Here is a fast practical exercise to bring in what you want in business and life. This is an exercise that I used to use with every contractor I brought on to help me with PT sessions. Turns out the diary we designed (so I knew when they could be booked out for PT sessions), actually WAS a reality 3 months later. I used to literally leave it in the filing cabinet and not refer back to it regularly.

So now I use it when I help other coaches create what it is they want in there day. Heard of the ‘perfect day exercise? << this is the practicalities of BRINGING it in… via planning (which is unlike my nature to do, but this version is fun and it works). Let me know how you go!

Message me if you are a coach and have no clue how you are going to go about ‘bringing to life’ what it is you want for your business! Which is normal… you will get there if you have the vision… the speed with which you do it, well that’s another thing 😉

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