I really want you to KNOW this..
Plus I want to share with you what my guys got out of Saturday’s Seminar with me.

We covered so many things and now hopefully, you can get some value out of this summary.

We covered ALL price points for your packages from $47 to $10,000 and how to reach 10 – 100 people in one hit, using free and paid offers.

– Be you and no one else – including when it comes to creating packages. (How you put programs together – there’s no need to make it complicated. Simple is better.) We talked about what and how to share your uniqueness and how to create offers that are really yours from that perspective, with real-life examples.

– Marketing, how to get well-known fast, to grow to expert status within the community both face to face and online.

– We also talked about how marketing and sales (THE MOST CRITICAL THING in your business) can be done in as little as 10-15 min several times/week.

– We talked about why your online ads don’t work. Have you noticed that your ads that say = ‘Buy my Stuff / Product / Challenge’ just do not work anymore??

Well, there’s a reason for that. And here’s how to fix it >>
So make sure you provide MASSIVE value and proof that what you do works.

And.. After all is said and done, you simply must HAVE A GO and be brave, regardless of the task.

I’m pleased to say the Coaches that came were blown away with the amount of new info they now have.

Now they get to reach more people AND MAKE MORE INCOME! << yes you are allowed to do that and also say it!
And all without working 100 hours/week!

This really is the best career in the world! (Being a Health Coach / Personal Trainer)

At the end of the day a coach is there to guide and PUSH you to grow past your current limits, if that’s what you want and so choose.
If you are happy with your current use of time and/or earning $XXXXX that’s also fine.

After contemplating my own coaching style, I’ve realised that over the years I teach anyone who uses me, in both the health and weight loss or business field, that I teach them they
‘eventually don’t need me’ (never forever anyway). That they will and do learn to fish for themselves and trust themselves.
That once they get some great systems in place and perhaps better support etc around them, they often go and be successful and then if they choose to, they come back.

Another way I like to approach is it that the way forward ‘FOR YOU’ is different to the next person.
THAT is why I don’t personally use a curriculum.
Plus some people are sprinters, others marathon runners and the way they do business can be similar.
And if you are female, it’s likely you will change your mind about ‘the plans’ 😉
and that’s ok, I do too,
hence creating several programs and offers at once.
I like it.
And you, get to ‘DO YOU’!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next live seminar.
If you have questions related to growing your business in the meantime simply click the link here<< and I shall book you in for a complimentary chat;

– Here’s to building FUN & REVOLUTIONARY Businesses! On your terms!

Revolutionising the Business of Personal Training

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