. And I’m hugely thankful for what Kate has done for me, and I can see where I can take my business now, and the growth that I can take from just two calls so far, literally.”

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