Female coaches, for your sanities sake…

If you run bootcamps or similar and you are a mother (and sometimes, more often than not, you are getting close to ‘losing your sh*t’…) between – carrying things from location to location

  • the constant juggle and multitasking between work and life
  • the sometimes desperate under-tugging needy feeling of ‘I NEED MORE CLIENTS’ but you have no time to ‘do more sessions’…
  • the need to follow up all the ‘likes, comments shares on social media’
  • let’s not forget to say hello to your partner each evening, (before that relationship disappears altogether).

I hear you and too many are in that position. I promise there’s an easier way, without putting on more sessions and doing more hours, hear me out.

Wanting more clients at this level of business ($10-$30/sess) means you will have to do some or all of the following (some of which you know and it’s paralysing which might be why you haven’t done it yet?);

  • Put another trainer on
  • Put more sessions on during the week for the clients
  • Run Facebook ads and call all the leads who don’t respond
  • Do more admin for all the clients. (I know you love them all, but it’s A LOT of traffic and energy, let’s face it, for not much reward)

Or consider this (as a less stressful, less time requiring), soul destroying, sleep-depriving way of increasing your income WITHOUT needing another client;

You use the current network you have to create ‘other product offers’. I’ll explain (it’s not some mysterious voodoo or weird sales script or marketing internet thing you need to master)


Retreats, events, 1/2 day full day, workshops, seminars, online programs (NOT low end programs, HIGH end. As you know your stuff right?? so why do you insist on getting more people to pay you $10-$20). >> I know you might feel, unworthy, but lets save that for another conversation and for a moment just pretend you are sh*t hot and you know it!

I know that being a mother, running a bootcamp or any kind of ‘service-based business’ where people pay the minimum for your time and energy (nothing wrong with this model, but it means more of the same = a tired trainer).

Below I’ve put together a list of resources I’ve made over the years outlining the other ideas of things you can execute. Plus some examples of what others have done.

Mothers make fabulous health and fitness coaches and business people in general, but they need to do it, without losing more sleep.

Here’s is the gold;

1. A short online class with the most detail in it about what is possible; (once registered you can watch the recording)


2. A video outlining a few small ideas for an extra $70k/year – without needing to ‘put on any more classes/do more sessions’.


3. The podcast for the audio versions and ‘money/worthiness/income increasing conversations that are critical IF you want this to work! ;


Now for real life examples;

See how Sophie went from one gym in a small town to now three!

Sarah tried and loved doing retreats and now earns close to 6 figures / year off these events alone!! (Yes her gym base has multiplied and as a result, she takes holidays and has more staff helping her – All done with NO ONLINE ADS!).

Johanna – a retired figure professional, with an online coaching business, a bucket load of experience and love for her clients… just told me she has literally x four what she made this month, last year. (And she’s doing less hours coaching).

Jo C – Sold out + sold extra international retreat tickets within months, changed her marketing to be ‘pro’ and attract many high paying clients NO B.S.! and has had her biggest earning the last few months EVER! From $5k to $30k+ months.

Amy the Chiropractor who had tried everything to launch herself online as a personal trainer. Fast forward several months, she’s now got a fully booked expanding clinic, runs regular workshops for clients in all thing health and fitness, his fully booked for her personal training services and just got elected as ‘businesswoman of the year’ (not in a category where you can vote for yourself either)…

Plus many many more – See this page to read about some of them;


Or want more videos and gifts – My free group for coaches growing their businesses; https://www.facebook.com/groups/228413110602048/

If any of this resonates with you, send me an email and tell me what’s happening!? kate@katemartinmentor.com

Ps. I don’t work with everyone, nor do I try. Yes, I have a course where I help coaches grow their businesses, but at the moment when writing this post, is not open for enrolment. (I don’t take many coaches at once).

I often refer out to other peoples courses and websites.

I can lead you to some other great coaches or resources if that’s what is needed.. So tell me, what’s going on? kate@katemartinmentor.com

Why would I write back? Because I do still connect with and help people even if they are not signing up for my program. Because of my nature of being overgenerous (and I just generally love people). …

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