You know that story about how I’ve been moving regularly since I was a teenager. I’ve always been miss independent..
3 Years ago I moved to the sea in Victoria to be nearer my love, Daniel Paponjak.
In 4 weeks we move in together, finally after 8 years together.
Only it’s not ‘finally’.
It’s the beginning of something new. And it’s something I never dreamed of doing if I’m totally honest.
I’ve never been one to push things forward in the relationship space. Not in the traditional sense anyway.
Not the last few decades and for me a few broken hearts accumulated.
I wore the independence as a proud badge if I’m totally honest.
This move signifies so much more than ‘the next step’ in a relationship.
It’s the beginning of me allowing myself to be in partnership.
It’s the next level of allowing actually.
I’ve always been so independent.
I’m allowing this to happen without that strength changing one bit. Only now I can receive more.
I didn’t realise part of that strength was blocking me from receiving.
Receiving love.
Which is the same as air in a way.
Turns out when you unblock one thing it has a ripple affect on all others.
I can’t wait babe.
So grateful for you.
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See you in there mofo’s it’s time to bring it, unravel it, allow it and play it at the next level.